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Think Right Now! for Windows

Success Stories


Hello Mike,

I have been using your "Think Right Now for Windows" software for several months now and have lost 22 lbs to date. I have a goal of losing an additional 55lbs and you can be sure I will continue using this program.

Obviously, there is work involved on my part; the beautiful thing is that I am programming my mind on a daily basis with your program. I feel empowered when I am out alone or with friends and family and temptations come my way, (in the form of some type of unhealthy food) the decisions I make at that moment are continually moving me toward my ultimate goal.

I truly believe that my subconscious mind is the "Captain of my ship". The subconscious programming facilitated by your "Think Right Now" software is the difference, (or the "competitive edge", if you will) between the "Captain" moving forward in a specific direction versus floating along, rudderless and chartless.

I also appreciate that I can tailor the software to my own personal situation by editing the text files.

Keep up the innovative work...

Even though I don't personally know you, I can seriously start to consider the possibility of you being one of the five most influential people in my life, future thinking 10 years ahead...Thank you!

Warm Regards,
G. Scott Martin, WA

Dear Mike,

Whenever I am using my computer I run your Think Right Now for Windows program. I have been using the program for several months now and will continue to use it into the future. This program has made a big improvement in just about every area in my life. I'm on the computer several hours a day. I have it on Desktop and my Laptop. It has been a very useful tool. I don't know how I managed these 57 years without it.
Thank you and God Bless
Kenneth Fetzer


Dear Mike,

For the last two years I have used your Think Right Now for Windows software everyday while I work on my computer. I have become so goal conscious that I have actually consistently used a Franklin Day Planner for the last year. In past years my New Year's resolution would get me to start using some kind of day planner, but come March, it would be collecting dust. I even created a personal mission statement and began keeping life goals.

My latest goal has been to change careers, and I can barely contain myself. In the past I was terrified of changing jobs. Recently I transitioned from an accounting position to a sales position within the same company. I am actively looking to jump into a new industry altogether...something that would have terrified me two years ago.

Richard Cruz, CA


Dear Mike,

I have been using your "Think Right Now for Windows" program. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I ordered the program. My life seemed so out-of-order and I thought trying it certainly could do no harm. I checked all the flashing phrases and agreed I could be helped by them and let them begin flashing as I spent time at the computer. Within a few days I noticed my spirits lifted. I was making wiser food choices and not visiting the kitchen as often. It was a gradual improvement. Others have noticed that my spirits are lifted and I am much happier and laughing more.

I have many health problems and as my health failed so did my spirits sink. I thought there was no way to find purpose and a reason to laugh again. My housework has not been kept up and on top of it all I moved my mom in with me and loaded all her things on top of mine. I really needed to begin going through things and finding order, but it was easier to just sit and let the days pass. I was so miserable.

The little "flashes of hope" have inspired me to move and I have made great improvements in a rather short time. I believe your daily e-mails and the subliminal program have really been the beginning of my improvements.

Thank you for all you work and help. You have made a difference in my life and brought hope to me and made me feel I am worth the change and improvement.

Your Friend,
Rosemary Hunter



Dear Mike,

I first came across your web site over a year ago and while it made sense to me I didn't try any of the suggestions you gave. I think I wanted an easy fix, I knew I had to do something. When I ordered Think Right Now for windows, I had so many issues that I really didn't know where to start. In one years time I was divorced, filed for bankruptcy and then my ex-spouse died leaving me to raise four children by myself.

I thought I was doing okay considering the circumstances. A year ago I got engaged, added three more children, a dog and a new business that my fiancé and I run together in my household. I learned that I still had a lot of past issues to work out or my life was going to fall apart.

I started out by reading the messages on healing the past. It was strange because when I would read certain lines it almost made me uncomfortable. I would get butterflies in my stomach. I would feel almost sad while reading them. After about a week I started to notice that it felt good to read the affirmations.

The most important thing is that I have started to notice changes in my relationships with others. I stand up for myself more but I seem to get more respect for it. I have more patience and understanding and my moods don't seem to swing as wildly as they did before. I said it was hard before to find time to work with this program but I know now that I just had to wait to until I was ready. Change can be scary even when it is for the better!

I just want to say thank you for simplifying something that I've known for a long time that I needed to do but didn't really know how. It is easy to tell yourself to think positive thoughts but why is it that the negative ones seem to scream so much louder?

So now it is time to move on to the next challenge which is going to be working on finances and making our business boom! So thank you again Mike for being in my mailbox every day and reminding me that I can do anything and do it better than ever before!

Cathy Schram, NE

Order Think Right Now! For Windows

Hello Mike,

I have used "Think Right Now for Windows" since mid 2003. I am totally sold on it and I promote it on my Health News NZ website. At the time I bought it, I was broke and living on the government handout while tied down to home looking after my elderly mother who is in dementia. Like your amazing story, there is a story behind this:

I am lawyer by profession and a part-time artist. I worked successfully in government in our capital for 15 years, trying to feed my creative desires on weekends and holidays. In 1985 my father died and I decided to leave my job and come home to take care of my mom. I never thought about how I was going to survive financially. I just thought it would work out somehow. (pretty brainless - but never mind!)

My father had been ill for 5 years with leukemia. When my mother and I moved back here in 1986, their huge house (a retirement project) was half built. My dad had anticipated we would have to sell it in that condition. But we made the decision to come back home and take it on.

Had I known what we were in for, I would never have done it - it took us 4 years and a cheat of a builder to get it almost finished so we could live there. At one point, we went to arbitration. Because of his cost-cutting methods, the house had water coming into it along its 50+ foot frontage, draining in off a concrete 2nd story level deck. Somehow we got through it all.

I had in the meantime taken up farming dairy goats, but that was a very rocky ride. Our herd got infected with a killer disease. I was fully committed, being immersed in stud and breeding details and the secretary of our Breed Club. I tried to fight the disease with the best info I had and I did not succeed. At the end of it all I had lost a lot of money.

Still trying to find myself an income, I took a course in computing, and began a little graphic design business in our nearest local town. My mother's failing mental condition and a combination of other circumstances forced me home. I tried again in my local village, with the same result, except this time I had debts to pay off.

In early 2003 I was at truly low ebb. I was broke, living on the dole, and completely tied to the house looking after my mom. I was painfully aware that 2/3 of our income was derived from her - her own pension and a small army pension set up for her by my dad. Both of these will go with her when she dies and I could not see how I could keep this lovely place, which I had fought so long and hard for, and worked so hard on, once she was gone. I seemed to be looking down an endless black tunnel for my later years, as work here is not easy to come by.

I am talented with art and graphics, and had several small sites on the net - none of which brought in any money - but I had lost all faith in my ability to bring in an income, and I had no goals left. I didn't know what I wanted to achieve with my life - art had always been my secret desire, but that seemed hopeless - I had no desire to go back to the law and I didn't even know what to do or where to go to spend the few hours off per week when the home help came.

