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Setting & Achieving Goals Now!
Success Stories

Hi Mike and TRN Family!

Thanks for putting together a program just for me 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now'. This program has changed my perspective. I purchased the program two years ago after I was laid off and had to conduct a job search. I listened to it a few times each week when I would go to bed and usually fall asleep to it. Over the last two years I have learned to consistently take action to find my dream job. Years ago I would go to an agency and accept what ever job they threw my way. It took a while, and I did find another good job as an accountant (which I am by trade) but I never gave up on the dream job.

I was a major procrastinator. I would dwell on problems and roadblocks and fall into job paralysis…probably a symptom of being stuck in a field I didn't love. Now I map out the steps I need to take to work through the problem or project in front of me. I am an employee with a new perspective.

The planning paid off! I just gave notice to my current employer; I start my new dream job on October 11! I am so excited to start I can barely contain myself. I feel so goal-oriented, that I'm 100% certain I will succeed in my new career in sales.

Another quick point: for years I used to buy a day planner at the beginning of every year to stay organized and focused. A noble New Year's resolution, but by March it was a lost cause. I have actually used my latest planner consistently for over a year now. I'm a plan-a-holic and a goal setting machine!

I still use the program to keep me on track.

Thanks for your inspiring letters!

Richard Cruz, CA


Dear Mike,

As a school administrator and facilitator and trainer for Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I didn't think there was much I could get from just listening to some CD on goal setting. Boy was I wrong! Without any real effort, other than turning on the CD player, in one week, I found myself completing 100% of my most important tasks. My focus increased, I completed my highest priority items daily, and I quit wasting time beating myself up for not doing everything perfectly and instead focused more energy on what I needed to do with a positive spirit of anticipation.

My procrastination seemed to evaporate overnight. In fact after a month and a really busy time in my schedule, I realized that I was not completing as many tasks as I had been. Well sure enough, I had allowed my busy schedule to get in the way of me listening to the program. And sure enough, as soon as I got back to listening to the program I was right back on track.

Thank you so much for creating Setting and Achieving Goals! Your work has helped me create an amazing life for me, my family and the people with whom I work!

Sidra Gaines, CA


Hello Mike,

It was about a year ago, I purchased "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" because I wanted to go back to school. I wanted to change my career. Right now I am a lab technician for a University. Being around the students encouraged me to become something more, something that I could share with them, to help them grow in this world of diversity I had decided to become a cultural studies teacher. I have my associate degree in technical communication, but I needed to re-enter school and work towards my bachelor's degree.

I didn't know how to begin. I hadn't been in school for many years. I was 52 years old and thought to myself why don't I just stay in my present job and retire when the time comes. But everyday I would get the urge to want more out of life, change my future and the future of all young people. I felt as though I could contribute to the new generations to come.

I had come across the "Think Right Now" website by searching the net looking for self improvement items, stories and anything that would help me give myself a kick-start and help me accomplish what I had decided to do. The first program I purchased from the "Think Right Now" website was the instant Download of "Think Right Now" for windows. I later saw "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" and thought I would try it. I listened every night with my headphones. One night I would listen to side one, and the next night to side two. I also made a cassette without the Prompt to relax and just taped the affirmations, which I listen to whenever I am in my car. I did this for about a month and I could feel the change in my attitude about procrastination and how I stopped procrastinating and actually did something about my thoughts by putting them into action. I felt this energy and this feeling of wanting to do whatever was needed to accomplish my goals. I started with a list of things I needed to do and continued from there. Now I listen to the program whenever I think I can't make it or my enthusiasm falls a bit.

Well, I am 54 years old now and I only have 9 more credits to go after I finish my Philosophy class. I have found the energy to work full time and take on the challenges of school. I am working towards receiving my bachelors' degree in 1 more year. I have also looked into obtaining my Masters of Science in Secondary Education. I believe that I only need to listen to my tape and to my heart.

Now I am hoping that my health holds out and to do that the doctor said, I need to exercise more. I am still not mentally ready for that… smile. Your Programs have helped my mind, to convince my spirit to soar and now I hope my body will be able to keep up.

Thank you Mike,
T Jane Doctorn, NY


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Dear Mike,

I couldn't believe the Think Right Now program "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" could work so well. Prior to using it I was very disorganized and a little restless and listless when it came to writing down and achieving goals. My bedroom was full of paper, newspapers, important documents, to do lists, receipts and I really didn't think that I had control over my own life. Tidying and filing away these papers became like a mammoth task that I would procrastinate daily.

My mother suffers from depression and she continually says things like " I don't have the mind to do it'". I was beginning to feel the same away. I lost someone I loved very dearly and I was finding life very difficult without this person. I am still wanting them back beside me daily. I would wake in the morning and lie there and not get up. I had lost my get up and go and everyday seemed so painful.

I was late for everything, including work, but fortunately I was blessed with an understanding employer that let me arrive late knowing that I would make up the time in the evening. which I always did. I didn't think that I could ever get up early again or achieve any of my dreams.

Listening to your program helped me enormously. It took away that awful, depressed, panic I felt every morning about having to face the day ahead at work. I would just listen to it and suddenly I would feel myself becoming more focused and making lists in my head about all that I had to do that day. I was organizing my day and my life better and I was really enjoying being organized. I began to see myself as a project, and that things that I had to do were part of the project of my life. I began to have big dreams and think that I was worthy of receiving them.

I enjoyed being busy getting all the things that I wanted to do done and slotting in time for fun, dancing, meeting friends, writing to relatives and generally keeping in touch with those that I loved. My life is a project and I was going to do the best I could with it. While I was suffering a lot of grief I thought I could transmute this grief into caring and kind for others. So my goals included other people, I helped people out wherever I could and my hopes and dreams were for improving their lives. Each day I was doing more and more, more than I ever though possible and was feeling really alive. I decided to work towards making my life amazing. While this doesn't take away the pain in my heart it helps me vent it, by throwing my pain and passion in to the activity at hand.

Your 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now' program helped me achieve a first class honors in my masters degree, organize myself and my finances for mortgage approval for and pass my driving test! I am also always on time for work now too.

It really does work it really relaxes you while keeping you alert and open to suggestion. You arrive at work ready of the day ahead and with goals for when you clock off work also.

I would recommend your programs to anyone, everyone needs that extra boost and I've learned that you deserve to do everything you can to help yourself.

Keep up the amazing products Mike, you changed my life and I believe you can change others too.

Best regards,
Sheila, Ireland.


Dear Mike,

"Setting and Achieving Goals Now" is a wonderful breakthrough for me. Goal setting was something I could never get organized in my thinking.

This program takes all the concerns as to the "how and what" with goal setting. Now I just plug in, relax, listen and also repeat along with the melodious voiced young lady. Before this program, I just drifted along, hoping things would get better. Of course they didn't. My goal setting was a haphazard thing, very vague and spasmodic.

