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19 years and 9 months ago

Hello my friend:

Author, publisher and world renowned creator of Think Right Now
Accelerated Behavior Modification Programs was not always my

In 1987, I was living in a van... 

Surrounding me were my clothes and all my worldly possessions.
Everything I owned fit inside that Ford E-150 van and a 5'x5'x5'
storage unit that I couldn't afford.  After the van, I moved on
to a living room floor in an apartment with some friends in Los
Angeles who, through some strange oversight of the management
company of a large apartment complex, weren't paying any rent.
None of us had any furniture and were all living hand to mouth.
Each day's food was bought that day if we could afford food at

So I know down.  I know bleak.  I know hopeless.

Just to buy a plane ticket back to New York, I sold the van
that used to be my home for $1,500.

Fortunately by then, I had spent months in Hermosa Beach
sitting for hours on end in the Either-Or Bookstore reading
psychology books trying to figure out why I couldn't even sell
Christmas wreaths to people when the money was going to help
their own local fire department.  Can you imagine?  I was

That bookstore was where I learned about Suggestopedia,
Accelerated Learning and the enormous physical and mental
benefits of 60 beat per minute music.

I discovered that literal miracles in learning were happening,
proving that the human mind is like a computer in that when
information is put in through the senses of sight, hearing,
smell, touch or taste, it truly is stored permanently.  There
was now a method for getting what's in the mind back out.

It was at this lowest point (but armed with this new
information) that I asked myself the question that would forever
alter my life and the lives of people all over the world for the

I wanted to know that if factual information could be learned
so quickly and remembered so perfectly using relaxation, triple
repetition and 60 beat per minute music, would the same format
be able to install into my mind the same beliefs, outlooks and
attitudes found in truly effective people so that I could become
able to take the same kinds of actions they take and get the
same kind of results that they get so naturally?

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I didn't know the answer, but I had no other choices so, with
borrowed cassette players and microphones, I went about making a
couple cassette tapes that had hundreds of very, very specific
kinds of affirmations on them with 60 beat per minute background
music playing.

Well the rest, as they say, is history, because almost
immediately I started waking up every day actually happy to be
alive, excited to get to work, excited to set new and
extraordinary goals, actually confident in my ability to achieve

I listened to those tapes night and day, wherever I went, those
tapes were with me.  I read 12 to 15 of the statements on those
tapes three times a day.

Now, of course, our Think Right Now programs are many times
more sophisticated and better produced than those first ones I
came up with, but the results people are getting their just the
same... phenomenal.

If you've read the books like I did, you know that it takes a
lot more than that to change lifelong emotional patterns and
action habits.

If you have ever had the experience of achieving victories
because of the mentoring of coaches, teachers or others only to
see your resolve and motivation dry up after you lost contact
and weren't able to get their constant support and
encouragement, you know the power of someone telling you that
you can do it, that you're worth the effort it will take to
succeed.  You know what it was like to push yourself because you
didn't want to disappoint them.  You know how good it felt when
they congratulated you and told you how proud they were of you.
You know what you were able to achieve with their guidance and
subtle and sometimes not so subtle pressure.

Teachers will come and go... 

But at the beginning, in the middle and at the end, you always
have yourself.  That is why it is so critically important for
each of us to become our best coach, friend and mentor.

20 years after I created my first thought and behavior
modification audio tape, and after continuing to search high and
wide during those 20 years, there still is no better way that I
know of to take control of your own thoughts and emotions and
actions than using this method.

It's easy to believe that circumstances control how you feel
and what you do.

It's the easiest thing in the world to assume that anyone in
your same situation would feel, do and say the same thing you do.

But those beliefs don't and can't help you become more.

Choose now to do what thousands of people all over the world
are doing... using the Think Right Now technology found at
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  to learn and literally install
the 22 unconscious, automatic core mental patterns found in
exceptional people already getting the kind of results in life
that you want to get, and you will wake up every day thrilled to
be alive, looking for new challenges, ready and willing to meet
every single problem head-on, confident in your abilities to do
what you must and happy to do every bit of it.

I love you all,

Mike Brescia

PS.  If you haven't done so already, print out one or more of
your Think Right Now program scripts and copy on a separate
sheet no more than 15 statements from them that identify how you
want to feel, what you want to do and who you want to be.  Then
burn those new empowering beliefs, attitudes and action commands
into your mind and they will become who you are at the deepest
levels of who you are.  Throughout your days, they will start
jumping up and controlling your actions without you even having
to think about it.


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