For some years I had read self help books - my favorites being Catherine Ponder and John Kehoe. But they had not worked miracles for me. I turned again in desperation to Kehoe. I knew my thinking was at fault, but I didn't know quite how to go about correcting it - the thought patterns ran so deep. I could see the logic of having goals and visualizing - but I knew even that was beyond me. I had no goals left, no faith in my ability to come up with sensible ones. Visualization was a bad joke.

I decided the only thing I could do was let go, have faith that I would be helped, give thanks for what I had, and simply try to focus on weeding out my thinking from day to day. I asked for guidance, tried to know that it was on its way, and did my best to monitor my thought patterns - hard stuff.

Amazingly, from that feeble start help came. Somehow I found your site. I joined your e-zine and was blown away by your own story. I came back on site and decided that of all your products, Think Right for Windows had to be the one for me because I spend so much time at my pc, and because the help it provides runs deep.

In spite of a maxed-out credit card and arrears in rates I bought it - the very best investment I have ever, EVER made. Having to work against the rate of exchange from New Zealand, I was also hugely appreciative of the reasonable cost of all your products compared to the charges of the many rip-off gurus around. It speaks volumes for you and your commitment to helping others that your charges are so attainable by those in real trouble.

I started on the Success Affirmations, and my optimism began to improve. Somehow, after having worked through countless programs on the net to try and bring in money - and losing even more in the process - I was drawn into a program that gave me the opportunity to do graphics, and get money's worth, as well as actual cash, for my work. The potential in this job is limitless - what a change after several years of doing graphics and web design for people for nothing!!

I stuck with the Success Affirmations because I knew that was the area that needed working on the most. About 12 months later, I decided to have a change, and I chose "Attain Wealth and Abundance". As I switched the controls over, the first affirmation appeared on my screen long enough with the pc working under load for me to read it - "My creative mind is the foundation for creating my wealth". That hit me like a bombshell - and a huge flood of light - all at once. I am almost in tears as I write this.

TRN to me is a very special product for 2 main reasons:

1) If you are totally bereft, as I was, it provides you with some awesome and very powerful affirmations that can get to work right away on your subconscious.
2) It almost does the job for you - it alleviates the very hard task (I know because I did it) of monitoring your thoughts 24/7. If you are at your pc for any length of time, TRN will work some mighty changes in your thinking. I also like the fact that the affirmation setup is transparent and you can create your own for special needs.

Here are some of the benefits I have received from TRN:

1) Short Term: A new feeling of inner calm which started after only a few days of beginning to use the Success Affirmations.
2) Long Term: An amazing change from the "black hole of depression", "no future" mode to an underlying confidence that I have what it takes to make it in a business of my own, relying on my own skills. This, after all the failures I had gone through.
3) Rising faith in my own abilities in fields in which I am totally self-taught (i.e. graphics and web design). I can see now that my main problem was lack of confidence in any fields other than where I had formal training. This goes back to parental insistence as a child that I train for a "real" job and that I would never make money from art.
4) A growing network of new relationships with like-minded people some of whom have skills that complement mine. Instead of feeling like a fish out of water I am now surrounded with people who are on the same wavelength as me. I can feel that we are enriching each other's lives.
5) Through these new relationships, I have expanding horizons that will enable me to build my business, expand my skills and income, build my understanding of money-management, and build my ability to help others.
6) Instead of feeling like a pawn in someone else's game, a person with no power over their own life, I now feel in control of my own destiny. I know that through TRN I have made "the connection" that will provide me with the mental, physical and emotional resources to attain success in a field of MY choosing. My long-held desire to create an income from this home property is on its way to fruition - I no longer regard it as an impossible dream.
7) It is a huge triumph for me to know that I shall overcome negative programming from my early life.

Patricia Howitt

New Zealand

Order Think Right Now! For Windows

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for your Think Right Now for Windows software. I have struggled with eating and food issues and obsessions since I was 16. My mind can't seem to stop thinking about food - what I can eat? when I can eat?, how much?, etc. It is very exhausting!

I began using your Think Right Now software with various messages ranging from eating more healthily and self esteem to releasing my past. I waited anxiously to feel "different". To my surprise, about a week or two later (and just one to two hours a day on the computer), I noticed that my cravings were definitely down, but the feeling was so natural, so subtle that I never had the "aha!" feeling of change. The inner me was now different; I couldn't perceive a change because I wasn't changing just one aspect of my issues, I was changing the whole me. The only way to notice the difference was to reflect on how I felt two weeks ago.

Thanks again for a great product!

Thanks! Alice M.


Hi Guys,
My wife & I have your Think Right Now Software on our computer and also have it playing quietly in the background as we do our work on our websites and digitally enhancing our photography.

Think Right Now is right. It makes you think right now without even realizing it; your brain seems to change for the better and so does your motivation. You can actually achieve two tasks at once without consciously realizing that this is happening.

Undoubtedly Think Right Now is the best purchase we have ever made for self-improvement.

Thanking you,
Adrian & Faith Young

Dear Mike,

Three weeks ago I started using Think Right Now! for Windows. I've selected Deserving Abundance, Creating Wealth, Goal Setting and all I did was let them flash on my computer screen over and over again. The results were nothing less than AMAZING!!

I was FULLY sponsored by Jay Conard Levinson to the Multi-Millionaire Harv Eker's $1295 Wealth Building Seminar. That's not all; my business partner can go along with me for FREE too!! I saved another $900 because I'm bringing him anyway with or without the sponsorship.

Before using the software, I felt like all the good deals were taken up. Nothing was left for me. But now, I have at least three projects (worth at least $12,500 each) lining up, waiting for me to execute them!! Yes, this is all true.

All this happened in just three short weeks!!! What a MIRACLE!! I can't wait to tell everyone about this AMAZING piece of software!! Sorry if I sounded too excited. I AM EXCITED!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Teay Rui Feng
Marketing Consultant
From sunny Malaysia


Hi Mike,

Each day I drank at least 12 to 15 cups of coffee with milk and sugar, therefore I suffered very often from heartburn. I installed your Thinking Right Now for Windows on my PC and wrote my personal affirmations.

After about six weeks I noticed that I reduced my coffee consumption to 2 to 3 cups of coffee without milk and sugar. It was magic and it is really an easy way for changing habits.

Thank you a lot for your product.

Warm regards.
Norbert Schuerpf, Switzerland

Hi Mike,

I use your Think Right Now for Windows Software on my work computer every weekday. I purchased the program because I wanted to have "personal coaching" so to speak for my goals of losing weight and getting fit, as well as for starting my own business and becoming financially independent. It felt great knowing that I could get my money back if the program didn't work, but I won't need to do that.

