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Accelerated Sales Success Now!
Success Stories

Dear Mike,

The "Freedom From Depression " program worked immediately. After two days I felt like a completely new person - strong, determined, and confident. After one week I added your "Eating for Excellent Health " program, and not only was I no longer weighed down from eating unnecessarily large meals, but my mind wasn't weighed down THINKING about the preparation of the next meal.

I threw in the "Accelerated Sales Success " program about five months later, when I got a job as a car salesman. In just six weeks my "job" became a CAREER IN SALES. There USED to be a small voice telling me, "but this is hard," "even if it's good now, things will never stay this way," "the higher you climb, the farther you're going to fall."
I grinned at the thought of that voice, and proved it wrong. I proved it ALL wrong. The more challenges I'm faced with, the more excited I am to conquer them.

It's like payday! We all get excited to receive large amounts of money. How are we going to spend this check? How many things should I buy? Well, I'm faced with problems and I think, "WOO HOO! Look how much I'm going to learn by conquering this one!" It's amazing! This wasn't me six months ago!!!!

I was never nervous in approaching a customer. I knew I wouldn't have the exact information they would need, and I wouldn't explain everything perfectly. But I wasn't worried about the product, because I was selling myself first. If they didn't like me, they wouldn't stay. But I LIKED ME and it showed. They loved it.



Six months ago I could have been considered one of your most skeptical consumers. I had been reading your info for a few months and to be frank had trouble believing that your material could be that good.

After lengthy consideration I purchased your "Accelerated Sales Success " program. I listened to the program faithfully as instructed for three months and the results were fantastic, if not all together amazing. After about three weeks I started to notice the difference and at first I felt a bit anxious and excited. I am sure it was due to a new attitude all together and a completely new outlook with renewed enthusiasm. Things started to really fall into place in a huge way. The little issues of the day did not seem to bother me nearly as much; in fact, I looked forward to them. I found that these annoying customer issues were really opportunities in disguise as I was easily able to convert them into sales opportunities; "Houston, we have an opportunity" so to speak. Sales absolutely skyrocketed, and not only amazed my direct managers, but prompted a call from the VP of our nation wide company with congratulations for blasting past our sales targets for the region and positioning me as the number #1 sales rep for the entire region for that quarter. I am certain that your material created this new attitude and propelled me toward my real potential. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Richard J. Anderson, Canada



Hi Mike,

I have been using your double program, "Accelerated Sales Success." I alternate each CD everyday. I started about one month ago. I use headphones and listen to each side when falling asleep in bed each night. When I first started listening I found that I was getting very agitated and didn't really want to hear what was said. It was as though my mind was rejecting these ideas and was fighting against it. After this rocky start, I now find I really enjoy the program and find my thinking and my beliefs have changed for the better. I find I am thinking of other people more and want to help more. It has taken my focus off of myself and I ask myself daily these questions: "Who can I help today?" "What does this person need and how may I help?" When I talk to people I ask them questions about themselves; what are they doing? How do they feel? What excites them? I am sincerely interested in what they say.

I find my negative beliefs about "Network Marketing" have changed. It's interesting because I have a Networking business and I didn't realize how deep these negative thoughts were. (I wasn't aware that they even existed) This must make a difference in how I run my business.

Yours sincerely,
Gloria Molenkamp, Australia

I listen to the "Accelerated Sales Success Now" program while I sleep using jogging earphones. With the "Accelerated Sales Success Now" program, many of the phrases just start happening; like one says something about people liking me. Well, I noticed that people would smile at me everywhere. While it's true that I am always smiling, (people may have in the past smiled and looked down) but now they smile and make eye contact. People everywhere: airports, restaurants… Yesterday, I was having lunch with someone and two women (I'm female as well) on different occasions, walked by my table, made eye contact, smiled and said "Hi." I am talking to another person and I have to stop in mid-sentence and say "Hi."

For my sales, sentences just pop into my head and I automatically say what the programs say. This seems so vague and I would love to have some sales numbers to give you, but I am just starting.

I have been getting your motivational emails for over four years. I am a sales leader. I want to recommend you to all of my team. For the past seven years I have been in the employment and training sector of adult education. Now I have moved into my own business in sales.

You've got a true fan here, thanks! Someday I will be like you and be sending out my continued success story. I already have success, but I like how you pulled yourself out of poverty, created a product that worked and shared it with others. I really admire that because you created what you needed, and shared it with others.

Deana Gonzales
Live each day as an inspiration to yourself.

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I bought your "Accelerated Sales Success Now" program because I had recently started an at home business and the phone was really heavy (I was scared to call new clients). I do share the bed with my partner and he didn't want to listen to the program at night like I did. So I bought some ninety-nine cent bud head-phones, put them under my pillow and put my CD player on repeat. While I sleep I listen to it over and over. I've been doing this for over two months, and my confidence is growing. The phone is not as heavy anymore, and my sales are growing. I love talking to people I don't know now and they love talking to me!