I now have more direction in my life. I wake up ready to achieve my 'to do' list.  I set a goal to meet new people to introduce my Network Marketing business and within two days I met three people whilst out and about who indicated they would be interested in speaking to me. Since then, two people have registered with my company and another two want more information. What a buzz! And I am continuing to build relationships with others that will lead to more interest. (That was another goal).

I have been very tentative for many years and now I seem to have a different outlook and I guess it shows. People are attracted when your attitude is positive. Eliminating the 'blocks' side of the tape is a marvelous preparation and the positive goals on the other side have demonstrated to me how to phrase goals succinctly.

Another bonus is as I use the program before I go to sleep I am sleeping better and waking more rested. If I miss a night I notice the difference the next day.

Thank you, Mike, I am very grateful for that program.

Best regards,

Dear Mike,

I have been using your 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now' program. I listen to the program each night when I go to bed. Before I started using the program I was not confident in my abilities. I felt I was moving backwards rather than forward in my career and unworthy of attainment. After listening to your program, I started setting goals; writing them down with timeframes. Listening to the program really helped me think positively, valuing and appreciating myself a lot more than ever before.

I now have a higher sense of self, worthiness and respect for myself. I believe in my abilities and my learning capacities so don't get threatened or anxious when confronted by a difficult task anymore, I just do it!

Last month I applied for a new position, with a higher status, in another organization. I got the job. I am so much happier within myself and have a higher belief in what I can achieve. I am continuing using think right now to achieve my goals.

Thank YOU Mike.
Neri, CT

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Hello Mike,

This is an amazing story that is totally true. Maybe I think it is amazing because it happened to me. Five short years ago I was financially and emotionally bankrupt. I was sleeping on friend's sofa and if I had any money it was used for drinking. I was frustrated and angry that I was not getting my fair share in life. Everyone else was getting special treatment and I was being ignored.

Finally I had enough, I stopped drinking and stopped hanging out with people who did. I started reading and hanging out at the library with the likes of Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Eastman Kodak, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and Tom Watson. I was inspired; I found a sales job and picked up a few accounts. I found an apartment and picked up a few more accounts. Found a car and picked up a few more accounts. I was then given an office.

I was researching the internet and I found your website. I bought the "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program. I listened every night, after listening I would seek out new challenges, because I truly enjoy them. I gave away accounts, I found bigger accounts. I realized the only limits I had are the ones I have adopted on my own. Today I am a successful business owner and run my own fitness company in Tampa. I am sure I would have started this someday but your program expedited the process.

So I would like to thank you and let you know that I am your official Think Right ambassador!

Be Well,

Andrew Patrick
Prudential Fitness Training

Dear Mr. Mike Brescia,

As I am writing this, there are tears in my eyes. These messages have made such a radical impact on my daily life. Sometimes I would read the messages, get convicted and make immediate changes in my thinking and/or previous actions.

Your audio program "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" has guided my mind to positive proactive thinking. Just the positive messages alone have provided so much encouragement to me in more ways than one.

Almost everyday I learned something new about myself and how my every move affects so many others.

I offer my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your "rubber meets the road" hard-hitting newsletter series.

Yours Truly,
Natascha C. Bolden, LA



Dear Mike,

I gave your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program to my daughter who is a medical student at Tufts University in Boston. For the first time last quarter, she received 'Honors' in all her classes and I have noticed a distinctly less exam anxiety in her!

Vidula Sukhatme
Newton, MA

Dear Mike,

Listening to this program has been a pleasant and effortless way for me to move through a lot of recurring problems that I have had in achieving my goals.

I am very impressed with the program and I'm also very impressed with the customer service and responsiveness of the organization.

Thanks and best wishes,
Karen, CA



Dear Mike,

I bought two of your products, one was the "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program and the other is your "Think Right Now for Windows" program. The "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" is really wonderful.

My thoughts about myself before I got this tape were that I was capable and inventive, but I found myself stuck. I had nothing to work for, nothing to move forward for. Mike suggested the goals program. Right now, I am unstoppable! My behavior has really changed in that I am constantly able to get myself going again, get on track and move forward again, towards completion of things.

I am currently building a number of websites for myself to create an on-line business of selling products that I've designed myself. Some will be affiliate for web marketing and on-line business development for people, especially in the area of "newbies." Right now, my success seems to be much more in focus, and clearly doesn't seem to be any work. I can work 15-16 hours a day and not get tired. It seems I really am motivated. I guess I've had this lacking of self-esteem lurking in the background for a long, long time--even though I've done some incredible things in my lifetime. I've accomplished some things that people would only dream about.

I started using this program about eight months ago. I first made it into a 60-minute audio (I didn't need the introduction part) and I played it while sleeping. That seemed to work very well. I did put it on a timer to come on after I fell asleep and run for two-three hours. It seemed like within a month, I was becoming motivated and on target. I feel pretty confident now that I'll be able to achieve what I want because I continually get back to what I want to achieve and that keeps me on track and in focus and motivated. I got an outside job developing websites for people, which is something I didn't think I could do before getting the tapes, so I am very happy with what happened here.

If I wanted to "blame" anybody for my success, I would say it's Mike's tapes on Success!

Fred Hackensack, NJ


Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!

Hello Mike,

My name is Maddy and I am a HUGE fan of your Think Right Now audio programs!!

My life has changed in so many ways from using your audio programs it's hard to be specific. I have yielded the benefits of using three of the programs - Freedom from Depression, Setting and Achieving Goals and I am Smoke Free Now.

I swear by the Freedom from Depression program. It has totally turned my life around and I no longer have any depression...truly a miracle, and I send you blessings for this.

Setting and Achieving Goals has really given me a boost and I am slowly, but surely moving in the direction of my dreams, and have no doubt that I will accomplish that which is my heart's deepest desires.

Now, for the hardest thing I've ever wanted to accomplish in my life, and something I never thought I could overcome - smoking! Since listening constantly to 'I Am Smoke Free Now' I am happy to tell you that I have been nicotine free for 1 month and 2 days!!!! My addiction to nicotine has been my life's worst inadequacy, and I am over the moon about having quit and staying quit. Healing this addiction is doing so much for my life...so many changes...so many challenges...yet such an opening to healing my life in so many ways.

Mike, the work you are doing, and the miraculous effects it is having on peoples lives all over the world, well...God bless you, is all I can say...God bless you!!!!

Thank you for being so committed to your work and to your passion; I am so very grateful for all that you do!!!!

With great sincerity,
Thank you so much!!
Maddy Anderson, CANADA

Dear Mike,

I have been out of a job for the past 6 months and really haven't had clear direction since I graduated from college as to which career path I should choose. I have been thinking about a career which would require going back to school for a second degree. I have only been thinking about it for the past couple of weeks, but while I was painting someone's house, I decided to listen to the "Setting and Achieving Goals" program. As soon as I was done painting, I started ordering my transcripts from my old university. I also called the school I want to go to, to see about admissions and registering for a class! This kind of action was always stifled by thoughts such as "I don't deserve it," "You can find another career where you don't have to go back to school," "Don't waste your money", etc. This audio just cleared the path of resistance.