I have found the Software program excellent because I don't even know it's there and yet over the past months that I've had it on the computer my goals are starting to be realized. I have been walking every day for 45 minutes to get my fitness up and am starting to lose weight. I have become involved in a home based business and can finally see that I can realize my goals.

Thanks for this amazing program. It works!
Kind regards, D Sheehan, New Zealand


Hi Mike,

Let me tell you about what's happened after using your Think Right Now for Windows program and doing only some work with Setting & Achieving Goals Now!

After just two weeks I signed a coaching client up for $4000/mth - twice what I normally sign clients for and four times what other clients regularly sign similar clients for!

In addition, I have been almost overwhelmed with people expressing interest in joining my fledgling business coaching practice and I'm not feeling stressed about that because it all has the right feel now!

Thanks Mike and the team at THINK RIGHT NOW! for helping to make changes and move my life on.

Business Coach - ACTION International


Order Think Right Now! For Windows

Dear Mike,

As a new user of your Think Right Now for Windows software I was amazed at how easy and simple the whole process was. A download and quick install and it was up and working. Using it is simplicity itself, and because it allows you to add statements it allows development and expansion appropriate to me.
In the first few weeks of using this program I felt more cheerful and alive than I have done for a long time, and found that it created a great feeling each time I went on the computer. As someone who uses their computer for much of the day that was fantastic. It's a good product and one that helps you change every moment of the day.

Nigel Gibbons UK


Dear Mike,

I purchased and downloaded your Think Right Now for Windows software five months ago now. I came across your website through a search for "personal improvement". I was looking for something that might help me.

I've found that the scripts provided have made a large difference to my attitude and behaviors in life. The great thing about your product is that it is truly effortless - it just runs on my PC and does its work while I'm doing other things, meaning that I do not have to devote any time or effort into self improvement.

In particular, the Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Stress Management scripts have made the biggest difference, helping me overcome my anxiety about making speeches in front of other people, and my stressed-out attitude from my high-pressure sales job.

I'd like to thank you very much for providing a product that actually exceeds expectations, not just meets them.

Nicholas Turnbull, United Kingdom


I purchased your Think Right Now for Windows on Feb 25th of this year. The categories I started with were self-esteem and self-confidence. I really believe that I have overcome a lot in last three months. I feel happier about myself and I am even feeling stronger when experiencing conflicts. I still have a long way to go, but in the first week of using the program, I felt happier and more inspired.

I use the program at my work computer, during the week, about 30 hours a week. I have not set goals for myself in a long time, but after a few weeks of using the program I got the courage to sit and write my goals, and now one by one I see myself challenging each goal. One of the major goals I have accomplished so far is that I finally feel happy about myself and who I will become. I think for the first time in my life I can actually say that I do love myself and the person that I am growing into.

Thank you,

Paula Tucker
BC, Canada



I purchased your Think Right Now for Windows program and want to say thank you from the bottom of my soul!! I have had chronic depression all my life and have tried so much self-help "stuff" through the years, including meds and years of therapy. I had so many self-help books; I started the self-help section of our little library when I donated them after trying each one with little results!

Within a week of using your subliminal program, I felt changes beginning to happen! My lifelong negative thoughts began to change and I feel better than I EVER have! I've been using the program for three weeks and although my life is not what I want it to be yet, I now KNOW it CAN be and better yet, I KNOW it WILL be!! Thank you is so inadequate for how you have helped me! I cry with joy knowing that the black hole abyss of depression is gone forever!! I am joining your affiliate program because the world should know about your company!

Beverly Westcott

Hi Mike,

My name is Betty Norman. I received your download link to put the Think Right Now for Windows software program on the computer last Dec. I chose Eating for excellent health and left it going all the time. I have had a weight problem all my life, and have had a difficult time staying on any weight loss program.

This March I decided without thinking about it to start a weight loss program and I have been at it ever since and have lost 25 lbs. The only difference was the messages on the computer and I thank you. I have no desire to quit and all my insides want to reach a goal.

Sincerely Betty [grateful in Canada]


Dear Mike,
I have been using your Think Right Now for Windows for three weeks. I have 66 years of negativity behind me, 66 years of instilled bad thinking. I want you to know that after only three weeks I already feel an improvement. I have more mental energy; I have set small goals and achieved them!

If this improvement continues at the same rate, I should be where I want to be in no time at all!

This program is great, thanks...
Vivra P. Beene, Texas

Order Think Right Now! For Windows


Hi Mike,

Before my husband and I received your program Think Right Now for Windows for our computer, we talked about a lot of things we wanted to do and things we had started but seemed to go nowhere. It felt like we were stuck in our own world with no place to turn. We didn't know where to start to get our book out there. And sometimes I think we were really afraid to look because of all the "What if's...."

I don't live in financial fear anymore. I don't fear trying something AGAIN! I don't fear that we are not going to get what we have worked so hard towards. I have more personal self confidence like I used to. I love my life once more. Thank you so much. And I love the music that comes with the program as it is about the only time I get to listen to my classical stuff.

I am looking forward to ordering more of your programs to use while we sleep. You have made a great product to help so many people. Thanks again!!

All the best to you,
Brenda Poulsen, Canada


I am SO incredibly impressed with the results I am getting in a very short period of time from Think Right for Windows - especially with the additional statements from the audio programs I ordered. My long-term depression (that I had not previously acknowledged) has suddenly and completely lifted ... I suddenly have a FUTURE (and one that I am looking forward to). This is truly Life-Changing stuff.


Thank you, Thank you.


You have added such wonderful value to my life.

Very sincerely, Fran McAllen

Dear Mike,

I wanted to write and tell you that I believe that my use of "Think Right Now for Windows" for the past eight months is really making a difference. It's hard to tell what actions that I take in my life have what impact, but I believe that everything works together.

I've had the program set-up on my computer so that it automatically initiates when the computer turns on. Most of the time I forget that I have it running.

I've noticed there is a shift in my level of determination, and an easing around areas of my life that previously I found difficult to work on. I've studied and practiced personal coaching for almost twenty years. The main distinctions that I learned that override everything we do in life, are the internal conversations that we have with ourselves. The automatic positive and negative things we say to ourselves control our moods, and therefore our actions. This is why your Windows program is so effective. The opportunity to program new, positive conversations that eventually will become automatic.

I've spent so much time becoming aware of the old conversations, but creating new ones always seems to be more challenging.

Thank you!

Dear Mike,

I returned to school to finish my bachelor's degree last year, and have been doing quite well grade-wise, maintaining a high-B average - while working full-time at the University. During that time I purchased your Think Right Now for Windows software and installed on my home and work computers at the beginning of my spring term of school. My grades soared from B+ to A's in both high level courses (Philosophy & Spanish). I was amazed! I've always considered myself intelligent, but it seemed that I was unable to get beyond the B range. I found that my understanding of the concepts in my classes was deeper and richer.

Your program is running at all times when I'm at my computer screen. I am also using your program "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" audio program during the night.