Ashley Hitt

After being in direct sales for seven years, climbing the ladder, falling off the ladder, losing all of my sales self-confidence, I switched lines of products completely. A new company, completely different products, but the only problem was the same old attitude that was programmed in the end - a bad sales attitude, bad customer attitude, and bad booking attitude. Even though I was enjoying the switch of products that fit my life so much better, I felt like something was holding me back, something was still looming over me from my previous experience. I found the Think Right Now programs and picked up the "Accelerated Sales Success Now" within a few weeks I found my comfort again, my pride and joy of sales success, dealing with customers, good and bad, knowing that I CAN DO IT. I can deal with whatever comes my way, prosper as I did before and not fall off that ladder again! I pop in the programs before every presentation I do, and once in a while just for kicks!

I purchased the "Real Self-Esteem (9-13 yrs)" program, and was amazed at the difference in my son. For weeks on end we could tell which nights he listened to the tapes at bed time and which nights he didn't! The program had a dramatic effect on his personality. He, who usually lacked self-confidence, was confident. He, who was argumentative, was agreeable and understanding. He, who was easily frustrated and agitated, worked out his frustration in a manageable way. There were dramatic effects on my son after each night he listened, and after about a month, the changes seemed more permanent! I'm very happy to have him change in such a way, during a difficult age. I truly feel this has changed his life; from now on, he has the proper programming to deal with life's daily challenges. I am excited to have found such a gem of a program!

Theresa Jurisch, MN


I have used the "Accelerated Sales Success Now" program for about five months now. It's easy to fit in to my schedule because I just simply listen to it while I sleep. Before the "Accelerated Sales Success " program, I didn't have any confidence with direct sales. I couldn't even call my clients up on the phone without staring at it for ten minutes. Now I wake-up knowing that today is another day to win. I love to keep in touch with my clients on a regular basis, because good customer service is hard to come by these days. I also love to go out and about and meet new ones, without shaking in my shoes. This program along with your free book "Today is your Day to Win" has helped me beyond belief.

Thank you,
Ashleigh Zimmerman, MN

I play your programs through the day when not making sales calls, instead of having the radio or music on in the background. I used the programme 2-3 days per week each week for 2 months, each for about four hours. I've played them in the car on journeys and that seemed to be okay, and a great place to feel fine letting my mouth speak them slightly as I know them somehow!

As I've been playing them during the day, I'm now so much more comfortable calling prospects and clients. Before the programme I'd procrastinate and procrastinate even though I knew it was essential to make the calls. For the six weeks I've been making more and more sales calls - from maybe five a week to over 40. For a seasoned sales person this is nothing, for someone starting their own business it's dramatic. This week for the first time I was making lots of calls in the morning - I'm overjoyed. Yesterday I called up a contact I'd met a month ago who said they'd think about things. By tomorrow lunch I have two proposals to write for them, not one - two!

The two most intriguing outcomes that I can only put down to the "Accelerated Sales Success Now" programme, because I know they've not even arisen as a thought elsewhere are first that I WANT to make calls - I was doing some background work for an article last week - something that needed to happen. Yet there in my mind somewhere was a little voice saying: "Pick up the phone, call someone, close a deal, get a meeting...I want to pick up the phone", on a continuous loop". After half an hour of discipline on the task at hand I stopped. Re-focused, made the first of four brief calls and the release I felt was enormous. Two calls led to follow-ups with prospects, both still in the fray though not yet at a proposal stage. The critical thing is I wanted to make the calls and did.

The second thing that can only have come from the programme is that I am so much calmer during calls, so much more willing to ask them about follow-ups, timeframes, or anything really. Today I asked someone about budgets and they gave me some very clear guidelines. This is so much more ironic because my services are in in-depth interviews, yet I had a blind spot [or two!] when it came to applying myself in sales. Now I know that things are on the up. I'm on holiday next week taking a break in the country. And I know I'll be taking a dozen telephone numbers because I'm enjoying the calls and I want to make more!

Some people who read this might say: "on holiday, get real!" The truth is now that I am enjoying it, and if I'm enjoying it - as many people say - it's no longer work - it's play!"

Thanks Mike,
All the best,

And I'd definitely recommend having a go with the programmes in whatever part of your day seems to feel right for them.

David Littlemore,United Kingdom

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Hi Mike,

I wanted to write and thank you for these programs. I have a handful of them and recently ordered the "Accelerated Sales Success Now", and have been listening to it before bed every night for two weeks, and while getting ready for work in the morning (I just started a new job in sales, and I thought this would be helpful.)

I didn't notice anything at first, but last week, things really started happening for me. Normally, I am a bit on the lazy side, and after sitting on the sofa and turning on the TV, (my regular habit), I couldn't sit there! I had to do something, so I got my work notebook and started writing presentations, proposals and plans. WOW, I was writing marketing ideas like crazy! My sales calls at work have really improved. I am no longer intimidated by people! Either on the phone, or face to face! That alone is a miracle in itself!