Thank you!
Kris Nickerson

Hi Mike,

I ordered Setting and Achieving Goals Now at the end of August and immediately noticed an increase in my personal productivity and an increase in mental focus. I loaded the CD onto my IPOD and went to Radio Shack and purchased one of those "one ear only" headphones like you use for a cell phone. The first change I noticed was that the self-defeating mental chatter preventing me from clear action was cancelled out with positive mental conditioning. I have become diligent about recording my goals and to do list, and I am constantly planning and prioritizing the next action item. The best part is the amazing way consistent focus can cut through tasks that at first seem impossible to achieve. I am excited about achieving my long-term goals.

Eric Henderson, VA



Dear Mike,

Every time I have felt a negative thought in my head I wondered where it came from. I needed to get to the root of the problem. I've realized that for a period in my life I wasn't happy with what I was doing in terms of work, family, and personal enrichment. Years went on, and I still kept doing the same thing expecting to get different results. I even tried therapy and my therapist said nothing was really wrong with me. That was reassuring especially when after the fact; I went to my doctor and told him my symptoms. He suggested I get on Prozac. I've heard many stories of the side effects of this drug and I was not going to get involved. I've tried holistic healing, acupuncture, and meditation and these practices helped me through some tough times. I never was able to completely cure my problems. When I would feel depressed about my situation I would turn to food, shopping excessively, and drinking. These habits would hide the problem but make my situation worse.

I started listening to Setting and Achieving Goals and started repeating the statements in my head over and over again. What a miraculous change I've undergone. I've told my family and friends about the program and they're interested too. I understand now that life is something that is to be valued and that my quality of life is up to me. Thank you!

Claire Elyse Wills

I ordered Setting and Achieving Goals two months ago and I can't believe the difference. I listen to the CD at night, in the car and sometimes play it at my desk at work. I've read just about every self help book imaginable, each thinking that the next one will show me the way - that it will have the answer that the others didn't and will finally get me to do what I say I'll do or what I want to do. This consumes a lot of time and keeps me thinking that "someday" I'll be able to do it. I've been doing this for years!

I am happy and relieved to say I wake up motivated, energetic and alert. I do things immediately now... I used to have list after list and each day I would recopy the items on the list onto the next day and the next day and so on... maybe getting one little task done. Now, my daily lists are all completed. I wouldn't have believed it, but my inbox at work is emptied each day. I read the periodicals and the day's mail rather than only pull out the item that is grossly overdue or about to be overdue... My productivity is higher as a result. I used to spend so much time rewriting my lists or worrying about the things I hadn't done or just plain feeling bad about myself all the time for not being productive. This CD has changed that completely and I feel so much freer, peaceful, and accomplished. I just ordered your Self Esteem Now program yesterday because I am about to embark on a new goal in uncharted territory for me - writing a book! "Goals" coupled with "Self Esteem" will make me unstoppable. Thank you!
Maureen, CA

Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


Dear Mike,

I bought the Setting and Achieving Goals program in June of 2004 and listened, skipping the relaxation parts, while driving around doing my work for about two weeks. I had a change of work assignment and was at a desk for eight hours a day. I stopped listening to the program, shame on me. About three months later I started listening again and three days later, I went on vacation for two weeks. AGAIN I forgot about the program… As I was playing billiards on my own table in the cleaned out area of my cellar and listening to the Setting and Achieving Goals program, it dawned on me that I had set and achieved my goal of having my own billiard table. I had already started setting another goal and was well on the way to the fruits of that goal as well.

My point is that I was a little skeptical of any progress made because it all came so naturally. The program guided me towards the progress I was making. Mike, I hope this helps others understand that some times subtle change can be very dramatic, but because we have changed our thought processes we tend to take them with the "that's the way I played it" attitude. If I had enough time I'd tell you what a colossal undertaking it was to get and make room for this table in a cellar jammed with the junk of only 20 years. I undertook and succeeded. WOW MIKE! Thank you!
Love ya,
D. L.

Dear Mike,

I have been working part time as a handyman for the past eleven years. I wanted to improve my work habits and income, so I ordered the Setting and Achieving Goals Now program. Though I had only been using it for about two weeks, I listened to the program every time I got into my truck, and occasionally when I went to bed, and what a difference it made!

A friend of mine asked me to go to Utah (I live in Southern Calif.) to finish renovating a rental house she had just bought. She asked me to step in and finish the job. There is no question in my mind that without what I had been absorbing from the Setting and Achieving Goals Now program, I would not have worked seventy one hours the first week, and another sixty five to seventy the second week. I hired seven people for various stages of the work, and kept everything running smoothly until the job was done. What is unusual about that is that I've always been a loner, only rarely hiring day-laborers or help out with some jobs. It was my new attitudes that enabled me to lay out each day's agenda and keep going until it was accomplished.

The job was supposed to have taken six days but ended up taking two weeks because of unexpected delays. All this would have been overwhelming just a month ago, but with my new confidence, it just challenged me to find ways to get the work done in a timely manner. And though I was exhausted, I was never in the least discouraged.

Thank you for a very effective program.

Gratefully yours,



Dear Mike,

In June I started using 'Accelerated Sales Success' at night, a couple times a week, and sometimes while I worked out on the weekends. It was sporadic since I was not really sure they worked. I started to notice a more positive attitude toward prospecting and selling. I also used Think Right Now for Windows and saw a great increase in my positive attitude. I was happier and more free spirited. I did not use them for a month or two and noticed my focus slipping. Now I use them every night.

I added 'Setting and Achieving Goals' about a month ago. I let them play repeatedly through the night. When I woke up from a bad dream the other night I noticed how calming they were. I have used them every night for the last two months and now my self talk is improving. I can tell myself, I forgive myself for not making calls, and I move on quicker to more productive projects rather then dwelling on it. Then I noticed an even more amazing thing! My parents live above me and are unaware of the programs I have. I now notice my parents have been achieving goals they had previously set and never could complete.

It is amazing! I am now a believer and will consistently use the programs to improve my life. Thank You Mike and team.

Jenn, Colorado

Dear Mike,

It is amazing what has happened to me and I feel it can be directly attributed to your programs. The first dramatic change happened at the end of September, which was totally out of character for me. I saw an ad in the newspaper about a 5K race. I never considered running in a race like this since I thought they were for others. For some reason out of the clear blue sky, I wanted to run in this race even though I had never run before. I wanted to try. I talked to my son about it and he said that he would run with me.

I need to explain at this point that my weight was over 260 pounds and all my hobbies were sedentary. I was telling everyone else around me that they could do anything they wanted to do but I found that I was telling myself that I couldn't do anything.

The morning of the race I had visions that I would be carried off the field on a stretcher but I was determined to go forward anyway since I wanted to start living my life and be healthy. My son, Daniel ran beside me every step of the way. I felt better at the end of the race than at the beginning. I kept trying to run as much as possible.