I just wanted to send a hearty thank you for your sharing with the world. It has truly been a god-send to me. I will be completing my bachelor's degree summer 2005, and will go on to graduate school - all this at the age of 45!

Thanks again, Mike. My thoughts and prayers for success for you and for everyone are constant. Take care and God bless...

Lois Douglass

For about two years now I had been having trouble communicating my wants and needs to my fiancé. After two weeks of saturating myself in the "Think Right Now for Windows" program I started to communicate my wants and needs. It now seems just as natural as if I had been doing it all along!!!

Needless to say, I was very happy with the results and my honey is also happier knowing what I need and not having to play mind reading and guessing games. Thanks so much for this program!!! I can't wait to try it on something else next!!

Loretta, PA



Hi guys,

I bought two products from you recently, 1) "Think Right Now for Windows" software program and 2) "Eating for Excellent Health Now" audio program.

It's been about two weeks for the Windows program and 1 week for audio program. I am surprised, and delighted, but I think they are working. At least something is. I have had only one 'bad day" in that time. I used quotes for bad day 'cause that's what I would have called it in the past. It wasn't a bad day really just not as careful and choosy as usual but certainly by my usual standards it wasn't bad at all.

It's early yet, I know, but I just wanted to say a preliminary thank you. I am certainly not haunted by cravings to eat all night. And I am satisfied after supper which is also unusual.

I don't know how you do it - I've read your website so 'know' how it's done - but it still seems too simple. I will certainly purchase more programs when I am further along the road to health. I listen to the program at bedtime and generally on the train in the morning when I have a 45 minute ride. Also on the way home at night. So usually tow-three times a day. I fall asleep sometimes but I hope that it is still going into the old gray matter.

Thanks again,

Isabel Coles


Order Think Right Now! For Windows


Dear Mike,

I have been using your Think Right Now for Windows software for about a year now. I have had some outstanding results. For a few weeks at a time I focused on a specific suggestion program that addressed some areas of my life which I felt could be improved.

Initially, I targeted the Losing Weight program and was able to drop 12 pounds and keep it off. I then concentrated on the Self Confidence and Creative Thinking programs which have helped me to produce my own CD project of original music.

Targeting the Communicating Clearly lessons - I've taken a professional copywriting course in an effort to master some new skills and change career directions.

After keying on the Getting What You Want proposals, I've been able to successfully complete a real estate deal for a new house.

And I feel that my best work is ahead of me.

Thank you for your programs.

R. Wayne Ammons, MS


I've been using your Think Right Now for Windows software for a few months now, and the change in me is very noticeable. After three months of no work, I'm doing Xbox 360 technical support. I went through two tests and a battery of interviews for the job. I'm seriously taking up the study of creating wealth online and I am loving every second of it. Without your program this would not have been possible. It's my 'daily dose' for confidence and mental health. I've even been approached by a supervisor and told he will endorse my candidacy for a higher position within the company.

In short, my focus has shifted to one of eager expectancy and hard work. I know that one day soon I will do what I love from home and am taking positive steps everyday to achieve that end!

Thanks so much!
Erik Heyl

I am a Professor of English and am currently writing my dissertation. I use your Think Right Now for Windows while I work on my computer. With it running in the background, while I'm surfing the internet or doing research to overcome the negative thoughts, what everyone has to overcome when they are writing a dissertation. I think that your windows program is good and I really like that you can write your own affirmations, so that I can tailor messages to my specific needs. I feel that the program has helped me focus, boosted my confidence and my efficiency.

I have students of my own that have problems with concentration and procrastination that I have recommended your program to a number of my students and will continue to do so. I am so pleased with the program, as a matter of fact; I am so pleased with the product that I am going to order some of the audio programs as well to help with diet and exercise.

Thanks again for a very valuable, terrific and powerful program.

Eric Columbia, TN- professor


I have been using your Think Right Now for Windows software. I leave the message running always. I have learned that there are changes taking place and I know what I desire will be achieved as this program is part of what will get me there. Your program is helping me build my confidence. I know there are positive changes that are yet to come.

I'm using the Attaining Wealth and Abundance affirmations to better my financial situation, and I am gaining more confidence in my ability to handle my finances wisely.

Sue Norfolk

Right after I got married I went from being a full time bartender to working as a self employed landscaper with my husband. I noticed during the winter months, I really missed being around people everyday and being physically active I knew that I had to find a way to be more productive in the winter.

I started using your "Think Right Now for Windows" software program. I noticed that I really was feeling more motivated. I started to get up earlier and started an exercise routine I got more excited about the future and after a lot of trial and error and a lot of disappointments. I found an internet business that I got involved in and now I can't wait to get to my computer. I feel your program gave me that extra confidence and motivation that I needed to take a chance on myself I really believe that it has helped me stay focused on my goals and my goal to retire with enough money to do whatever I want.

My hard drive crashed and I did not reinstall the program right away I noticed that my productivity started to fall behind so I put the program back on and noticed a difference.

I will always use it. I love the music the flexibility it gives as you can change the affirmations to work on other areas of your life.

Thank you Mike!
Margo Columbus, OH

I've been using your "Think Right Now for Windows" software program and it's been pretty interesting. I've had the program running my computer pretty much all day long and it's barely noticeable.

My husband just started noticing that I was having amazing changes in my business. He noticed the way that I was able to speak with people, the way that I was able to handle sales calls and it's been remarkable. Previously I was fearful of calling and talking to people and in the last month or so, I just haven't had a problem with it.

It occurred to me all of a sudden it occurred that I had been using this software and having these messages coming at me all day long. I'm really excited about that and I know that as long as I continue to use this product my excitement and my ability to do these things is going to get better and better everyday.

Thank you!

Dianne Hockman, Bristol, CT



Order Think Right Now! For Windows


When I sit down at my computer your subliminal messages are so positive and soothing that it's like having a friend "hint" in my ear. Yes, stuff is not so great and sometimes life is sh---s, but we can get through this. This is a friend who hints to me and holds my hand.

When I walk away from my computer and that little voice is not there anymore, I can step to the next task and it may not go perfectly, but I can get to the next place.

Mary Ridge, OR


I've have used your "Think Right Now for Windows" software program for about two weeks. I have struggled with my looks and weight for many years. My head and my heart just couldn't agree. Since using the program, I find that some of my dreams are busy settling past issues and when I pass a mirror, I'm starting to realize that my heart had been deceived for way too long.

I'm still struggling a little with the diet that will take a little longer. I'm confident I'm going to win. It took years to develop wrong thinking, but look how far I've come in just two weeks with just Think Right Now!

Shirley- Wichita, KS

Hi Mike

I have been using your Think Right Now for Windows for three weeks now. I feel great. I just needed to share how I feel after such a short time.

Thank you for the time invested in this program.

