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Do they really get away with negative thinking

Hello my friend:

I just had this great conversation where I was asked if a
person's self-talk is so important, then why do you hear
sometimes people who are very accomplished talk about themselves
in pretty negative ways?

The example was brought up was when professional golfer Phil
Mickelson said, after a famous melt down on the golf course,
'I'm such an idiot.'  So for the most part, Phil would seem to
'get away with' some seemingly damaging self-talk.  Why does he
and other people seem to be able to overcome very negative

Here are three (3) reasons why very accomplished, successful
people can often have negative self-talk without suffering
horrible consequences.

Reason 1: They really don't believe that self talk, they just
say things like that sometimes because there is no excuse for
something that they did, and they don't want to make excuses.


Reason 2: Lack of frequency.  When somebody is highly skilled
at a particular task or group of tasks and they make a mistake,
they can get away with the occasional, 'I'm an idiot' or 'What
the heck was I thinking about?' comment because their self-image
is truly completely opposite of that and an occasional comment
made out of frustration in no way changes their core identity
and the positive way that they see themselves.


Reason 3: God-given talent.  In cases where someone has so much
natural talent that they almost couldn't fail at something if
they tried, even the most negative attitude may not seem to have
any negative effect on the outcomes that they get.

That's the good news.

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The bad news is negative self-talk always has a negative
consequence, even if it's just a small negative. 

And I'm not splitting hairs here.

I'll use an example to make my point...

If it took 1,000 swings of an ax to knock down an oak tree,
which one of the swings was the most important one?

What if the 342nd swipe was is especially strong?  Was it that
one that did it?  What if on the 137th swing, you put your
entire body and your whole being into it and swung as hard as
you possibly could?  Was that one the most important blow?

Was it the very last chop?

The real answer is that it took every single one of the swings
to knock the tree down.  Just miss one of the 1,000 and the tree
doesn't come down.

Life is that way.

Excellence and success is built one day, one hour, one minute,
and one moment at a time.

Just miss one critical bit of information at the wrong moment,
get distracted at wrong time or start seeing images of failure
or start imagining how you'll feel if you fail and very bad
things can happen.

Do top performers in life really 'get away with' being negative?

Well, consider this...

In sports, games are often filled with big 'runs' where one
team scores a great number of points all at one time and the
other team feels totally helpless and defeated, unable to stop
the battering.  Then suddenly that team catches a break, it
ignites their emotions and they go on a wild tear and go ahead!


It's all mental.

Life is that way.

If you aren't filled with God-given talent in comparison to
others, if you are not highly skilled at some task that you've
been asked to do, or if your general attitude about what it is
that you're doing is not one that helps you to feel strong,
confident or enthusiastic, the self talk -- that little voice
inside your head -- needs to switch from negative to positive

And you need to be able to switch it on your own.

Because somebody is not always going to be there to encourage
you, to pat you on the back, to tell you that you've done a good

Isn't that right?

Well, then you know what I suggest you do.  I suggest you pull
out the whatever Think Right Now program best addresses your
most immediate goals
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and the hit 'play' button and/or pull out your sheet that has
the 15 statements (that you copied from your scripts) on it that
best says how you want to feel, what you want to do and who you
want to be, and start manually reprogramming the ol’ mental


I love you all,

Mike Brescia

PS.  No matter how good you are at anything, no matter how much
confidence you have or how committed you are to certain
outcomes, you can't be at your best all the time. 
But when you need to be consistently great, there is simply no
better way, no faster way and no easier way to do it than by
learning and internalizing the beliefs, attitudes and emotional
patterns found in the people who already do what you want to do.

Think right now can help.  Want to see what other people think?
Check out this page.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/success.asp  


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