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Now that's what I call motivated

Hello my friend:

I was doing some more study this evening on Charles M. Schwab,
the president of Bethlehem Steel in the early 1900s (no relation
to the brokerage firm founder), and I found a brilliant
incredible example of wanton motivation.

It seems that Mr. Schwab wanted more efficient blast furnaces
in his steel plant. But one of his Superintendents felt
strongly that the production targets Schwab set for his crews
were totally unrealistic. So he publicly called Charles Schwab
crazy for setting such high target levels.

So it would appear that Schwab's plant was never going to meet
those targets since the people in charge of it felt it was

That's how motivation works...

If you don't feel something is possible, you will not try.

Unless you are very determined.

Schwab knew this...

So he told the man that if he got the furnaces operating as
efficiently as he wanted he would pay off the man's house

Well, you guessed it...

A few months later the blast furnaces were operating at the
efficiencies that Schwab had outlined...

And the Superintendent's mortgage was paid off in full.

That is a perfect example of somebody achieving a thing he
believed was impossible because the pay off to him was so
attractive that he literally would do anything to achieve it.

This ain't rocket science.

Pay close attention right now...

People's actions follow their desires.

And I'm here to tell you that it does not have to be the
promise of having your mortgage paid off to get motivated to do
something difficult. The big key to achieving anything,
especially small things that might have great importance in your
life, is to focus on the benefits that you will gain from doing
little things. Even if they're small benefits, you must pay
attention to those.

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financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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When you take your eyes off the benefits of doing anything,
your motivation automatically goes down. When you keep your
eyes on the benefits, your desire goes up. And when you take
even teensy-weensy benefits and build them up in your mind as
big, desire goes up.

Motivation/determination/desire is one of the 11 core mental
patterns of success.

In every single Think Right Now program,
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com regardless of the title or the
subject matter, you will find positive statements and commands
that direct you to pay attention to the big, medium and the
small benefits and reasons for you taking the actions that will
help you reach your goals. And you will find statements in
every TRN program that will guide you to be aware of the
benefits, both big and small, of avoiding the people, places and
things that will prevent you from reaching your outcomes.

Knowledge IS important, but it's NOT the most important thing.

The man who got his mortgage paid off probably didn't learn one
single solitary new thing about blast furnaces in order to
increase their efficiencies.

What he did have, though, was a huge reason why.

If you want to become a person, right down to the level of your
soul, who is always connected to the biggest 'WHYs' in life and
who wants to make achieving anything about a thousand times
easier, get over to and pick up Unstoppable Motivation Now.

It will make your blood boil with determination.

That is who you will become... a determined person through and

And if you will imprint your mind with the content of that
program, you will become unstoppable in many areas of your life,
there will be nothing that will stop you permanently.

And make no mistake... in your life as in everyone's life, you
will continue to meet roadblocks. You will meet people who do
not want you to succeed. You will meet hostile people... and
you will probably experience horrific circumstances beyond your
wildest imagination.

That's called life.

But if your determination is always strong, and your belief in
yourself is solid, you will prevail.

Unstoppable Motivation Now can help.

Love you all!

Mike Brescia

P.S. Our current special is for every three programs you
order, you get one at no charge at all! So hurry over to
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com to take advantage of that special.

P.P.S. Unstoppable Motivation Now is the program I am currently
putting my energies into. I have a lot of gigantic goals I am going after. And I'm going to achieve them all, come h*ll or high water.

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