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It ain't just about 'picking up your junk'

Hello my friend:

We get so many people calling and e-mailing our offices on a
weekly basis about their inability to 'get organized.'  What's
shocking is that 99% of all the people tell us that they believe
that organization is simply picking up after yourself and
keeping a neat desk.

The truth is, picking up your junk accounts for only about 5%
of what it means to be organized.  95% of being organized is none
of that.

Here's what I mean:

There is only one TV show that I watch every week.  That show
is 'The Apprentice'.  The whole premise behind this show is that
we get to see 18 people vying for a top job with Donald Trump.
Every week, they have to achieve tasks related to promoting
specific products and organizing big events.  Every week, two
teams go head-to-head, and one person on the losing team gets

It is laughable how disorganized MOST of these people are.  They
spend so much time and energy doing the wrong things, it's wacky.

Does that mean they don't pick up after themselves?

Oh, no...

If there's one skill these people have it's that they are neat
and tidy.  And it costs them their dream.

By the time we finished doing our research for the creation of
the Accelerated Behavior Modification Program, 'I Am Organized
Now,' I was completely stunned.  Because I, too, had a
misconception about what 'being organized' truly meant, how to
'be organized,' what the costs of disorganization are and what
the benefits of being organized could be.

It was thrilling to me to learn all this stuff because you
can't get really good at something unless you know the core
components of the thing you want to learn.  For example, in the
sporting world many great players go on to become coaches after
their playing days are over.  Many of them fail miserably
because they don't know how to teach what it is that they were
so good at doing themselves.

That's why the program, I Am Organized Now, is so gosh darn
good... because it's based on the thoughts, the attitudes, the
beliefs and hundreds of detailed actions of the most organized
people in every sense of the word.  It's NOT one of those
programs written by somebody who is good at organization saying,
'do what I do.'  No.  It was created by discovering and
analyzing the core mental patterns of the most organized people
both past and present.

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So while in one sense it's frustrating to hear from people all
around the world every week that they believe being organized is
nothing more than picking up after themselves, it excites me
more than anything to know that when I Am Organized Now starts
working on their brains, it's doing a whole lot more than
telling them to go put your tools, clothes and dishes away.

Here is just a small dose of the skills and characteristics
that make the most effective people in the world so effective:

- Before starting any big job, planning each step
- Having a plan B in case Plan A doesn't work out
- Being ready to go when it's time to go
- Thinking 10 steps ahead - being ready for different situations
- Planning workflow to meet every deadline
- Returning important phone calls and ignoring unimportant ones
- Handling of paperwork
- Being able to focus your attention without distraction
- Successfully manage multiple projects all at the same time
- The ability to make even the toughest decisions quickly
- Doing the most important things first
- Having important contact information at your fingertips
- Considering the needs, wants and desires of people important
   to you
- Looking for faster, easier and better ways to do things
- Delegating
- Preventing and limiting interruptions
- Always keeping your schedule in mind
- Planning time for fun things

The inability or the unwillingness to do these things and to
work at getting good at them is to be disorganized.

So if you have big goals in life, if there are big dreams you
want to make come true, know this:

You need to master the items on the list above and many other
organizational skills as well. 

Just having this list won't do it.  You need to burn it into
your mind.

If you don't, you are in the dungeon and someone else has the

If you do, the keys to the entire kingdom are yours.

I love you all,

Mike Brescia


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