I even spoke up during a meeting with the boss of my boss! I feel a level of self-confidence I have never felt before, and I want to thank you from the very depths of my soul for these programs!

Putting off my "to do" list was something I used to do - now I take each item, complete the task, cross it off, and move to the next action. I have completed lists in my files of what I have been accomplishing this past week. More than I have done in months!

I am so inspired by my programs and what they have been doing for me, that I look forward to going to bed at night so I can listen to them. Last night my little bedroom unit failed to operate; I tried numerous times to get it to work. Then I remembered that my 14 year old daughter's CD player was under a pile of clothes in her room. I dug it out, plugged it in, and began my healing process!

Thank you again, Mike!
Marjorie Curtiss, PA

I have been listening to the "Accelerated Sales Success Now" program in my car, throughout the night, on my computer during the day and at night while on the road in my hotel via my computer speakers.

I have been more aggressive in dealing with sales opportunities, cold calling, following up with prospects and new business opportunities. I have benefited by leading my company's sales efforts with new, creative ways to prospect, presenting our solutions, and selling more at quarter's end. I can measure the increased sales revenue generated through what I have learned and engrained into my daily thoughts with these programs.

I can honestly say that I have earned $100,000 more this year through the listening of this program for "Accelerated Sales Success."

I recommend this to anyone in sales! It's very easy to listen over and over. Burn it to CDs, import it to your iPod, and listen as often as you can. It works!

Thanks a million,

Jeff Perry,CA

Hi Mike,

I purchased "Accelerated Sales Success " about a year and a half ago whilst I was living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was involved in Stock and Shares in the American Markets during my time there. I remember that my sales were not that great and I was failing to hit my targets on a consistent basis, if at all. I then started to look for ways to make a vast improvement on my abilities and started hunting around for self improvement methods which would not only provide some sales training but give me ways in which to motivate myself more and become more positive, as I was making 100+ phone calls a day and not getting anywhere.

I came across your site and noticed "Accelerated Sales Success " I read the description information and I must say I was somewhat skeptical as I had read books before and listened to tapes which proved to be a bit of a let down, but I thought, let's give it go, it can't make me do any worse than what I am currently doing.

I received your programme and immediately when I arrived home I put it into my CD player. I started to listen to the programme when I went to bed and had the player on loop, so that it played all through the night and was still playing when I awoke. After about a week I started to notice a difference on how much more positive and confident I was on the phone, but also my enthusiasm to actually make phone calls was heightened as opposed to not wanting to make phone calls like before.

After week three I was building far more rapport with my clients than ever before and actually talking with them about their own families and how good their weekend had been; they became so much more responsive to me. I was amazed at how much it had improved my attitude toward sales but also my ability in sales. Now, I am not going to say that my sales went through the roof in three weeks, but over a course of a month to two months I started to make sales with clients who had until then given me the cold shoulder. I was over the moon - as were my bosses who had noticed a huge shift in my ability and attitude. It was great, and all this was made possible whilst I slept. It's a hard one to get my head around it, but it worked. And so my skepticism vanished into insignificance.

I would recommend these programs to anybody. In actual fact, when I received the programme one of my colleagues asked me what they were for and when I told him his reply was "what a load of old rubbish, that's just brain washing!!" After a month of me listening to them he had noticed a change in me and asked me I would lend him the program. I said to him that he could borrow them for one week so he could hear for himself what they were about but then he would have to purchase them himself to continue with it... after a week he returned them to me, and had ordered his own online!
Great Programs!!!

Rhys Morton - Surrey UK

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In June I started using "Accelerated Sales Success Now" at night a couple of times a week and sometimes while I worked out on the weekends. It was sporadic since I was not really sure that they really worked. I started to notice a more positive attitude toward selling and approaching. I was happier and more free spirited. Then I did not use them for a month or two and noticed my focus slipping. Now I use them every night. I added "Setting & Achieving Goals " about a month ago. I let them play repeatedly throughout the night. Just the other night, I noticed how calming they were when I woke up from a bad dream. I have used them every night for the last 2 months and now my self talk is improving. I can tell myself, "I forgive myself for not making calls", and I move on more quickly to more productive projects rather then dwelling on it.

I then noticed an even more amazing thing! My parents live above me and are unaware of the programs I have. I now notice my parents have been achieving goals they had set and never could complete. It is amazing! I am now a believer and will consistently use the programs to improve my life.

Thank You Mike and team.
Jenn, CO


Hi Mike,
Just a note from down under to thank you for your great product. When my programs arrived my wife thought it was just another scam, and I must admit I had my doubts. My business was going down the tubes; I was desperate. But hey, THEY WORK. In the last couple of months my sales are up by 50% and rising. Thank you.

Melbourne, Australia

Yes, your programs really are good.

Dear Mike and the team,

The TRN "Accelerated Sales Success" program has had the greatest impact on both mine and my boyfriend's lives. I guess we've been using them for about 3 months now and the main thing we've noticed is that our self-belief has really soared! It's great! We're both making massive strides in our jobs, closing deals in better and more inventive/personal ways and feeling generally much more confident in the way we interact with potential customers.

