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Think Right Now! Math Mastery Series

Success Stories


I NEEDED to get my Fifth Grade Daughter to learn her Multiplication Tables. Having threatened her with retaking Fifth Grade, I decided to give it a try.

I like scientific methods of solving life's problems and wholeheartedly agree with your statements of success. After just one week, I saw quite an improvement. I wish I didn't wait as long as I did.

I am a widow with young children and need continuous forward movement in my life to complete my grief process. We all use the computer a lot, and guess what--Mom programmed her "Think Right Now for Windows" software program

Thank You,
Patsy Ghysels


Hi Mike,

I wanted to share with you how your programs helped my son. My son is a 4th grader. He worries about everything. All summer he worries about going to school the next year. He cries thinking how tough it is going to be... 3rd grade was tough, but 4th grade will be tougher, will I like my teacher?, will I have any friends?, can I do the work.?.. He goes on and on. He ruins half of his summer worrying about the next school year. School breaks are hard because the last day of the vacation he cries thinking about getting back to school again. Change is very difficult for my son.

My son is an average student... but struggles. Half of his struggle is fear. This year we had the NY State Tests. It seems that all year the teachers prepare them for these tests. It is no wonder the kids are anxious. My son takes it to a new level. He has trouble with multiplication and basic math facts, not because he doesn't know them but because he is nervous that he is not as fast as everyone else in the class. He will go to sleep stressing that he is always the last one finished in class on the mad math minutes. I can't tell you how many nights I have to lay in bed with him to get him to settle down and stop worrying about school. Sometimes I admit I have had enough and just yell at him, shut his door and let him cry himself to sleep.

I often listen to positive and inspirational things but many of them are not appropriate for children, either the words are too hard or they are talking about things over their heads. One night after I shut him in his room crying, I began searching the internet for tapes for children. I can't tell you how happy I was to find them on your site. In January I purchased Easy Addition Now, Easy Subtraction Now, Easy Multiplication Now and Real Self-Esteem Now for 9-13 year olds. At first my son didn't want to listen to them... he thought it was stupid. I started putting them on when he went to bed. I put on the Self Esteem one for him to go to sleep to. Now that he has this to listen to he doesn't have all that other negative talk going on in his head. After he is asleep I put on the math tapes and hit "repeat" on the cd player and play the math facts all night. I don't know when it happened by just yesterday I thought... hey, he hasn't cried at all! He took the State Math test and I don't even remember it! I don't know how he will score on the tests, but I do know that he doesn't spend all night worrying anymore... we all get a good night sleep now! He always reminds me to put on his "tapes".

In two months this has changed his life... and mine. My scared little boy isn't scared anymore! I can't thank you enough. Please let me know if you add any titles to your library for the younger age group, I'll be the first to order them.

Thanks again,
Susan & Bill Doran, NY



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