I'll recap some of the highlights that have happened since this race because it's been amazing! I have run in four 5K races so far coming in last place in three of them. Even though I have come in last, I feel like a winner. The last race that I ran, I was able to run most of the way. I walked in 6 Volkswalks during this time, which was a brand new activity for me. All these Volkswalks were 10K. I started a walking club here and purchased blue ribbons. A blue ribbon is handed out to anyone who finishes 30 miles.

My New Year's resolution was to finish the Portland Marathon this October. My daughter has agreed to walk and run in this marathon with me. My son in Seattle has agreed to run too. In fact, to encourage my efforts, my two sons gave me running shoes, a watch that calculates time and distance, and a book on training for a marathon for Christmas.

I joined Fitness over 50 in January and have been attending consistently. My life has changed. I was worried about my health when I ordered your tapes. I kept telling myself that I couldn't do anything or accomplish my goals, which is strange since I didn't see other people as not being able to accomplish their goals. I'm a smart person and have the capacity to do amazing things but I got in a rut where I just didn't feel I could change my life. I know that your tapes have made a big difference in my life. I know these tapes would make a big difference in the lives of so many people who also feel they can't accomplish their goals.

I've been telling others for years that everyone, has unlimited potential and can accomplish any goal they want to work for. I'm grateful to Heavenly Father that I found your tapes because these tapes have helped me.

Thank you, Wendy, OR

Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


Dear Mike,

In the beginning, I was not a positive person, but I heard someone once say that you have to encourage yourself to overcome your weaknesses. I might have been trying very hard but still could not find a proper way to do this. People with negative thoughts might have been leading depressed lives for a long time. These attitudes towards life are not formed in a short time.

Life is a long journey, but thinking right now can motivate you and give you energy to move ahead. I decided to get the 'Setting & Achieving Goals Now!' program. I listened to it for several days. I felt as if the statements in the program were speaking directly to me. It's like a positive voice is negotiating with my negative mind.

Best regards & wishes, George - Taiwan

Hello from Australia,

I purchased the program "Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now" back in November last year. Your program has been a god-send. It took about three weeks to kick in, but then I started to notice that I was able to take on new issues at work which had previously sent me into a tail spin. This has given me the mental framework to take the figurative "count to ten" and put it into practice.

Work can still be tough and challenging but I feel now that I can handle whatever is thrown at me.

Craig, Australia



Dear Mike,

I have been using the Think Right Now - 'Setting & Achieving Goals' for just under a month now, and those close to me have already started commenting on how positive my outlook has become! Whilst I used to feel as though I needed motivation and was simply not sure of what I wanted to achieve - I have now become far more focused and positive, and feel that I can see much more clearly the steps that lead to the bigger goals and have the motivation required to follow them through.

Thank you
Melbourne, Australia

Dear Mike,

I have been playing the 'Setting and Achieving Goals' tape for a little over three months now (usually 3-4 times per week). While I can't quite put my finger on it, I do seem to be more effective at work and in general. I get out of bed quicker in the morning whenever I play the tape. I still have days where laziness creeps into my work, but I feel that there has definitely been an improvement and I am confident that things will continue to improve.

London, England


Dear Mike,

I want to thank you for taking the time to create Laser Life Lessons. I look forward to receiving your email and find each one addresses something I am working on at that very moment. A few months ago I purchased your 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now' program. After listening to it three or four times, I lost it for a week. I found it and now listen to it every day, on my long commute to work, during my lunch hour and on the way home at night. I think the lunch hour is most effective because I always use that time for a car nap.

I have a great deal of resistance to being successful - at anything! I could list all the times I have failed but let's just say - everywhere is a perfect umbrella word. It is an old habit pattern that still exists, but what I've found listening to the tape is this - now I actually feel the resistance when I am doing it. I look forward to the day when the feeling of accomplishment has wiped out the other feelings.

All the best -

Dear Mike,

I order the Real Self-Esteem and Setting and Achieving Goals for myself and the Dissolving Panic and Anxiety tape for my daughter. I absolutely love the Setting and Achieving Goals tape. I play it constantly in the car and often times at home in the evening. I can feel my confidence growing and have actually put goals and ideas on paper (something I have resisted for years). I have even made some daily goals and achieved them because of the groundwork I've done with the tapes. Not that I haven't achieved things most days in the past, but most things weren't planned, I pretty much just play a fast game of tennis when dealing with whatever comes my way. Believe me; a lot can come your way when you're just drifting rather than being on a mission. It's kind of like a net combing the sea and catching all sorts of things!

Thank you for the great Goals tape! :)

Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


Hello Mike,

My name is Jeff and I am the proud newly published author of a book of poetry. I write this letter to thank you so much for your wonderful products. I purchased Setting and Achieving Goals many months ago and listened to it a couple of times and then put it down. For some reason it kept popping up in front of me (I don't believe in coincidences) and I would stare at it for a long second or two and then move on. Around October of last year I decided that I would give it another try. I put the CD in my player and let it play by the side of my bed all night long. Funny things started to happen. I would wake up in the morning and do things I never did before like make my bed. I then began to work out again. Most importantly, I started working seriously on what I discovered to be my life dream. Ever since I was a child I used to be able to create and tell short stories to friends. Over the years, I was encouraged to get published. I convinced myself that my work wasn't good enough so the project was placed on the back burner. I continued to write when inspired because I enjoyed writing, but I was without a purpose. About 2 years ago some things started to happen. I found out a friend that I lost touch with had published a book. I purchased it and sent a congratulatory email, she responded and we began a dialogue. I explained to her my dream of publishing my book and she informed me that she had started a publishing company. She would help me self-publish at no cost other than the expenses born by the production of the book. I embraced this opportunity and saw this as a sign that this is something that I am supposed to be doing. I picked the project up again and decided to move forward. Again it stalled as I sabotaged it in a way that it almost appeared intentional.

Mike, I have to admit you caught me at a vulnerable moment as I am a skeptic and usually never buy things like this over the internet. I reviewed and purchased "Setting and Achieving Goals Now!" After listening it for about a month straight, it started to kick in and I wrote my friend (the publisher) who I had not spoken to in months a letter. In that letter I stated, "If you're still with me I am ready to do this". I am proud to say my book is at the printer and due back in a few weeks. I don't know how well it will do but I know that I am finally doing something that I love. Every day I meet people that want to help me move forward with this goal and it is amazing. Most importantly I have finally finished something for me, something I love and believe in.

I say all of this to thank you for the program that has helped me accomplish something so dear to me. I wish you much success in bringing your products to the masses because they really work. I now believe in the power of thought and the ability to transform one's circumstances by making things happen merely by training the mind to think in a certain direction. Add this to purpose and you have something that is potentially explosive.

Truly yours,


Hi Mike,

My name is Stanley and I live in Alaska. Setting and Achieving Goals Now was my first experience with your programs. Since then I've made some serious changes. I'm a businessman by nature, but I've always been too nervous to really follow through with any of my plans until I found your tapes. Since I found your program, I took that huge step - with confidence- and bought into a franchise.