We tend to use the program at bedtime and in fact got really excited on the first night we ever played them... not really knowing what to expect. We just relax in bed, carry out the breathing and visualization exercises and allow ourselves to steadily drift off. Some nights I've deliberately tried to keep myself awake to hear more than the previous night, but other evenings we just enjoy chilling out to the CD, confident in the knowledge of how much good it is doing our jobs, while we snooze!

It's quite the best investment I've made and I'm recommending it to my friends, who are intrigued by how it works and by the obvious results (so soon too!)

Many congratulations on achieving a very well deserved no. 1 status and all the luck in the world for your future work. Do keep in touch

With warmest regards

Fran Law
Somerset, United Kingdom


Hi Mike,

I am in the UK and have had a very positive and dramatic improvement to my closing ratio. I rarely lose a sale these days whereas I previously lacked confidence and credibility. "Accelerated Sales Success" has somehow helped me to develop an incredible rapport with my clients; my focus is 100% on providing the best solution for them. Consequently they all seem to trust me and the order is assumed. There is absolutely no dread of closing now. It is no longer an issue. There is no pressure on my clients and no pressure on me.

I now actually enjoy meeting new prospects and getting involved with their concerns. I'm really not even thinking about my commission anymore which previously was my sole preoccupation - totally self-defeating, obviously. My confidence has grown now to such an extent that I have now formed my own corporation and will be training others to succeed as I have done. I am recommending your "Accelerated Sales Success" to all our trainees.

Incidentally in streamlining my life I have now unsubscribed from the many time consuming newsletters that were just too fluff to be of any real practical use, with the exception of yourself and one other one.

Many thanks again Mike and keep up the inspiration!

Regards, Mike King


Here's a quick note to say your programs certainly produce results. I especially like your "Accelerated Sales Success" programs; they have helped me to surpass my goals.

I own all of your programs with the exception of Self Esteem for Children, I read everything you suggest as well as have an extensive personal library of books, tapes, etc. I have a strong desire to move forward and I will.

Thank you for your suggestions and for the work you do. You make a difference.

Bob Manard

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Hello Mike!

I was searching!

After reading your book and constantly listening to your program "Accelerated Sales Success Now" I've changed my mental patterns! I was a bank teller; believe it or not, I now am pacific regional resource for a major banking institute in the Asia Pacific region! I decided that now the sky's the limit!

Thanks will never be enough! I never would've seen life that way had we not crossed paths the way we did!

Lawrence O'Connor

I have played the "Setting & Achieving Goals" and the "Accelerated Sales Success" programs for about a year now. My wife and I have had our own business for six years. Since listening to all the programs every night my wife, who does the bids, has turned into a super salesperson. It is very rare that she misses a sale. I had worked in sales for eleven years before we started the business and was a very good salesperson myself. I had seen and been around great salespersons, but since listen to your programs every night, all the other salespersons I have seen pale in comparison to my wife.

Our income has gone up over 30% in one year! I keep setting goals for our company and we keep going beyond them.

Thank you for giving motivation for a better life for all.
Robert J Grzywa



Selling is a part of my job and I hate selling. Achieving my target was a big task for me. I started listening to the "Accelerated Sales Success" program and the last eight months have brought a big change in my attitude towards selling and fantastic improvement in exceeding my targets. Now, I never think about my targets and I am confident that I surely surpass them - month after month. I stopped selling - I offer my products to my customers by simply establishing an emotional connection with my customers. No more pressure - what a big relief. Thanks to the Think Right program.

I migrated from India with my wife and two daughters to New Zealand almost seven years ago. It was hard for me to adjust to the new environment. The first four years were very difficult. I had no stable job and a meager income; I never had more than couple of hundred dollars in my bank account. My desire was to have my own place to live, a reliable car, and the ability to send kids to coaching to pursue their hobbies. Then I started listening to the "Financial Abundance" program almost eight months ago. We play this CD before we hit the bed - don't know what happens; after playing both discs my CD player automatically stops. We set a target amount and started saving the money for buying a home. Even before achieving the target, a great offer came our way and we grabbed it. It's amazing how the whole situation has changed and we are getting the good things that we were only dreaming of.

I play the "Setting & Achieving Goals" program while driving back home from work. I believe the affirmations in this program help me stay focused on my goals and achieving my goals. I have been listening to this program for almost nine months. Without my knowledge, I started focusing on what I wanted to achieve in my life. Earlier it used to be a rudderless journey. I developed the habit of establishing friendships with enterprising and successful people. I have improved confidence in myself and in the future. I am spending less time watching television and I have joined swimming and badminton classes - giving more importance to health. Now I am more energetic, I can go an extra mile. Now I have a willingness to try rather than simply giving up or procrastinate and am receiving recognition from the top management. While listening to the affirmations on the program, each sentence brings a smile to my face. It makes me feel that yes I can do this, that's a good idea, how about implementing that?

