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Show your critics that they are full of you-know-what

Hello my friend:

There are hundreds of ways to get motivated to achieve gigantic

But one of the finest ways I know to create unstoppable desire
in someone is to remind them about some negative comments that
someone else has made about them.  In all sports, it has become
common practice of coaches to take negative comments that
players on opposing teams have said before a contest and post
the quotes all over the locker room so their players can see it.

This is an absolutely fantastic way to fire yourself or someone
else up in order to reach a difficult goal.  It can create a
burning desire to win.

This weekend I watched the women's final of the Australian
Open.  The match pitted Serena Williams against Maria Sharipova.

It's important to note that Serena only played in four
tournaments last year due to injuries, surgery and the
continuing distraction brought about because her sister, Yetunde
Price, was killed in a drive-by shooting in September 2003.

Finally ready to resume her tennis career, she said she was
sick and tired of critics saying recently that she was out of
shape and not fit enough to be a factor in the Australian Open.

So what did she do, this player ranked 81st in the world?

She made it all the way to the final by beating some of the
worlds best players and then on Saturday, she completely
demolished Sharipova, the number one ranked player in the world,
in straight sets, 6-1, 6-2.

It was never even close.

Everyone I talked to that saw the match agreed that she was so
focused and so determined that there was no way she was going to

She said she was just tired of hearing from other people that
she couldn't do it.

As the president of a research company whose mission it is to
study both failure and success on the mental level I have seen
and heard every possible excuse for failure that there is.

And one of the most disheartening things to hear from smart,
talented people is that they just can't motivate themselves to
do what they needed to do on a daily basis.  Or that they are
bored or that they just can't say no to the slightest temptation
that catches their attention.

The average person goes to sleep every night only having
achieved the minimum required to survive.  And many don't even
do that.

Well, I'm challenging you now. 

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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What is today going to bring you?

What is this year going to look like?

What is your life supposed to mean? 

Of the goals or resolutions that you have set for yourself in
the last month or in the last year, have you stuck with any of
them?  If so, great. 

If not, what in the hell are you waiting for? 

Life is NOT boring.  If yours is, it's your fault. 

If you are being put down, rise up. 

If you have no willpower, you need to focus on what you will
lose if you fail and what you will gain if you succeed.
Continually focus on it. 

If these suggestions sound good but are too difficult to follow
through on, then you must, must, must get Unstoppable Motivation

Think you are down?  Then check out this story.

Dear Mike,
I was reluctant to tell my story because I was too ashamed to
share any part of my past.

However, before I tell you how far I have come I must share
with you where I come from.  In the summer of 2005 at the age of
54, I was released from prison to a half-way house with only $35
dollars.  While I was in prison, my now ex-wife sold everything I
owned and divorced me.

Upon my release I went to work for a friend making $6.00 an
hour with a bonus option doing maintenance repairs.  I came
across your web page in February of 2006 and in March I
purchased Setting and Achieving Goals. I began listening to
it every night.  I started seeing changes within 2 months. 
I purchased 2 used cars and furniture for my
one bed room apartment.  In June I purchased Unstoppable
. and started listening to it every night interchanging
it with the Goal setting program.  Again I begin seeing changes as I
switched from employee to independent contractor and continued
to do repair work while setting up my Graphic Business.  Within
2 months I was able to purchase some new sign making equipment
and a new 2006 Toyota Pick up truck.

In September I purchased Financial Abundance Now
and began listening to it every night.  While I have not yet
accomplished the financial abundance picture that is in my mind
I am firmly on my way, for the statements in that program are
forcing me to save 10% of my earnings.  A far cry from the $35
dollars I started with a year an a half ago.

I am convinced that your programs (if listened to correctly)
will force you to take the action steps to create the things you

Thank you so much for your work.

David Robertson, SC


What a remarkable story.

If you want THAT kind of change in your life no matter where
you are starting from, you need to change your thoughts.  You
need to get clear on what you want, set your goals and get off
your backside and do something every single day.  Can't do that?
Bored?  Got 74 other excuses that sound and feel really
legitimate why you can't stick with your paltry little goals?

Then get Unstoppable Motivation Now and you will not believe
what you will start to do every single day... and loving it.

I love you all,

Mike Brescia

PS  After her demolition of the world's number one player, a
reporter asked Serena Williams what she was going to do now.
Serena said she was going to go home and work harder than ever
before because she wants to get better.  That is the self talk a
champion.  That is the attitude of the winner.  People like
Serena have options and opportunities in life because they're
willing to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.
Want more opportunities?  Then you know what to do.

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