I'm so excited because I have not experienced the "type" of nervousness that I've experience in the past. In the past I would start out with a great idea but shortly afterwards, I would get overwhelmed with negative thoughts about the worst things. Soon after that I would forget my ideas and lose all my motivation. Using your program, I have changed my thought process.

I've been into my new franchise for about six months and have not quit. I'm still moving forward with a full head of steam and I am so happy and surprised. Thank you greatly. I feel good and as situations arise, I handle them with the most up beat attitude. Before I would've given up and talked myself down. Never again, I describe myself as the "Former Lion in the Cage". I'm free to conquer the world of business and I know I will succeed.

Thank you and God Bless...

Stanley Ferguson



I purchased Setting and Achieving Goals Now less than four months ago...when I was in a bad relationship and stuck in a dead end job. Due to an error in judgment I ended up in that terrible situation...I got your program and listened. Today, the goals I set for moving are just now coming to fruition...I moved to Florida with my mom temporarily. Within three weeks I got a job that I enjoy and can compete for growth within. I have been approved for an apartment 10 minutes from work which is just beautiful...I will be moving in August... I just thought you'd like to know all that has transpired. I knew I could do it thanks to your affirmations. Soon I will be ready to set more goals. I am very excited about that.

Thanks again,


I recently purchased one of your programs "Setting & Achieving Goals Now", I am finding it very useful, along with your book Today is Your Day To Win.  I have set some goals and I am making progress.

One area where I seem to have a HUGE stumbling block is in the area of love commitment. I have had this commitment and love issue for all my life. I have currently been in a relationship for the past five years and have had numerous episodes of recurring fear during this time.

It's only now after listening to your CD that I have decided to do something about it, once and for all.

Many thanks for your help,



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Dear Mike,

I purchased Real Self Esteem Now and Setting and Achieving Goals Now back in July 2004. Since I'm in front of a computer most of the working day I also bought a copy of the Windows software. I listened at night for a total span of about six weeks. I had high anticipation that this program would work on me but had no expectation on how long it would be before I would see results or how results would manifest themselves. I've had the Windows software continuously running at work.

I don't remember the exact day, but I do remember the moment that I got my first inspiration. To give you some context, I've been searching for over 17 years for my passion, a reason to be excited about getting up in the morning and a dream to pursue. I've read every book ever written (just barely an exaggeration) on finding your passion and making your dreams come true. For years I've felt hopeless in my search. In April 2003 I took a weekend experiential course that just blew me away.

What had I ever learned or studied that deeply interested me? And how could I use that interest in conjunction with my realization? The answer, completely blind to me at the time, was right inside my house and had been for a long time.

Fast forward to November 2004. While I was in automatic mode listening to the Think Right Now program day after day I had a simple thought; my first inspiration about my passion. There I was in my library of some 1500 books, doing what, I don't remember, but 'woke up' to find myself immersed in a book I'd studied 10 years earlier. And before I knew it, a complete vision of my future played out in my mind's eye. I had found the book's premise fascinating earlier, but had set it aside as unusable because, well, they were the author's ideas, not mine. And there that book sat for 10 long years.

I believe that due to some combination of the April 2003 course, the Think Right Now program, and 17 years of searching, I got the idea to start my own business and, most importantly, believed for the first time that I not only could succeed but WOULD succeed. I needed a catalyst - the catalyst I got from TRN. I strongly believe that by using Think Right Now, my mind was opened to receive not only the inspiration, but a complete picture of, as well as the mental tools necessary to lead an impassioned life.

I immediately and unquestionably had unequivocal confidence and self-esteem. I did not question my thoughts and I only saw myself as succeeding. Not that I had to beat down doubt because there was the complete absence of doubt in my mind.
I had the "THAT's IT!" experience.

I immediately and unquestionably saw how to get clients, what goals I needed to achieve, and the people I needed to ask to help me first, on and on.

It was a complete picture; the first visualization of my future I ever had. Not a 'what if', but a vision. I immediately knew I had found the future I was looking for. I cannot describe the relief that set in. I worked to pay the mortgage and put food on the table, and spent most nights and weekends pondering, plodding, studying, testing and studying more; and grasping for any shred of inspiration. Then in an instant, a complete picture appears. I didn't even have to polish my ideas; they were spontaneously complete. A lifetime of anguish has simply ceased.

I've noticed that I don't concentrate on HOW questions anymore. I just define the WHAT and get busy doing something, anything towards that WHAT. I'm constantly reminded of something I once read, that "He who has his Why can overcome any How".

Well Mike, I believe Think Right Now gave me exactly what I needed and I'm more than curious about what else it might prompt in me as I continue to play the CDs.

Thank you and best regards,

Chris Iannone, CA


Hi Mike,

I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you. Let me tell you why. I got some of your Think Right Now programs and Think Right Now for Windows software. I have been listening to "Setting and Achieving Goals Now"! This stuff is great. It lit a fire under me and I just started to change. It gets better. I have your wonderful book, "Today Is Your Day To Win" and it has been an inspiration.

My attitude has greatly improved over the last few months. Now here's where I discovered the proof in the pudding. On June 9th, the brakes locked on my F-150 pickup and I had to have it repaired the next day at a cost of over $640. That's quite a bit for a guy making less than $50,000 per year. I took it in stride, not happy about the expense, but glad I was able to get the repair done. Meanwhile, my girlfriend, suffering from terminal cancer, died just two days later on June 12 -devastating.

Yesterday, June 20, the alternator gave up on my truck and I was BARELY able to get it home. I had to take half the day off from work today to repair it, at more expense. When I got to work after replacing the alternator myself I was feeling practically numb. All these terrible things happening beyond my control. Here's where the thanks comes in. I determined I was going to try to remain positive, though very difficult at this point. I got to work, pulled out "Today Is Your Day To Win" and began reading today's session, "Life is tough--The key is how you respond". I read the empowering quote, "Every experience that you have that doesn't kill you can make you stronger." Still in a bit of a daze from the amount and magnitude of adversity in my life in such a short period of time, my curiosity was piqued.

I was thinking. I read the empowering question, "What must I do or think to stay in the state of mind I need to be in to happily succeed today?" I have to admit, I was beginning to feel a little resentful. I was trying to do right and change my attitude, but bad things kept happening to me. I read the empowering question again, and prayed, "Okay God, I give up. YOU show me the way. At that exact instant, my eyes drifted to the page on the right and noticed how a sentence began in the middle of a paragraph. I wasn't even reading, the beginning just leapt off the page. The sentence began, "Thank God...". I knew right away what that meant. God spoke to me and said, "Thank God". I stopped right there and thanked God for a LOT of stuff, I was almost in tears. Suddenly, I truly had a thankful spirit and my burden eased up. Though not without pain, I knew God was with me, helping me THROUGH the pain. One of the things I thanked God for was your book and the work you have done.

Mike, God used you today to help someone. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work.