Charles Moon, South Africa


Hi Mike,

I bought your Think Right Now for Windows software programme about three years ago and installed it on my desk top computer. I am a Psychologist and a Teacher living and working in China. At that time I had closed my school because it was losing money as my partner, the Provincial Government was not keeping its side of the partnership and providing the students. I was depressed, lonely, broke and ready to give up.

I timed the messages to appear frequently and also played the background music. I am aware of Suggestopedia and use those techniques in my teaching and also aware of the power of sublimation.

Within three months things turned around for me, people started coming to me for help; I met a lovely lady whom I married a year later. To date, I have helped three of my student win scholarships to study in the United Kingdom and the United States. My wife and I now have a beautiful home, a car each, a couple of small investment properties and I am so busy I have to turn work away!

Probably the most important thing of all is that I am helping people achieve their goals here in China, opening their minds and making myself very happy in the process!

I am 66 years young and so many things to do in the next 40 years.

Best regards,

Jim, China

Hi Guys,

My wife & I have your "Think Right Now for Windows" software program on our computer. We have it playing quietly in the background while we work on our websites and photography. Think Right Now is right.... it makes you think right now without even realizing it. Your brain seems to change for the better and so does your motivation.

You can actually perform two tasks at once without consciously realizing that this is happening. Undoubtedly your "Think Right Now Windows" software program is the best purchase we have ever made for self improvement.

Thanking you Adrian & Faith Young


Friends have been mentioning my "new attitude." It started with your newsletter a few months back. Since then I've purchased "Think Right Now for Windows" software and your book.  I'm not sure why it works so well for me but it does.

You can be pretty "in your face" sometimes, but it's something all adults need since our parents aren't around anymore.

Dawn English


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I owe you a response on my experience with the Think Right Now programs that I purchased. I bought Real Self Esteem Now and Setting and Achieving Goals Now. I also bought a copy of the "Think Right Now for Windows" software since I'm in front of a computer most of the working day.

I listened at night for something like two to three nights, all the while driving my wife nuts, then moved out to the family room couch for a total span of about six weeks. I had high anticipation that this program would work on me but had no expectation for how long it would be before I would see results or how results would manifest. I stopped listening to the programs at night because, good grief, I am too cheap to buy a personal CD player with earplugs and, my marriage is important to me. I snuck in a few hours each day at work, during commutes and in the evenings. September turned to October and eventually November.

I've had the Windows software continuously running at work (and still do).  I don't remember the exact day, but I do remember the moment that I got my first inspiration. To give you some context, I've been searching for over 17 years for my passion, a reason to be excited about getting up in the morning and a dream to pursue. I've read every book ever written (just barely an exaggeration) on finding your passion and making your dreams come true. By the way, ever notice how many books there are on making your dreams come true, but barely a bookshelf of books on discovering your dream. And for years I've felt hopeless in my search, more times than I care to remember.

In April 2003 I took a weekend experiential course in which I learned that the instructor put together his course based on many different things he'd learned from attending other instructor's courses. Then he added his own twist and his own value and produced an exceptional program in my opinion. Well that just blew me away ... the realization that you could read about what other people are doing, make it better and sell it! I always thought that was cheating - that instead everybody had to think of their own thing totally on their own, from scratch ... when in fact, exactly the opposite is true. We've all gone to school and college and took the knowledge we learned and used it to make money. Everybody's doing it!

That realization was pretty cool, but what did it do for me? I learned all about computers in college but have no real passion for managing software projects. What had I ever learned or studied that deeply interested me? How could I use that interest in conjunction with my realization? The answer, completely blind to me at the time, was right inside my house and had been for a long time.

I hadn't remembered at the time all the knowledge I'd accumulated in my self studies in the years since college. I'm talking night after night, weekend after weekend, year after year; in a field totally unrelated to my college studies. Then without success, after some 14 years, I stopped studying, stop trying. I wasn't succeeding. I gave up my conscious efforts to find my passion and just drifted for a few years.

Fast forward to November 2004. While I was in automatic mode listening to the Think Right Now program day after day I had a simple thought, a simple idea; my first inspiration about my passion. There I was in my library of some 1500 books, doing what, I don't remember, but 'woke up' to find myself immersed in a book I'd studied 10 years earlier. And before I knew it, a complete vision of my future played out in my mind's eye. I had found the book's premise fascinating earlier, but had set it aside as unusable because, well, they were the author's ideas, not mine. And there that book sat. 10 years. 10 long years.

I believe that due to some combination of the April 2003 course, the Think Right Now program, and 17 years of searching, I got the idea to start my business and, most importantly, believed for the first time that I not only could succeed but would succeed. A catalyst was needed; a catalyst I got in Think Right Now. I strongly believe that in using Think Right Now my mind was opened to receive not simply an inspiration, but a complete picture of- and the mental tools necessary to lead an impassioned life: I immediately and unquestionably saw how my years of analytics studies, my avocation, could improve the ideas I discovered 10 years earlier. I immediately and unquestionably saw it as a viable business. I immediately and unquestionably saw myself as starting and running that business.

I immediately and unquestionably had unequivocal confidence and self-esteem. I did not question my thoughts and I only saw myself as succeeding. Not that I had to beat down doubt, or think positively - there was the complete absence of doubt in my mind.
I had the "That's IT!" experience.

I immediately and unquestionably saw how to get clients, what goals I needed to achieve, and the people I needed to ask to help me first, on and on. It was a complete picture; the first visualization of my future I ever had. Not a 'what if', but a vision. The whole vision lasted probably a couple of minutes. But I immediately knew I had found the future I was looking for. I cannot describe the relief that set in. Imagine working at something for 14, 15 ... 17 years, never really being at home for my family when I was physically home. I worked to pay the mortgage and put food on the table, and spent most nights and weekends pondering, plodding, studying, testing and studying more; and grasping for any shred of inspiration. Then in an instant, a complete picture appears. I didn't even have to polish my ideas; they were spontaneously complete. A lifetime of anguish has simply ceased.

Since November I've hardly listened to the programs (largely because I have had such a single minded focus). Serendipity / Providence intervened of course ... my wife bought me a Mini IPOD so now I'm loaded up and listening again. Whereas I used to stop at every chance to pursue the Self Help shelves in bookstores, I've since caught myself wandering over there only once or twice, out of sheer habit I suppose. I stop and remind myself that that chapter of my life is over. I'm never going down that aisle again. I simply don't need to.

I've also noticed that I don't concentrate on HOW questions anymore. I just define the WHAT and get busy doing something, anything towards that WHAT. I'm constantly reminded of something I once read, that "He who has his Why can overcome any How".

Well Mike, I hope you've enjoyed my story and thank you more than I could ever express in words. I believe Think Right Now gave me exactly what I needed and I'm more than curious what else it might prompt in me as I continue playing the programs.

