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Why the Think Right Now method works

Hello my friend:

If you been with me for quite a while now, no doubt you've
heard a number of stories about what I used to be like before I
started reprogramming my self-beliefs and my attitudes in the
hope that it would change my emotions, my moment-by-moment
thoughts and ultimately my actions.

It worked.

The first programs I created for myself were for sales and
business related subjects.  And they changed me for three
primary reasons... 

The very first reason is that the method itself is sound.
Georgi Lozanov's Suggestopedic format is perfect for teaching a
person something so deeply that it goes into their deep
unconscious mind rather than simply being peripheral short-term
information that is forgotten quickly. 

The second reason the original programs I created, as well as
all of the ones that you can find at
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com work so well is that you and I
and every person who has ever lived think in affirmations.

We are all doing them all day and all night long, every minute
and every second.  It's called thinking.  Everyone not in a coma
does it constantly.

The third reason those crude original thought and behavior
modification programs worked so quickly on me is that I could
easily identify all my own disempowering beliefs and attitudes
that did not support me in the goals that I wanted to achieve.

For every positive trait I needed to have and for every goal
oriented action I needed to have, I wrote down the negative,
disempowering thing I actually believed and the actions that I
took (or didn't take).

But since no product line like Think Right Now products had
ever been created before I created them, and because I didn't
completely understand all the possible problem beliefs,
attitudes, emotions and actions related to each category we
needed to create programs in, a lot of study was necessary.

It became immediately clear that there were thousands of
different experiences/situations that can influence a person's
core beliefs and attitudes and emotional patterns like:

* Color
* Race
* Religion
* Neighborhood
* Friends and acquaintances
* School and education
* Weather
* Country
* Gender
* Height
* Weight
* Strength
* Speed
* Physical features
* Hair color
* Physical coordination
* Disability
* Athletic ability
* Intelligence
* Family income
* Birth order
* Parental influence
* Chance meetings

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All these things and many more go into making each one of us
who we are. 

These things and many more go into creating our self-image, our
self-esteem, our self-confidence about what we think we can and
cannot do.

Many of these are things we cannot change.

We may not be able to change the situations that we were born
into, but like Jack Nicholson's character belief in the movie,
'The Departed,' you need to stop being a product of your
environment and start making your environment a product of you.

If you are to get what you want in life in every area of your
life, you need to grow out of your old beliefs.

You need to transcend/rise above your limitations.

In 1987, when I created the first behavior modification
program, I didn't understand what I was doing.  It wasn't until
the year 2000 that identifies the 22 core mental patterns of
success that controls everything we do.

Trust me, I take the work that we do it Think Right Now
International very seriously.  It's an obsession, really.

It's because of that obsessive commitment to excellence that
causes people all over the world to tell their friends about
Think Right Now Accelerated Thought and Behavior Modification

In the first few years after I identified these core mental
patterns that control everything, I didn't write much about
them... primarily because I didn't understand them yet.  They
are very complex... nothing that you can grasp without intense
study, consideration and debate.

These 22 mental patterns are intertwined in every single thing
that you do.  Not one of them is more important than the other.
On the contrary, they all affect one another.

That is why books, videos and seminars on goal setting, health,
business issues, public speaking, winning friends and dozens of
other topics don't do a damn thing to help most of the people
who read them, watch them and attend them.

Isn't that something?

That means You could have the world's leading authority on a
subject as your teacher, and the likelihood that you will master
what is being taught is about 1 in 20... only 5%.

It's because of these 22 mental patterns.  It's their fault.

To use an example, let's look at anxiety and panic attacks.

These are extreme examples of fear.

So if you are afraid of something or someone, and you've been
afraid of it (or them) for a while, then you have the 'self-
image' of the person who is afraid of that thing.  That is how
you see yourself/who you believe yourself to be.

That is failure pattern number one.

Here is a different example of this first failure pattern:

If you smoke and have tried and failed to stop many times, you
have the self image of a smoker (you ARE a smoker), and it will
be impossible (not ALMOST impossible -- it will be TOTALLY
impossible) to stop. 

Again that is failure pattern number one.

With the self-image of a smoker, no pictures of blackened lungs
will stop you.  Often times even a diagnosis of cancer or
emphysema will not stop a person who has the self-image of the

And this is only one pattern!

Now, perhaps, you have the slightest idea why changing habits
of emotion and behavior are so difficult.

My research team and I have spent thousands of hours
researching all types of success oriented behaviors and failure
oriented behaviors. 

We have not found a one that could not be changed in a positive
way by altering the underlying 22 mental patterns most related
to those specific behaviors and activities.

Every Think Right Now Accelerated Thought and Behavior
Modification Program is built to change these unconscious mental
patterns.  That's why when you go to
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/success.asp you will read so
many stories of 'night and day' type changes.

With commitment and persistence, Think Right Now programs can
change a whole lot of things that you want to change... they can
change them faster than anything else... they can change them
more permanently than anything else.

So if there are habits of emotion and action that you want to
change and haven't been able to, thinking that a book about the
topic is going to be the thing that 'revolutionizes your life,'
guess again...

If those 22 mental patterns that you can read about at
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  don't change, nothing changes.
At least not for long.

But if those patterns DO change on the inside, the actions that
have been difficult or even impossible will become easy... and
even enjoyable.

That's all for today.

I love you all,

Mike Brescia

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life?  Want to feel stronger and more confident than you can
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