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Sleep like a baby every night without pills

Hello my friend:

For the last month or so, my wife Sherry has been reading up on
one of the latest supposed medical miracles, Bio-identical
hormones.  There is growing evidence that it's a very good
thing, and that they can help a variety of maladies related to

If there are no side effects, I'm all for it.  What I'm against
is drugs that mess up the delicate chemical balance in the human
body, with one drug forcing the need for another and another and
another, so before long you're on 5 drugs when you really don't
even need one!

After reading a couple of books on the subject of Bio-identical
hormones, she said that she has some symptoms that sound like
they would be relieved with these hormones.

So I asked for a for-instance...

She said that she wakes up three or four times every night, and
can't get back to sleep.

So, not yet convinced that it was hormones, I asked her how
long this has been going on.  She said about nine months.


It was that time that we moved into our new, bigger and much
more expensive office, four times the size and four times the
cost of our previous office.  That adds stress.

Within three weeks of moving in, the entire place flooded.
That was extremely stressful. 

Her karate schedule and requirements, being an instructor, are
also growing.  That adds stress.

Our son's list of after-school activities has grown since then.
That adds stress. 

The number of employees we have has doubled and so has payroll
expenses since then.  That adds stress. 

The cost of developing our newest website, due for release very
soon, is approaching $200,000.  That adds stress.

All of these things which create additional stress on the mind
and body can certainly mess with a person's sleep, so I said
that I wasn't convinced that she needed Bio-identical hormones. 

I added that while it might be a good idea, I wasn't convinced
that hormone deficiency had anything to do with her inability to
sleep all night through.

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I suggested listening to our Accelerated Thought and Behavior
Modification Program, Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now.

She said that she didn't have any anxiety.

So all at one time I listed, verbally, all the things that have
changed since last May.  And I agreed that I haven't noticed any
negative changes in her, but she agreed that all those things
definitely could have a negative effect. 

The human mind and body loves and craves routine.

Change is stressful, bottom line.

So beginning that night she popped in Dissolving Panic and
Anxiety and began playing it softly on the portable CD player
next to her side of the bed.

That night, she slept all night long without waking up once.

The next night she slept all night long without waking up once.

In fact, for the last three weeks that she has had Dissolving
Panic and Anxiety Now playing all night long while she sleeps,
she has been able to sleep all night long.

Is that cool or what?

So I am here to suggest that if you have a so-called 'sleep
disorder,' before you go running to your doctor with your hand
out for a pill, think about this story. 

Do you have stresses in your life? 

The simple answer is, if you have a pulse, you have stress in
your life.  Stress is a part of being alive.  Just because you
may live in a nice neighborhood, have a nice job and nice kids,
drive a nice car and have nice friends, it doesn't mean that you
don't have a great deal of stress or worries. 

Does it?

So before you start plunking down $10 or $15 or $20 or $25 over
and over again for your insurance co-pay on those little pills,
or even more for those pills if you have no insurance, try
something that has a one time price tag.

Try Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now.

Another good one to add is Infinite Joy Now.  Because more
achievements doesn't necessarily mean more happiness.  They
could mean less happiness.  Isn't that so?

Both those Accelerated Thought and Behavior Modification
Programs, together, can do wonders for you.

They both have a whole lot of success stories on the website
that you can read, and hundreds more that haven't even made it
to the site yet.

Get one or both of those two programs now, and start sleeping
soundly maybe for the first time in a long time.

And watch those co-pays and doctor bills shrivel up to nothing.

How does that sound?


I love you all,

Mike Brescia

P.S. Depressive patterns can also dramatically mess with your
ability to get restful sleep. So if you are depressed and can't
sleep, try Freedom from Depression Now with the others and
saw those logs all night long.


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