Best Regards,
Chris Iannone
Tustin, CA


Hi Mike,

I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you. Let me tell you why. I got some of your Think Right Now programs and Think Right Now for Windows software. I have been listening to "Setting and Achieving Goals Now". This stuff is great. It lit a fire under me and I just started to change. It gets better. I have your wonderful book, "Today Is Your Day To Win" and it has been an inspiration.

My attitude has greatly improved over the last few months. Now here's where I discovered the proof in the pudding. On June 9th, the brakes locked on my F-150 pickup and I had to have it repaired the next day at a cost of over $640. Quite a bit for a guy making less than $50,000 per year. I took it in stride, not happy about the expense, but glad I was able to get the repair done. Meanwhile, my girlfriend, suffering from terminal cancer, died just two days later on June 12 -devastating.

Yesterday, June 20, the alternator gave up on my truck and I was BARELY able to get it home. I had to take half the day off from work today to repair it, at more expense. When I got to work after replacing the alternator myself I was feeling practically numb. All these terrible things happening beyond my control. Here's where the thanks comes in. I determined I was going to try to remain positive, though very difficult at this point. I got to work, pulled out "Today Is Your Day To Win" and began reading today's session, "Life is tough--The key is how you respond". I read the empowering quote, "Every experience that you have that doesn't kill you can make you stronger." Still in a bit of a daze from the amount and magnitude of adversity in my life in such a short period of time, my curiosity was piqued.

I was thinking. I read the empowering question, "What must I do or think to stay in the state of mind I need to be in to happily succeed today?" I have to admit, I was beginning to feel a little resentful. I was trying to do right and change my attitude, but bad things kept happening to me. I read the empowering question again, and prayed, "Okay God, I give up. YOU show me the way. At that exact instant, my eyes drifted to the page on the right and noticed how a sentence began in the middle of a paragraph. I wasn't even reading, the beginning just leapt off the page. The sentence began, "Thank God...". I knew right away what that meant. God spoke to me and said, "Thank God". I stopped right there and thanked God for a LOT of stuff, I was almost in tears. Suddenly, I truly had a thankful spirit and my burden eased up. Though not without pain, I knew God was with me, helping me THROUGH the pain. One of the things I thanked God for was your book and the work you have done.

Mike, God used you today to help someone. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work. Thank you, Mike. May God richly bless you.

Terry West

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I have been a "chocoholic" for as long as I can remember and a carbohydrate addict. I literally found myself going through withdrawals from carbohydrates (complete with headaches). Because of this, it didn't seem to matter how much I exercised (which wasn't all that often because it wasn't at all enjoyable) I couldn't drop any weight.

I started using your Think Right Now for Windows software, selecting the Eating Well, Exercising Regularly and Losing weight statements. When I received the statements that went along with the I love exercising, I added them as well. I even programmed a few statements of my own (knowing my addiction). Those statements were: I dissolve all cravings for chocolate and other unhealthy sweets and I willingly release all unnecessary fat from my body forever.

Well, a miracle happened (I'm sure you hear that often)! I have not had a bite of chocolate since I started using the software. I have not WANTED any sweets AT ALL. I've been eating fruit and vegetables for snacks and desserts (when I wanted them). Now, you may not understand how big that is for me, but let me share with you that before using Think Right Now, if someone would offer me a fruit, I would respond by saying, "No thanks, I strictly stay away from healthy food." Can you believe what I was programming into my mind? So, eating fruits and vegetables instead of chocolate (or other sweets) is truly a miracle for me.

I have exercised EVERY day (except Sundays) and have enjoyed it immensely. I can't wait to get up in the morning to exercise. I WANT to exercise...I am not forcing myself to do it. I can already see a difference in the way my clothes fit and my husband has commented that my efforts are really starting to pay off! I have dropped 4 pounds in the last week, but more importantly, I feel stronger and my clothes are becoming too big...and this is after just two weeks! Wait until you see me in a few months!

I'm telling EVERYONE I know about your Think Right Now programs and encouraging them to buy the software. I am a believer in miracles, and Think Right Now has confirmed that miracles DO happen.

Thank you, Mike!
Carole Noxon, NV

I've been feeling stress and anxiety since I was 11. I learned to cope with this by scratching at my skin compulsively. It calmed me down, but it also caused open wounds, bleeding and deeply affected my self confidence because of my appearance. For more than a decade I had wounds and scabs covering my face, arms and more. I scratch so badly that my hands would come away bloody and I couldn't stop myself. To add to this I thought I was the only person in the world who did this and I felt shame. The shame made me more anxiety...which caused me to scratch more. It was a vicious cycle and I didn't think I could ever stop.

Last year I decided that I had to find a way to stop. I found out I wasn't the only person who suffered from this by searching online and started to read about this condition. I wanted to find a way of calming my anxiety and fears so that I could maybe not hurt myself so much. I purchased your Think Right Now for Windows software computer program hoping that it could help me. I started running several of the options on handling criticism, self-esteem, managing stress, deserving abundance and so on. I used a computer up to 12 hours a day at the time and I let the program run continuously. The results surprised me. A light bulb didn't go off in my head and the next day I was fine, but I started moving towards what I wanted and I wasn't stopping. I couldn't make up an excuse good enough to get me to back down. I set my goal, created schedules and milestones, and even when I was stressed and anxious I didn't stop. A day without hurting myself, became a week, then weeks, and then that fell into months.

I'm now officially starting my second year without scratching. It's the most beautiful thing in the world. My skin is scab-free and woundless. I don't feel starred at when I walk out in public. I feel calmer and I'm much better at dealing with things that worry me. This compulsive behavior that had been part of my life for so long is over. I feel wonderful, it's amazing.

Thank you, Melissa, MI



I purchased your "Think Right Now for Windows" software program probably over two years ago. I installed it on my computer at work. As I work twelve hour days, 21 days straight.  Not long after using the program we had a hard drive crash, and I completely forgot about software program. That is, until recently, three weeks ago I found the program in my backup files, and reinstalled it.

Just last night, my boyfriend and I got into a very deep conversation over the phone about debt, and I found out just how far into debt he was. Now, normally, I would have had a melt down, cried, yelled, and been furious with him. But this program, with the preinstalled affirmations, really had an effect on me. I was calm, rational, and kept my emotions in check. And this is coming from someone who usually cries at the drop of a hat! I couldn't believe my reaction, and was very proud of myself. I find that I am handling stress much better, and I feel better about myself.

What a wonderful thing, and all I do is sit in front of the computer and let it do all the work.

Thank you for such an amazing program!!
Tracy Greenwood, Canada

Hi Mike,

Approximately 3/4 of the American population is estimated to suffer from one or more of 88 different sleep disorders.

Depression, anxiety and irritability are but a few of the common symptoms found in sleep disorders.

The American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual and the Surgeon Generals Report on Mental Health list three types of sleep disorders; insomnia and hyper insomnia which are defined and the remaining 86 sleep disorders are grouped under the heading "general sleep disturbances" with NO definition of what general sleep disturbances are.