We were very skeptical initially, but now we consider that subscribing to the programs was a wonderful decision made by us. We feel that it's an investment for our prosperity and future.

Sudesh, New Zealand

Dear Mike Brescia,

I ordered the Think Right Now "Accelerated Sales Success " program in May of 2005. I also should mention this is my first real sales job too.

I have used it every night as I sleep and/or in the daytime. My results have been incredible! The first week I started listening I did things I couldn't even conceive of doing before I bought the program. I absolutely developed the confidence that no matter who I was talking to I would be able to get their attention. Believe me people, the more you use it the more you want to challenge yourself in your profession. Also, like Mike, I too became fanatical about reading all the sales training I could and can get my hands on which makes this program worth its weight in gold!

Before I used the program I kept noticing self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings that really made it difficult to sell. I continuously noticed myself getting angry internally at customers while I was doing my demonstrations, which normally ended in no sale and a lot of frustration. I was so used to feeling frustration time and time again. I would have
preferred to do anything other than prospect for new business. Now, I have a passion to prospect for new clients every day I work.

Before the program I literally felt angry, upset, fearful, and even jealousy toward prospective customers. However, after the first month or so I transformed all that into confidence, pleasure, inner peace, and a lot of motivation to sell a lot of my product. Amazing! The best thing is that I feel like I haven't even tapped the vast potential I possess and that is exciting!

I would highly recommend the Think Right Now programs to absolutely anyone who wants to be more than they are today.

Tighe Williams, IL

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Hello Mike,

Thank you for the e-mails and great information. The experiences of others have helped me to appreciate that it takes more than a day to change life long habits. I have been using self-help tapes for 20 years with little benefit, but I am still looking and trying. I know they must work for some people or there would not be a market for repeat sales. I have wondered why I never got very good results until I found the answer in one of your e-mails about one person that listened to a program for two years. I decided that I would listen to the same CD every day for 30 days - WOW, what a difference.

I ordered "Accelerated Sales Success" to put it to the test. You see, I am not a sales person and do not work in this area. I only know that this is a skill set different from mine. I loaded the program onto my iPod and play it in continuous loop as I sleep at night. After listening to it for 30 days it has changed my out look to one of eager expectation. I am now looking forward to a "sales" opportunity with a new found confidence that is allowing me to do something business-wise that I could not do successfully in the past. I now look at this challenge with confidence.

I own most of your programs and they're all good, but this one is helping me move a mountain.

Thank you and keep up the good work.
Paul Cummings, MA.

I use "Supreme Confidence" and "Accelerated Sales Success" every day. I start with the confidence program and then the "Accelerated Sales Success Now" program; I know they are working for me.

The first week after I started listening to the programs we had to give a tour to 2 people from another company. They are existing customers who were looking to dramatically increase their business with us if we could meet their needs. My boss and I gave the tour. During one point in his presentation, my boss went blank and I could see him faltering. All of a sudden I felt a surge of confidence and took over for my boss. I had thought, I know this stuff just as well if not better than him anyway and finished that part of the presentation for him. I am not sure how to explain it, but the words from the "Supreme Confidence" program flashed through my brain and I just KNEW I could finish for him. In fact, the worse he got the more the confident I had become. I did very well in the presentation and he flashed me a grateful look and also thanked me personally after they were gone. He said he just froze up and could not think. (We also got the new business volume!)

I also recruit for my home business at night and I am having much better success due to both programs. I am much more confident on the phone and I am connecting with my prospects better. I have been using the programs for approximately one month now.

Thanks, Mark Potes, MI


Hello there,

My name is Manuel Saavedra Cortes from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I am a time share promoter in this beautiful tourist port. My job is to invite tourists to my resort to visit the facilities, and to stay there for a sales presentation. It sounds easy, and it really is, all I have to do is to talk to people, but this is a very competitive job. On the street I like to work, there are up to 11 promoters on one single block! Everybody is doing the exact same thing for one resort or another...

And the reputation we have is something that does not help a lot!

I had been doing this with a very low show-ups rate, but on October this year I got the "Accelerated Sales Success" conditioning program. My sales are not the highest ever in this activity in Vallarta... not just yet... But my production has begun to increase. I am now producing regularly and the other guys on my street already know that I am beginning to take as many couples as I can, and that I am talking to everybody that walks by my location.

The index cards and listening to your programs at night are helping me to get to where I want to be. I know I will be the best at what I do... and it is going to take a lot more work on my part. Thanks for your great programs that are helping a lot of people!

Best Regards,

Saavedra Cortes, MEXICO

I am a Sales Manager for Corp 500 America. We used your techniques and bought programs for my sales people and we've increased sales 12% in under 60 days, using the "Accelerated Sales Success" program.

Rick Frazier, FL


I ordered the "Accelerated Sales Success" program and also the Think Right Now for Windows. Before I started listening to the program, I was scared and never thought I'd even start with a sales career. Since then, I now work for a company that distributes stored value, debit MasterCard, and they have several services that I also distribute like mortgages, health care advocacy programs, communication systems, and fat-burning programs. I started! That's all I can say! The changes I feel are more boldness and more decisiveness. I've put it into action, I've joined a company and I look forward to growing with a whole lot more.

