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Goal Setting wipes out $98,000 debts in one year

Hello my friend:

The science of meshing Georgi Lozanov's Suggestopedic
Accelerated Learning format with affirming statements that are
laser-focused on the 22 core mental patterns that govern all
human action continues to perform miracles for people all over
the world...


Mr. Brescia and Friends,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your 'I Am Healed Now!' and
'Setting & Achieving Goals Now!' audio cassettes. 

Despite no cartilage in my left knee, blown bursa in my right
knee, and seven vertebrae in my spine damaged from an accident
with a forklift, I have far more good days in a year than my
coworkers, fewer sick days, and can manage my pain on the other

As for the 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now!,' I settled down
and eliminated $98,000.00 in credit card and other debt from my
past in just over 1 year.  Less than six months later, I was able
to purchase our new home!  It's in, get this, Southern
California where the market is unthinkable for most folks buying
their FIRST house!  My wife and I thoroughly enjoy our property
(notice I did not say our 'lot'), the wildlife preserve behind
it, and all the flora and fauna we could ever ask to see - up
close and in person!  And the stars!  Wow!  From our back yard,
it is obvious that there is a God out there who really loves us!

Thank you!

Jay Reed


M.B. Whew!  I used to live in Southern California.  And I can
tell ya, that properties in nice locations cost a pretty
penny!  There are as many ways to get out of debt as there are
to get into it.  But none of them are possible unless your mind
is conditioned to keep asking you what outcomes you want and
what you need to do to get there.  When the mental pictures of
what you want (in any area of life) keep flooding your mind and
completely filling your conscious and unconscious minds with
abundant thoughts, you will look for and find a way.
Setting & Achieving Goals Now is one program that will keep
those mental pictures of possibility flooding in and give you
a full tank of gas to get'er done.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

As far as the ability to function with so many physical
injuries without medications, I am in awe.  A lot of people
report these types of stories, but since I'm not a cell
biologist (we study their work, and it's pretty deep), I will
only say that since the mind and body are one, when you use a
tool like I Am Healed Now, to talk to your body, the body is
listening.  I used it myself to get in tune with my body's needs
and in addition to pain management, I believe it has opened
me up to recognizing and accepting the right advice for me
when I hear it.

Keep sending in those letters and emails!

Today is your day...


I love you all,

Mike Brescia

PS.  It's easy to dismiss the dramatic claims people make about
what happens to them when they start reprogramming their minds
with TRN programs, but when you look below the surface, they are
not hard to believe at all.  Every decision and action is
preceded by a thought.  Success at even the most common things
like successfully driving home from work take many thoughts,
split second decisions and actions.  You can do it because you
have lots of practice.  Every one of us does things easily that
others, not as experienced, would find impossible.

Make sense, doesn't it?

When you are attempting to do things you are not good at, you
need the mental practice, you need to learn how to think like
people who are already good and great at what you want to do
before you can easily take similar actions and get similar
results.  That is what Think Right Now programs
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
are designed to do.  Yes, in many cases, you'll need to learn
plenty to get where you want to go.  Thought pattern changes get
the ball rolling.  And Think Right Now programs, since they each
address ALL the core 22 human mental patterns, will help you to
enjoy learning what you need to know (Mental Success Pattern #8).


If you send us a detailed success story/case study about any of
our Think Right Now! or Instant Inner Power audio programs, you
can choose any Think Right Now! or Instant Inner Power audio
program of your choice.  Just send an email with your story and
you get an audio of your choice - simple.  You only pick up the
tiny shipping & handling.  As soon as we get your story, we'll
send you your choice of program immediately, if not sooner.

To be clear about this, 'I love your programs, they've helped
me a lot.' doesn't count.

To receive your audio program, send us:
Your name:
Shipping address:
Program title(s) used:
How/when you used it/them:
How long you used it/them:
What clear, specific changes/benefits you received:
Please be descriptive of the benefits.

We now do this in order to pass on 'best practices' to other
people who own the same programs.  If you'd like to include a
picture (optional), just send it along with your email.

Just send your story to support(at)thinkrightnow.com  and give us
your choice of Think Right Now audio program.  We'll then
take care of arranging to have it shipped to you.


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