Are you aware that every day thousands of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners prescribe mental health medications to treat general sleep disturbances; yet, they have NO training in sleep medicine and are not licensed to practice nor prescribe medications for sleep disorders? (Do I need to spell out what I just said?)

How about this, the medications used to treat sleep disorders and mental illnesses are often times in direct opposition to each other; thus, if a mental health medication is used to treat a sleep disorder it makes it worse.

Do you know that lack of trace elements in the human body (elements that are no longer found in our food supply) cause depression and sleep problems among other things, but just try to find a doctor willing to do a vitamin mineral readout let alone talk about one.

I know, because I have sleep disorders that have been treated as mental illness and I was almost medicated to death.

What happened? I started using ThinkRightNow for Windows and read Today is Your Day to Win (twice), listened to Instant Motivation, took responsibility for my life, challenged the system and my life has totally changed.

Today I have been off all prescription medications for two weeks, have lost 65 pounds, am taking liquid vitamins, minerals, trace elements and a lot of health problems have suddenly cleared up; such as, chronic cough and upper respiratory distress (even though I'm still smoking, just started I Am Smoke Free Now), muscle aches gone, hair growing back, revitalized libido and the list goes on. You should see the long list of side effects that I was suffering from that I was told were mental health problems. Oh, lets not mention the medication that I was told had no side effects and did not require blood monitoring when in actuality the medicine is known to reduce the blood sodium level and can cause death. My blood was never tested once.

It's my opinion that corporate medicine is a failing system that is trying to squeeze every last dollar it can out of the American public before it finally crumbles. Hopefully someday soon the American public will wake up and realize just exactly what is being done to them in the name of pharmaceutical medicine.


James Spickelmier

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Hello Mike,

As I write I am being helped by your suggestions as they flash on my screen. I am excited about receiving your book. My training for my English Channel swim is going well. Our tennis team won our league and we are headed to Daytona Beach, Fl. for the Regional Tournament. I have just completed one of my largest sales so you can see that I am very pleased with my progress.

Thanks for your continued help. Best Regards, Jim

Dear Mike,

I've been listening to your program now for the past 17 days. I have your "Think Right Now for Windows" software program on the computer, I fall asleep every night listening to the "Supreme Confidence Now" audio program. I have also printed out 15 of the affirmations to read daily. The biggest transformation so far stems from the particular affirmation: "I can now make difficult and important decisions with ease."

I've been in a long term, long distance relationship now for 2 1/2 years and I had to come to terms with the fact that she was never going to make the final decision to move to Vegas to be with me. Your "Supreme Confidence Now" program gave me the strength to face the truth and make the difficult decision to end a non-supportive relationship.  Not only does my decision free me financially, but also emotionally to move on to the possibility of a better relationship in the future.

Thank you for helping me have the supreme confidence to make good & wise decisions. Rod Greene


I started out with Think Right Now, following a link through another website. I NEEDED to get my Fifth Grade Daughter to learn her Multiplication Tables. Having threatened her with retaking Fifth Grade, I decided to give it a try.

My daughter told me that the lady is monotonous, saying everything three times. How would she know--she falls right asleep and listens throughout the night. I like scientific methods of solving life's problems and wholeheartedly agree with your statements of success.

After just one week, I saw quite an improvement and have switched to disc two. Like it or not, she starts the night with "her music", and after she falls asleep Mom wisely changes to the Math disc. Try it if your child hasn't Mastered Math by the end of third grade. Don't wait as long as I did. Myself, I use "Heal Me" for my eczema, and "Motivation".

I am a widow with young children and need continuous forward movement in my life to complete my grief process. We all use the computer a lot, and guess what--Mom programmed her Think Right Now program--be nice to each other kids, we love each other, we will get through this, and Mom don't yell!

Thank You,
Patsy Ghysels

We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by
embracing one another.
Luciano de Crescenzo

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to thank you for your "Think Right Now for Windows software" program. I started using it a little over four months ago for many reasons. My story is a long one, so I will try and keep it as short as I can. I was initially going to get the "I am healed now" but was a bit skeptical as most people are I think when it comes to self-help programs.

First, let me explain why I started with your software program. At this point in my life I spent a great deal of time in front of my computer, I figured it would be the obvious and best program to start with, the best bang for my buck.

You see my life has not been easy. I never had a father figure in my life until about the age of twelve or thirteen. My family consisted of my mother older brother and myself. My mother was always working so it was just my brother and I to fend for our selves. I was a fearless little boy who managed to get hurt more often than not. You name it I tried it. At the age of six, I got hit by a car and spent many weeks in the hospital with a concussion, cuts and bruises and a broken leg. And that was just the beginning.

When I was eight, I was hit in the face with a gallon glass jug, which got me a "few" stitches. At nine I was hit in the face again just above my right eye with a hockey stick, I was lucky, only ten or so stitches and I could still see. By the time I was 10, I had had more stitches, broke bones and x-rays than most people get in their lifetime. I was smoking butts among other things. And I wasn't even a teenager yet. Wait, it gets better really.

I think I was thirteen when we moved, again. This time it would be for the better. I finally had a dad. We moved into his house. It was on a beautiful pond and near a thoroughbred farm. They trained racehorses. It was there I got my first real job, working on that farm. My life was looking up and I wanted to make the best of my new beginning. Now I don't want to offend any horse lovers but to this day, after being stomped dragged and kicked, yep, you guessed it, in the face, I really do not like horses. So much for my fresh new start I thought…so let's jump forward a few years.

By the time I was 21, I had totaled several cars (not all my fault), been smoking cigarettes for over 10 years (yeah, I started early) and was now going to get married. Let's fast-forward thirteen years later after an abusive relationship with an alcoholic wife, I got divorced. I'll save you the ugly details. Once and for all, I was determined to turn my life around. After all I'd been through, I figured I deserved it!

Jumping forward twelve years, I now have a beautiful wife and two of the most handsome boys you ever did see. Life was good…

Finally, other than dealing with pain just about every day for the last 38 years, my life was great. I couldn't ask for anything better. Things were awesome, up until late in September 2003 that is. I went to my doctor with what I thought was Bronchitis. Long story short, I ended up at the hospital. I had what the doctors called a "Simple Pneumothorax". It sounded like a Dr. Seuss book to me. I wish it were. What happened was my left lung had collapsed. You see, at the time I had been smoking for almost 30 years, I was still fearless. I wasn't going to let it stop me. Boy was I wrong in thinking that. So after spending 36 hours in the hospital I came home to start the healing process. I had been trying to stop smoking long before this happened. I had even made a deal with my oldest son that by his birthday that year I would be smoke free. Unfortunately 21 days later it happened again. My lung collapsed a second time.