Thanks, Terry, FL

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I ordered the "Accelerated Sales Success" program and it's had a big impact on my life; it's helping me to lead my sales team. I've been in sales for a long time and I'm pretty well skilled and have had a lot of training. I think what this has helped me out with is my inconsistency in my actions and behaviors as I approach the sales day. Doing what I KNOW I needed to do, but doing it on a consistent basis. It's a lot easier now, and I'm generating the results given the challenging economy that we have. I'm pretty excited about it!

Bob, NY


Prior to starting the "Accelerated Sales Success" program, I had a lot of trouble cold contacting. Prospecting was incredibly difficult for me. I couldn't bring myself to do it and did it very infrequently, which did not lead to many sales. At this point I feel very confident to do cold contacting, improving more and more each day. I really appreciate the program for helping me with that particular weakness and strengthening my ability.

Irv Federman, CA

I really benefited so much from the "Accelerated Sales Success" and "Setting & Achieving Goals" programs. I am a consultant and trainer. I had problems with sales and setting goals. The first thing I did was read the affirmations, put the program in the car, I have been playing it for the past two months. Suddenly I realized that there were so many changes happening in me and now I am the best coach and trainer and sales are easier. I am very, grateful for this and it really liberated something within me. So, thank you Mike for giving me this opportunity to express my thanks and my satisfaction. All the best to everybody who is using your programs.

Leah, Israel



When I came across you Think Right Now site I was impressed. I didn't know if any of that stuff worked but the promise of it was very exciting. Since I dabble in copywriting I was also impressed with the sales pages, so much so, that I had to yank out my credit card. I saw something I needed NOW.

I am relatively new to Network Marketing but I have been studying books on sales techniques and persuasion for years. I understand the How and the Why and the basic mechanics and philosophy behind these techniques. So why wasn't any of this stuff working for me? How come when I was on the spot with a prospect I would draw a blank? Sometimes I would give lip-service to these methods, just going through the motions. The worst part was while my mind was telling me that this was the right thing to say, my heart was telling me that I was a fraud. Dozens of books and tapes, hundreds of dollars spent, but for what? None of it had any effect on my underlying belief system.

Back to me staring at your sales page and thinking "okay, I'll bite." With equal measures of eagerness and skepticism I watched my mailbox for my copy of "Accelerated Sales Success" Just after a week of listening when I went to bed I noticed subtle changes in my viewpoint. After one month, the changes were no longer subtle. We are talking IMPACT here! The programs I listened to every night were busily altering the way I view my business. The fundamentals of good salesmanship were not just collecting dust on my bookshelf anymore. They have become a part of my personal paradigm. It's one thing to study techniques. It is another to internalize a belief system.

I now believe I am truly helping people.
I now believe in the great value my products present.
I now believe that it is my role to help people get what they want.
I am now not so quick to accept the first "no" I hear.
I am excited, motivated and determined.
I no longer feel guilty suggesting people spend their money.

"Accelerated Sales Success" works. The positive messages I hear every night have become my personal philosophy, my behavior and my way of life. It also helps me relax and fall asleep quickly. That lady on the tape has such a soothing effect on me! I will buy more of your Think Right Now products and some day I will own them all!

Thanks Mike. This was the kick in the pants that I needed.

Sincerely, David Parton, British Columbia

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to let you know how much my life has changed since I began using your Think Right Now programs. I ordered the "Accelerated Sales Success" a little over a month ago and have been listening to each CD every day; one in the morning for one hour and then the other in the evening at bedtime. I was already used to listening to self-improvement CD's as I am an avid fan of another audio program, but I elected to put off spending my time on that program to give yours my full attention.

I was struggling in my profession as a Mortgage Banker and didn't really feel like I had the confidence necessary to really compete with others in my industry, as it seemed I was always scrambling to keep deals together and suffering from great anxiety waiting for them to close. I knew that something really needed to change in the way that I was approaching my work each day, but I really didn't know what or even how to begin. I knew all about making goals and creating positive self-talk and such, but the degree to which I was seeking immediate change just wasn't happening. As soon as I began listening to your program I began to notice an almost immediate drop in anxiety. Just listening to the affirmations and pretending that they actually applied to me would put such a smile on my face! Within just a few days, I noticed that I was handling myself with more confidence when speaking with my clients and with more energy and conviction than ever before.

My sales have doubled from where they were just a month ago, and I know that it is only a matter of time before they triple or better. I no longer have any fear of asking for referrals, I no longer undervalue my services, and I am more motivated to work harder and smarter than ever before. There is no doubt that your products work the way they are meant to and I am so happy that I have found them. I can honestly say that I am thrilled with the results and I still continue to listen twice a day, everyday. I could not go on the way things were and was seriously beginning to wonder if I needed to find a different profession. But now, thanks to you and your products my sales ability has improved so significantly that I cannot wait to get started each day. By the way, I really like the way you always let everyone know that you love them. You are a very special person and I really thank you so much for being who you are and for creating such amazing products!!