Thank you, Mike. May God richly bless you,
Terry West


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Thank you for your book. I have gone through it twice and find that the chapters encourage me to pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep trying.
I am also using some of your programs. When I start getting dragged down with all my negative thoughts, I pop the Self-Esteem program or the Goals program in and reroute my thought processes. They both serve to pull me out of the mud pit of despair and get me going again.

You have done at least one person a great service with your book and programs and you will surely be rewarded.




Dear Mike,

I have played your 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now' program and the second set Sales programs for about a year now. My wife and I have had our own business for six years. Our business specializes in faux finishing, murals, decorative painting, trompe l'oeil, decorative textures, and customer satisfaction.

Since listening to all the programs every night my wife, who does the bids, has turned into a super salesperson. It is very rare that she misses a sale. I had worked in sales for 11 years before we started the business and was a very good salesperson myself. I had seen and been around great salespeople, but since listening to your programs every night, all the other salespersons pale in comparison to her. Our income has gone up over 30% in one year! I keep setting goals for our company and we keep going beyond them.

Robert J Grzywa

Dear Mike,

I purchased Setting & Achieving Goals Now. I believe the statements in this program help me stay focused on achieving my goals. Without any effort, I've started focusing on what I've wanted to achieve in my life whereas before it used to be a rudderless journey. I have improved confidence in myself and because of this I have developed the habit of establishing friendships with enterprising and successful people. I spend less time watching television and have joined swimming and badminton classes - placing more importance on my health. Because I have confidence in the future, I am willing to keep trying rather than simply giving up or procrastinating. I am more energetic and I can go the extra mile, I am also receiving recognition from top management at my job.

Before listening to the programs my wife and I believed that we couldn't afford to buy our own house. First, we set a target amount to start saving. Before reaching the target an opportunity to buy a home came up. It's hard to believe. Each statement on the program brings a smile to my face - it makes me feel that - yes I can do this.

We were very skeptical initially, but now we realize that these programs are an investment in our prosperity and future.

Sudesh Kaipa
New Zealand


I started listening to your 'Setting and Achieving Goals" program right after 9/11. Setting and achieving goals were actually the farthest things from my mind; but I needed to focus on them. My husband had lost his job and I needed to find SOMETHING to do that could potentially carry our family of 4 (and much loved aging dog) through some dark financial (and social) times. Those were very difficult months. I'm in my 50's and had always wanted to start my own business but for whatever reasons; I just don't think I had the guts. I really had no choice at this point. I had to consider that I might have the full responsibility as the only wage earner in the family and we had a son in college and another son who suffers from disabilities and an impaired immune system.

I began to examine those talents and abilities I had which I could bring to the table and potentially create a business out of. Worst of all, I had to start with NOTHING in terms of capital. About five years previously, we lost our home, all of our savings; my husband's retirement money (it went to legal and medical bills) and worst of all, we lost what used to be good health from an exposure to the toxic chemical Benzene. This exposure also resulted in the loss of most of our son's eyesight. He was six at the time.
We tried fighting the chemical company legally; but lost and ended up with nothing.

We were just beginning to recover from that devastating and demoralizing personal disaster when our nation's worst disaster hit and it affected us all over again with extreme sorrow, job losses and a whole lot of anxiety. We began to spiral downward yet again…but I was lead to your website late one night …probably out of desperation. Within the course of 4 days, we witnessed the terrible tragedy of 9/11, my husband lost his job (again) and the owner of the rental home gave us two weeks notice that we would have to move out because they had lost so much money in the stock market!

Your website actually gave me hope and I borrowed the money to order the cassettes. I began to listen to them and I rarely missed a day listening either in my car or on my walks with the dog.

I really don't know what came over me and I think of those times now and am really filled with a very deep sense of appreciation for what your program did for me and for my family! I ended up putting an ad in the newspaper seeking a partner to go into business with me and I couldn't believe the response~ I had so many replies, I couldn't decide on just ONE partner, so three other women in similar circumstances and I met in December, 2002 and we started our business which is a personal assistant and professional organizing business.

We struggled more than a bit at first because this was a business that people really didn't NEED during a downturn in the economy… it was more of a want; and we had to question our wisdom on more than one occasion; but probably because of your tapes, I never gave up, Mike… I kept on the pathway to what we now feel is a very successful venture.

Two of the partners left after the 1st year… one went on to pursue another career and the other; an education in the field of fitness; and the third partner eventually chose to drop out in favor of a full time job with benefits. I never gave up. Today, three years later, our little business is really thriving and I have a new partner who is infusing new life into the company. We have incorporated; formed an LLC; have been able to provide a wonderful part time employment opportunity for as many as ten great women (mostly moms) who LOVE the fact that they can work around their children's schedules.

We have maintained quality relationships with great clients; have repeat business on a regular basis; we continue to receive letters of testimonial filled with gratitude and love (we often end up in more of a support role for a lot of our clients) and we are truly feeling blessed to be able to provide services that people really do appreciate! We were also able to create marketing materials and a website which we couldn't afford to have someone else build; so I learned how to build it myself. Now, with the help of the new programs I'm in the process of ordering; perhaps we can take our little company to the next level and provide even more moms with a very good part time income while allowing them to spend quality time with their families! That is our goal and our mission statement includes the provision of more jobs for more women who don't want to spend time away from their children.

I am very excited about the future; and things are most definitely looking far more positive and full of hope thanks to the fervent prayers I prayed non-stop in those dark and frightening days following 9/11.

I truly believe, Mike that YOU played a most significant role in the answer to prayer! You are appreciated more than mere words can express, so THANK YOU from all of us and may God bless you and your family.

Kim Condrin

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Hi - my name is Sharath. I have purchased two audio programs: Setting and Achieving Goals and Dissolving Panic and Anxiety. I listened to them regularly and every morning I felt the verve it created. I developed the habit of unconsciously taking the steps that are essential to reach my goals. I definitely have less social anxiety - my mind is calmer and I have had no panic attacks. I believe that this is because of my newly found confidence and quiet, calm mind.

Thank you again,


Dear Mike,

I am so happy to say that when I had a flu recently I put on your I Am Healed Now program, during the night and for the entire next day. I felt well enough to get out of bed and have a lively and happy day. Now when I use this program, I never get sick no matter if I am traveling or at home - even if other people are getting sick near me, I never do!

I have started playing the audio tape "Setting & Achieving Goals". I am very optimistic, positive, and grateful that whenever I see signs of depression I will stop and write in my blessing book all the wonderful thing that have happened that day.

It has become a habit now to write down all the miracles and blessings in my book. This has made me more aware of the blessings surrounding me every moment. I write goals every morning and evening, both small and large, and put a heart by each one. Then I check them off one by one in any order, whatever feels right to do. I am never bored, because there are always lots to do and I see success happening little by little every day. This is very rewarding and makes life seem so magical. I see what a "dream come true" life we can create and notice the little things that make it so fulfilling. I am very grateful to have this wonderful support.

