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The famous $100 million piece of advice

Hello my friend:

As possibly the most famous story on time management goes, a
young management consultant by the name of Ivy Lee told the
president of the Bethlehem Steel, Charles M. Schwab, that with
his company's services, Schwab and his executives would know how
to manage better. Schwab told Lee what they needed was not more
knowing but more doing. He threw down the gauntlet and told Lee
that if he could show him a way to help them do the things they
already know they ought to do, he would pay any fee that Lee

Lee told him that in 20 minutes he could give Schwab a method
that would increase his company's effectiveness by at least

Pretty bold claim, I'd say.

So he gave Schwab a sheet of paper and told him to write down
the six most important things he had to do the next day. Schwab
wrote them down. Then Lee told him to number them in order of
importance. Schwab numbered them.

Lee then told him to pull out the sheet at the beginning of the
workday and start working on item 1. He was to look at that
sheet every 15 minutes and look at the item that he was supposed
to be currently working on. Lee told him not to be concerned if
he didn't finish all the items on the list that day, only that
he worked on the most important item. He told him if this
method didn't work, nothing would.

Lee finished up by telling Schwab to take the last five minutes
of every working day to make out a new 'must do' list for the
next day's tasks.

Once he was convinced that the method was sound, he was to tell
his men about it. He said to try out the method as long as he
wished and to send him a check for whatever Schwab thought it
was worth.

Just a 20 minute conversation.

Just one piece of advice...

Two weeks later, Schwab sent Lee a check for $25,000 (worth
more than $400,000 in today's dollars). He added a note with
the check saying that it was the most profitable business lesson
he had ever learned. Over time, following this silly little
method, Schwab turned Bethlehem Steel into the biggest
independent steel producer in the world and created a personal
fortune of $100 million. In today's dollars, that is equal to
more than $1 billion.


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Many, many millions of people have been told this story in the
decades since it occurred. Only an infinitesimal (very small)
percentage of the people who have ever heard it actually
followed it even a little bit. So only a few have benefited.


Because we are a pleasure seeking species. If something feels
good, looks good and tastes good, the average person will likely
abandon what's right or they 'forget' what would get them the
most or what would be the best for them and others in the long

All for even the most fleeting instantaneous little pleasure...

...to ignore the big prizes and go after the scraps.

We all have that mechanism in us.

That's why 97% of humanity lives in lack, and live lives of
envy and anger instead of doing what will get THEM what THEY
want... Even in the U.S., the land of opportunity... the place
where you can achieve anything you can dream.

That is why I created Effective Time Management Now!, Setting &
Achieving Goals Now!
, Unstoppable Motivation Now! and End
Procrastination Now

They were created so that far more people could be PULLED in
the direction of their dreams as if by a magnet instead of
PUSHED against their will.

These programs get you to do what you know you should do.

They get you to FEEL like doing the things you should do.

They get you to truly WANT to do those things you should do.

And when you do the things you should do, you will be able to
get the things that you want to get.

In competitive situations this will allow you to win more
often. And we all know that there are a lot of benefits to
routinely winning in life. When winning becomes a habit, that
is good. When losing becomes a habit, that is bad.

The reasons these programs flip the switch for so many people
is because the audible first-person present tense commands that
you hear in them address all of the important issues relative to
the subject of the programs.

Just like the advice that Ivy Lee gave Charles Schwab, I will
tell you that there is no faster or easier way to flip your
switch from lose to win than by internalizing the beliefs,
attitudes, emotions found in Think Right Now Accelerated
Behavior Modification programs.

Nothing else even remotely comes close.

Use Think Right Now programs in a committed fashion, and the
advice like that found at the top of this letter will be
possible to follow.

Love you all!

Mike Brescia

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- http://www.thinkrightnow.com to take advantage of that special.

P.P.S. Whatever six items you would choose to write down on
your piece of paper is less important than the fact that you
wrote them down at all. The key to success and happiness in
life is doing what is important to you. But will you do that
every day, or will you just do what feels best in the moment?
If you answered the second one, go to:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com right now. That is number one
on your list.

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