This time it was much worse. I couldn't drive myself there like I did the first time. It was midnight, my wife was frantic with fear and I was bleeding internally. I was transported by ambulance to the hospital, seven people held me down while the ER doctor stuck me with another chest tube, just to get me stabilized for another ambulance ride to a bigger hospital where I would have surgery that would take about half of my lung. I was in the ICU for six days. By the time I was released I knew I had to do something. It took me almost a year to get all the drugs that were pumped though me, out. I was eating percocets like they were m&m's. It was so bad that I wrote a short ebook about my experience to try and make sense of it all and to try and get it out of my head. Even to this day and probably for the rest of my life, I will always think about it.

I know longer smoke for obvious reasons but have now acquired a rare skin disorder called "Generalized Eruptive Histiocytosis". It took my dermatologist over 3 ½ months to figure out what it was and says that it is due to the severe trauma I went through. Basically it's like having a sh*t load of mosquito bites of different shapes and sizes all up and down your arms body and legs. They don't hurt nor is it contagious. It just looks ugly. Needless to say after being what felt like a junky for a year with the DT's and now my life was closing in on me. I ended up seeing a shrink who put me on Wellbutrin XL for depression. Not long after that, that's when I found your web site "Think Right". I started getting your newsletter and eventually ordered your Think Right Now for Windows.

It's only been over four months sense receiving Think Right Now for windows, but because of you Mike Brescia, this program and "Today is Your Day to Win" ebook, I am on my way back. I am no longer seeing the shrink or taking any meds. I believe it's making the deference and that's why I am ordering, "I am healed now". I'm done living every day in pain. The doctors said that I would always be in some form of "discomfort or pain", from everything that I have gone through, for the rest of my days. All I can say is "We'll see about that!"

My family and friends have noticed a slight change in me, like "your a lot more fun to be around". I'm not such "a miserable jerk" any more. And the stress that has plagued me for such a long time is subsiding. To me, I finally feel like living and loving life.

Mike, I know this was a long roundabout way of tell you how I think you've helped me and I know I could have gone on to tell you more but I'll save that until I can write to you again and say "I AM Healed Now"

Thank you so much Mike for all that you do. Have a wonderful weekend. God Bless

Kevin Morrison, MA

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Mike, through your material, I feel how much you care about your fellow human beings. Keep up the beautiful work. You have the power to instill greatness in people. Material like yours can change this world into the way it was designed to work; one person at a time. What you are offering indicates that your work is destined to be - given to you by a higher power.
Take Care and God Bless.

Richard D. Swanson

Hi Mike,

I purchased your "Think Right Now for Windows" software program last September. Since then I continuously use it. The Results were amazing. I was in a bad relationship for the last three years, even though I wanted to get out of the relationship, I never had the confidence, gut to take a strong decision. I started noticing change almost immediately after starting using your program that, I was telling my ex wife, that either we live peacefully and happily or we will end this relationship.

To my surprise, I have noticed that I have no trouble presenting my ideas, in meetings, gathering etc. My Self Confidence and Self esteem really improved to a level that I don't feel intimidated in speaking in front of a group of people, WOW, that's not at all bad for such a small price I paid for your program.

It is not how much I paid for it; it is how much worth it is. Can anyone can put a price tag on "Self Confidence or Self Esteem?"… Amazing Program. I am going to get one another program from you soon, one step at a time, certain but sure I am getting closer to my goals every day (or every moment)

Thanks and God Bless you
Krishnadas, Ohio


Dear Mr. Brescia,

Just a very quick note to thank you soooo very much for your programs!!! I have been looking for these half my life!!! They are awesome. I have to tell you since using "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!", "Accelerated Sales Success Now!", "Freedom From Depression Now!" & the Think Right Now! for Windows, something has definitely kicked in and I'm zooming! My energy level is back, my business has picked up to the point my computer has to be replaced; it can't keep up! I've paid off large debt, my house is straighter than it's been in years and I'm well on my way to getting my life back in order! I can't thank you enough!!

Another fabulous point I'd like to make is my normal schedule of 14-17 hour days will soon be history as the "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" program is pulling all my thoughts together so well it seems I'm instinctively becoming far more proficient in every area of my life! Thank you!!!

I wish you Godspeed and blessings over your entire life!

Cecilia "Ciel" Barbee-Poole

Hello Think Right Now,

I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your Think Right Now for Windows; "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now"; "I Love Exercising Now!" and "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" programs. When I first bought your product I had had decades (20+ years) of pain and ill-health due to anxiety. Your programs cured me (along with a very peculiar diet I am doing-the Primal Diet). I had tried subliminal self-hypnosis tapes before and they were useless. Once I realized your tapes were inspired by Lozanov I was a lot more convinced of the science behind it, especially when I read that they were not subliminal.

Anyway I have always been a skeptic for most of my life regarding non-mainstream stuff and I only turned to you out of desperation, really. I was VERY surprised indeed to find that they actually worked. One thing though, you did not specify clearly how long one should use the tapes. I realize that each person has different needs etc., but still. Anyway, I used your tapes for 11 months every single day before going to sleep and felt a lot better but still seemed to be not quite "on the ball". Once I started using the programs only a few times a week, my concentration levels soared and I am now cured. I guess I just needed to give my brain a bit of a rest. I realize you are not exactly a charity, but you certainly seem to be doing a lot of good for us fellow humans.

Geoff Purcell


I own "I Love Exercising Now!"; "Eating for Excellent Health Now!"; "Real Self-Esteem Now!"; "Supreme Confidence Now!"; "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!"; "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!"; "Unstoppable Motivation Now!"; "Instant Diet Power"; "Instant Workout Power"; "Win Friends & Influence People Now!" and Think Right Now! for Windows. I listen to one of the programs every night. I have "Supreme Confidence Now!" and "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" in my car and Think Right Now! for Windows at work on the computer with the info from all of the above on it.

Where do I begin??? Looking at the list above you'd think I was a mess to start with, but I think it was curiosity that sold me on the first program. I knew from education and my own studies the power of affirmations and repetition. I would wake up in the morning feeling different. My life got better and better. I kept buying more programs. But how was it better? Well, I found myself answering people with lines from different programs or, more importantly, talking to myself with lines I had heard.

I can do anything I put my mind to.
I'm worthy of praise and rewards.
If I can dream it, I can do it.

And I started to believe it. So I tried new things and little by little I found myself getting excited about getting up the next day. I was happy all the time. People would comment about how "together" I was. When my son's girlfriend was having some problems she said she wanted to be more like me so I had you send her "Real Self Esteem Now!" and "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!" Anyways it is hard to be specific because it seems to come so easy. I smile more. I look at situations and know I can make a positive impact. I've lost weight. I joined a gym and a wonderful yoga class.

I am happy with my life and I don't know what more any program could do. When I tell people how I listen every night, they seem skeptical. But people were skeptical of the telephone and television too at one time!

Linda Czerkies, NY

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