Thanks so very much,
Mia Margaret Glattauer, Arizona

Dear Mike,

My name is Mary Culhane-Brown, I started listening to your 'Setting and Achieving Goals' program earlier in the year. I would listen every evening when I arrived home from work. Work had become an obstacle rather than a challenge and I began searching the web for some materials to help motivate me.

Part of my work entails finding and delivering programs to clients who need help overcoming social and emotional problems. The other part of my job is crisis driven and it is often difficult to switch from being re-active to a crisis and then pro-active when the crises have abated. Frequently, after a crisis situation I would switch off and find it difficult to switch to work of a less pressing nature.

When I found your web site I was drawn to the evidence and research that was supporting the outcomes that your programs claimed. I began listening to the programs religiously every night for about three weeks. I began to notice that the things that had been stressing me out at work and spilling over into my personal life began to change. When I reflected upon the situations and events that were stressing me out, I noticed that they were still there but I had changed the way I thought about them. I thought I was cured and stopped listening to the program and although I was still in a good frame of mind, some of my negative thoughts began to creep back.

I believe the main reason I stopped listening to the program was that I saw results and felt I did not need to continue. I recently recommenced listening to the program but this time I decided to utilize the time I spend driving to and from work each day. I omit the meditation tracks, of course.

Just after a week of recommencing the program, I have regained my motivation. I have just about completed a major project which had been put off for the past three months. I am currently very excited about embarking upon the next major project and believe my staff has also gained more enthusiasm working in a positive team environment.

The major benefits for me have been the motivation I have gained. This has helped me stay proactive rather than just waiting for a crisis and then acting upon it. Being proactive has given me a sense of pride in my work and enabled me to see achievements.

Thank you for everything.

Mary Culhane-Brown



Hi Mike,

I have long tried to find sources of motivation for my job and my goals and stumbled upon your site. I got your book and as soon as I read the first chapter, it was unbelievable. I would reflect upon the essence of each chapter and I began to notice changes.
It was after getting to the middle of your book that I finally decided to purchase three of your products: Setting and Achieving Goals Now, Financial Abundance Now, and Supreme Confidence Now.

I mainly use Setting & Achieving Goals and Supreme Confidence at night while I play all three programs during the day when I'm in my office. I have to say that they are powerful indeed. I noticed uneasiness on my part after about a week. Whenever I would be positive about issues I have with my job, my frustrations with non-accomplished goals, and my life in general, I would have stronger negative sentiments. There seemed to be a struggle within myself. I was having a hard time avoiding being sarcastic at people and pessimistic about situations.

You see Mike, I handle technical operations for my employer, and projects and people are my main responsibility. I'm sure you know, managing a diverse group of individuals never comes easy...

Now, after more than a month of listening to Supreme Confidence Now and Setting and Achieving Goals Now at night, I start my day by planning my itinerary unlike before. I make sure I greet everyone at the office good morning with a smile. In the past four critical deadlines for our projects, I did not panic and was able to manage the group to meet each and every deadline even if delays were caused by a client. I also noticed I shut-up more often now instead of criticizing people. I haven't been put down as much as before when I get chewed out by my boss. Everyday seems easier and something to be appreciated at the end of it. So far so good, I have not had any conflicts with anyone in the office. I hope to progress a lot more as I definitely have a long way to go in improving myself. Thanks to your audio programs Mike, I am better equipped to do that.
I worry a lot less than before.

I have started to save more aggressively from my salary. My wife also noticed I do a lot more chores now than I ever did before. I owe any improvements I have gone through to you Mike, and I am looking forward to more. You have proven me wrong as I went from being a disbeliever to a fan of yours.

Thank you,

Joel Bonzon ,Philippines

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Dear Mike,

I purchased Setting and Achieving Goals and I was amazed to find that after a few listens, I was energized & motivated to write goals & plans down...........and follow through! My energy level shot up and my productivity improved three-fold! When this tape first came into my house shortly before my 53rd birthday, EVERYTHING was behind schedule. My house was a mess, painting & sewing projects were piling up and I had no energy whatsoever.

As a crafter/artisan coming into my busy season, this was a disaster. I just didn't have the necessary energy to "move it forward". The tape has helped to focus my energy. For the first time in a VERY long time, I am on top of my schedule. Going into the Christmas season, my gifts are made and/or purchased and most are wrapped. Our first wave of cards are in the mail and my big bridal project is under control. The house looks wonderful! I am ecstatic!
Thank you! Estelle Combs






In the past I had tried many different self improvement programs such as tapes, seminars and books with very limited success because I would usually quit halfway before I would see any progress. I also had a lot of doubt and fear about my ability to set and achieve goals.

I was very frustrated and I needed something different that would give me momentum. When I listened to Setting & Achieving Goals Now at the beginning of this year, I noticed that my motivation and confidence increased dramatically especially after the first month. I would never quit or procrastinate and I had more positive energy and confidence in my ability to accomplish my dreams. It also gave me the energy to consistently focus and follow up on both my short term and long term goals. Every morning and night for eleven consecutive months, I have religiously listened to your CDs in the background and this has changed my life for the better.

This past October I obtained a Bachelors degree in Information Technology. The best part about it is that I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA. It also only took me only two years and a half to complete it. I was able to finally focus on what was important to me and to make it happen without making any excuses. I now look forward to every day with optimism and enthusiasm for all my goals.

Bikas Patnaik, GA

Dear Mike and all others that work behind the scene,

Well, I have made it through the holidays. I normally abhor them. No money + no time = major stress. I have been consistently listening to your programs for a month now and there have been great changes.

Let me go back to the beginning. I had ordered your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program two years ago. I had listened to the program for, I'm guessing here, about two weeks and I was worse. I figured that there just wasn't any hope for me at all. I'd also try to diet and I'd gain 10-30 lbs. BUT I kept reading your newsletters. You had written about how sometimes our minds will get worse fighting change and that was me. You'll never know how glad I was to read that I wasn't abnormal. I ordered the Supreme Confidence Now and Unstoppable Motivation Now Program's. My next problem was which program I listen to first. I'd listen to one program for one week and then change off. Here again, your letters helped me out. A man wrote in saying how he downloaded the program into an IPOD and then listened to it anywhere he went. About two and half weeks ago, I did not have a clue to what an IPOD was, so I investigated and decided that was what I needed. So off I went, and found an inexpensive MP3 player (see, your programs are even helping me to stay current with the world). I have downloaded all three program's into it so I can now listen without bothering hubby or anyone else anywhere I go. It is great, I mainly listen to it at night while I'm falling asleep. Generally I don't hear it after the "Close your eyes" part. I am sleeping all night now and wake up ready for the new adventure of the day. In the morning, I get up and read "Today Is Your Day To Win".

The holiday still had the same amount of money to spend, the same amount of time, but I had very little stress involved. I was better organized, I had better ideas about gifts, and it was the first time that I have really enjoyed Christmas since I have become an adult. I don't procrastinate as much as I used to either. I also have started exercising and eating healthier. Goals are such a wonderful thing to have.