Sonja Bivins, CA

Order Accelerated Sales Success Now!

Thank you for your programs and newsletter. I purchased three programs, "Setting & Achieving Goals" "Accelerated Sales Success" and "I Love Exercising"

This year, my income has more than doubled - from $52,000 last year to over $116,000 so far (with one more quarter yet to go!!!). I've listened to the Goal Setting program and enjoy reading your newsletters. I look forward to getting more from your programs (particularly the newsletter) and wish you continued good health and happiness.

David, Australia

Thanks Mike!!!

I love your newsletters and I've had some success that I'd like to share. I am in Direct Sales. Sunday afternoon I was over $1700 away from an annual sales goal and had one more workshop to go before time ran out. $1700 is usually more than I sell in an entire month, but I just kept telling myself that everything would work out. Tuesday afternoon I was still $728 away.....and then one more order came in for, yep, you guessed it, $729!!! Thanks again for all your insight, encouragement and support and words of wisdom!

Leanne Enox


Hi Mike,
First of all, THANK YOU for being YOU and for providing me with the tools for change I've needed for many years. I just didn't know how to do it on my own. I've read several self-help books and I've listened to many motivational tapes and seminar recordings, which got me pumped and excited at the time, but the effects just weren't very long lasting. I'm a 44 year old man with two great teenage boys and a beautiful wife, a comfortable home and a VERY positive, loving and caring attitude. I just couldn't find in myself the inner motivation to have the success I desired in the Industry I chose three years ago - Network Marketing.

In 2002 at the age of 41, I finally got sick and tired of answering to supervisors and bosses that could never be satisfied with a job well done and looked into Network Marketing. In early 2003, I was introduced to a company that had some basic training and education in the field of advertising and marketing and basically worked night and day, practicing and learning what Network Marketing was all about. I was failing miserably in the area of sales because I was scared to death of rejection. No matter what I knew about selling and how to go about approaching prospects and customers, my fear of rejection always prevented me from feeling comfortable approaching people to sell them something, even though I also knew the products were good ones for the price.

Later that year, in June of 2003, I was introduced to your Think Right Now products. I bought and listened to "Accelerated Sales Success" for about a month and didn't feel much different, so I put it aside and forgot about it. I still kept going, practicing Network Marketing and failing - having a small amount of success occasionally, but never really making much of an income with it.

Back in April of this year, 2005, I was introduced to a product that literally blew my mind in its ability to produce its advertised results. I KNEW this was the product of the century, but still couldn't find it in myself to do what I knew I needed to do to approach people about it. I had the feeling that if I didn't start listening to your program faithfully and giving it a fair chance, I just might blow my best chance for financial success and independence. After 4 months of failure due to that nagging fear of rejection, I finally started listening again to the "Accelerated Sales Success" program. This time, I played it faithfully, night and day. If I'm home, it's now playing in the background; feeding my subconscious mind with the affirmations I needed overcome my irrational fear of being rejected. I'm slowly overcoming that fear, but I'm NOT going to give-up on it THIS time.

Last month, after faithfully listening to the program night and day for about 2 weeks, I more than doubled my sales for the previous month, simply because I got on the phone and called a few of my customers and prospects, FINALLY overcoming that fear enough to pick up the phone and speak to them about my affiliate product.

My goal is to be a managing representative with my affiliate business by the end of this year and I believe, with the help of your "Accelerated Sales Success" program, it's not only possible, but very likely indeed. I'm still feeling a bit uncomfortable with making cold calls and approaching people regarding sales of any kind, but your "Accelerated Sales Success" program is giving me the courage to at least face those fears head on.

I Love you Mike and Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart . . . Honestly!

God Bless,
Joe Huguenard, Florida

Hi Mike,

My grateful thanks to you for your programs and the wonderful work you have done putting them together, truly excellent.

What I like especially is that you have worded the statements in such a way that the dissolving part of the process covers numerous problems, some of which one is conscious of and others that are buried and forgotten. Every time I listen to your programs "Accelerated Sales" or" Setting and Achieving Goals" I am consciously agreeing with them. This goes a long way to transcending and eliminating any buried and forgotten negatives that were previously programmed.
Great stuff! I applaud you!

I love you too!

Elane Towers
Perth, Western Australia

Order Accelerated Sales Success Now!

Dear Mike,

In June I started using Accelerated Sales Success at night a couple times a week and sometimes while I worked out on the weekends. It was sporadic since I was not really sure they worked. I started to notice a more positive attitude toward prospecting and selling. I also used Think Right Now for Windows and saw a great increase in my positive attitude. I was happier and more free spirited. Then, I did not use them for a month or two and noticed my focus slipping. Now I use them every night.

I added Setting Goals about a month ago. I let them play repeatedly through the night. Just the other night I noticed how calming they were when I woke up from a bad dream. I have used them every night for the last two months and now my self talk is improving. I can tell myself, I forgive myself for not making calls, and I move on quicker to more productive projects rather then dwelling on it. Then I noticed an even more amazing thing! My parents live above me and are unaware of the programs I have. I now notice my parents have been achieving goals they had previously set and never could complete.

It is amazing! I am now a believer and will consistently use the programs to improve my life. Thank You Mike and team.
Jenn, Colorado

Dear Mike,

I have played your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program and the second set Sales programs for about a year now. My wife and I have had our own business for six years. Our business specializes in faux finishing, murals, decorative painting, trompe l'oeil, decorative textures, and customer satisfaction.

Since listening to all the programs every night my wife, who does the bids, has turned into a super salesperson. It is very rare that she misses a sale. I had worked in sales for 11 years before we started the business and was a very good salesperson myself. I had seen and been around great salespeople, but since listening to your programs every night, all the other salespersons pale in comparison to her. Our income has gone up over 30% in one year! I keep setting goals for our company and we keep going beyond them.

Robert J Grzywa



Hi, I am so excited!! I am a self-employed sales person in the direct selling industry. Just a few short months ago, my life was very different. In October I was sending out resumes to go work for someone else. The past year was terrible. Low sales, low recruiting, and I was making a car payment on a car that was supposed to be free (I was not making quotas, so had to pay!). My husband, understandably so, was sick of me and my business. My self esteem and value was at an all time low. The last few days of October I was going through some emails and ran across your information in one of Maria Garcia's Get Organized Now Newsletters. I clicked on it, listened to some of the "You're Telling Me" and decided to order. What did I have to lose at this point? If I didn't like what I heard, I could send it back and get a refund. I ordered Accelerated Sales Success and Supreme Confidence As soon as they came I listened to them all night with a pillow speaker. The first couple of nights I didn't fall asleep right away, but after that I would fall right to sleep and so they just played all night while my head was on the pillow. I was amazed at what happened to me. In November, I sold over $2,000 in one week and also made my quota for my company car (yeah, no car payment!). In December I only had 2 weeks to work since I was going out of town - in those 2 weeks I sold over $3100. The great part is that I make 1/2 of what I sell!!!

When I came home from my vacation I could not believe all of the wonderful things that were happening to me. It was one miracle after another! My commission check in January (for building a team) was over $1,800, it had been running around $300-$500. I am thinking differently - I expect success & great things to happen to me every day of my life!!! Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into researching for all of your Think Right programs. I'm grateful & I'm building my library of CDs!!! This stuff is invaluable!

Janet Stevens, Mo

Hi Mike,

I have been using Accelerated Sales Success Now for the last 60 days and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal!!!! All I did was push play every night before I went to sleep. The changes came gradually, and I must admit I was not sure anything was really happening and then, Bang!!! It happened was like I had a fire deep down in side of me. A burning desire to succeed that I never had before. Nothing could stop me. I introduced three new people into my organization (I am in network marketing company) in one week. And these three people were heavy hitters, people that normally would have intimidated me.

I have another person coming aboard Friday and two more next week. And prospecting? I now have people calling me. By the way, another thing that happened was I suddenly took on a leadership role in my organization. Instead of pushing, I am now leading. All I can say is, get out of my way, we are going straight to the Top. Hang on; this is going to be one fun and crazy Month!!

Mike, I'm a fairly emotional kind of person (or have I got something caught in my eye?) So, at this point the only thing left to say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Successfully Yours, John Moore, Ga

Order Accelerated Sales Success Now!

Dear Mr. Brescia,

Just a very quick note to thank you soooo very much for your programs!!! I have been looking for these half my life!!! They are awesome. I have to tell you since using "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!", "Accelerated Sales Success Now!", "Freedom From Depression Now!" & the Think Right Now! for Windows, something has definitely kicked in and I'm zooming! My energy level is back, my business has picked up to the point my computer has to be replaced; it can't keep up! I've paid off large debt, my house is straighter than it's been in years and I'm well on my way to getting my life back in order! I can't thank you enough!!

Another fabulous point I'd like to make is my normal schedule of 14-17 hour days will soon be history as the "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" program is pulling all my thoughts together so well it seems I'm instinctively becoming far more proficient in every area of my life! Thank you!!!

I wish you Godspeed and blessings over your entire life!

Cecilia "Ciel" Barbee-Poole


I have a few of your programs (Setting and Achieving Goals Now, Accelerated Sales Success Now) that have helped me tremendously. I have been talking negatively about myself most of my life and I have been working really hard to change my stinking thinking! Your programs have helped me do that. Even on the first night of listening to your program, the next day I felt like I could take on the world. I thought wow, this is weird! Thanks Soooo Much! I love your products so much that I wanted to pass on the information to other people. I'm building a web site for spiritual and personal growth and I would just love to include your products on my web site and share them with the people I know who may benefit from your program. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in email!

A Whole New Me!
Heidi Richardson

Order Accelerated Sales Success Now!

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