I'm still a work in progress but what a wonderful progress! I have had many years of wrong thinking so it cannot change over night but the results I am seeing and feeling in myself are just wonderful. I am so very excited about this new adventure that we call life which I'm partaking in. It is a grand world that we live in.

Thank you again for making available to all of us who have thought poorly of ourselves for so many years, the right way to think and the right way to change.

Jean Stamps


Hi Mike,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 12th Dec 2005. I am very focused on making a full recovery. I have used your programs in the past to overcome depression, panic and anxiety. I have found them to be really good in helping me to change my thinking. I listened to them every night, morning and in my car while driving on my way to work.
I have been using your programs for about 2 years now.

I have suffered a lot of trauma in my life and have always found that by dealing with it on an internal level; changing my thinking and becoming refocused on the positive I can achieve my goals.

I completed my training and qualified as an NLP practitioner in 2005 and have been in the process of setting up my own business. I am now my own best client and am using your Think Right Now programs to change my thinking and help me on my spiritual healing journey to full recovery.

I intend being a better human being and a better coach to my clients at the end of this journey!

Many thanks for the great work which has been of huge benefit to me.

God Bless You

Bernie Coffey
Life On Purpose Coach
NLP Practitioner
Dublin, Ireland

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Dear Mike,

I've suffered with anxiety disorder for five years and after I got rid of it the memories would still plague me. Getting into social situations reminded me of what used to happen so I would have the same reactions all over again. Fall 2005, I had to do several class presentations and since I couldn't pass the class without doing them I decided it was time to get Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now. As soon as I got it, I listened to it for 3 hrs straight then all night that night. I would listen to it every chance I had for about 3 days straight. I was desperate. After those three days I felt definite results. My confidence level had risen significantly. I listened to it every single night without fail and a few times in the day and 2 weeks after I got the CD I did my first presentation and I did great! NO trembling, NO anxiety, NO panic! It was one the best days of my life. I tried sharing my joy with my friends but they couldn't see what the big deal was. My only fear during my presentation was my anxiety reaction and there was absolutely none! Thank God.

I had what I would call chronic procrastination syndrome. It was very emotionally painful so I got Setting & Achieving Goals Now! I played it constantly for three days and on the second day I felt significantly better. The emotional pain was gone and it was easier for me to get the job done.

Thank you for everything,
Maren Cruickshank


I've got almost all your programs. I've been listening: at night going to sleep; in the morning sometimes, upon waking; whenever I'm 'on a drive' in my car. I started out with 'Freedom From Depression Now'; moved on to 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now'. I then ordered 'Real Self Esteem Now' and loved it. I can't remember the one I'm listening to now, but it homed-into me even deeper than the others, more appropriate for me at this time. Like some deep, wonderful, nourishing food for my Mind and my Spirit, even for my Soul. Deeply deeply nourishing.

I've felt more and more of an ability to connect at will with my subconscious mind. I've been training myself (for a very long time now) to relax consciously during the day. I've felt a greater ability to 'slow down' inside, to look and listen, to hear the voice that's currently playing in my head, to decide whether I want to be on 'autopilot' or to step off that path and be more 'choosing in the moment'. That's working for me more and more. I'm into practicing and learning to teach others EFT, and that's a great toolset to use with your CD's and programs, I find. I have to tell you Mike that I am so grateful to you for how you shared yourself so openly with us in your book.

I love your newsletters. It is as if you are talking just to me. Your thoughts were like my own. That's the power of 'releasing' with EFT, too: getting to the thoughts, and tapping and releasing the tied-up energy with them, and by doing so I release myself to Action. I don't think I'm out of the woods yet; but the dips down aren't so deep anymore, and I'm feeling truly supported by new thoughts that are seeping into and popping up into my thinking. When I don't know 'what else to do' at any moment in time, I just start listening to a TRN CD on my portable player, and I feel re-grooved and get back on track to being the person I truly want to become.

I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks and a big dose of gratitude your way for giving me access to messages that are truly powerful, empowering, and are helping me to change my life in the direction I've been wanting to for 37 years now. I've had big dreams all my life, and wondered how I was ever going to be able to realize any of them. Now I know how.

Thanks so much, Mike.
Jeff Merson

Hi Mike,

I received Setting and Achieving Goals from my uncle. My goals were to get a job and to get 6-pack abs. Getting a six-pack was simple enough - I knew I had to do crunches everyday, but I was just too lazy to do it. Getting a job was a bit harder. I just had to apply for a certain amount of jobs everyday. With working out, I could monitor the progress everyday. Once I started working out I was able to see the beginnings of a 6 pack within 2 weeks, and in 6 weeks had a nice flat stomach. I still haven't been able to find a concrete job but my rate of applications (sending out cover letters and resumes)
went up from 3-8 a day to about 25 a day. I am getting calls frequently during the week from people who have received my resumes that want to want to set up an interview. I just had 3 great interviews last week and believe that I will be able to land a job shortly.

Thank you for everything.

Daanish Rashid



Dear Mike,

I had bought several of your programs and had one that I thought would be great for my nephew who was in grade 10 at that time. He and I are very close and I think of him as the son I never had.

He is a very smart young man, but before he began listening to the program he had never worked very hard in school and was involved in no extra-curricular activities. He did nothing that required effort or interaction with others. He was immature and, at times, frustrating to be around because he would say and do things that were far below his capabilities. He had no goals and didn't know what he wanted after high school. He had no patience for school, teachers or even his grandmother (my mother with whom he lives.) He marks in school were just a pass.

I challenged him to listen to the CD Setting and Achieving Goals Now! We made a deal that he would listen to them every night for four months. We occasionally talked about the CD but I didn't pressure him and made sure he knew the choice was his.

At first I really didn't notice any changes, then slowly he began to join activities at school. He joined the wrestling team and won a silver medal in his first year. He began to eat more healthy foods and began an exercise program with a personal trainer in order to improve his wrestling and attempt to drop a weight category. His behaviour began to become more focused and he worked towards the goal of eventually entering university to study law. He won an award for the top mark in History in Grade 11.

Earlier this year, I made the mistake of pushing him to become more involved with activities at school and he quickly reminded me of all the changes he had made or was in the process of making. He was aware of and even proud of what he had accomplished. This year in grade 12 he is the Student Council Treasurer and has joined the Golden Keys Program and hopes to have one of his stories published at the university where the program is held. He tutors at the local library and is enjoying connecting with the children in the reading program. He has applied to several universities and talks of his future plans and is taking steps to make them happen.

He is a bright young man with a future that he can see now. He has set his goals and has begun working toward achieving them. I am so proud of how much he has grown with the help of Setting and Achieving Goals Now! He still has my CD - I don't think I will ever ask for it back.


Sandra Hatch, Canada

Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


Hi Mike,

I began using your program "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" over the summer. I play it while I sleep and have it set to repeat through the night until I wake up. I don't play it every night, but often, especially when I feel that I could use a boost.

Since I began using the program I have found myself much more focused on the things that matter to me, and have an easier time letting go of things that aren't important or hamper my ability to make progress towards my goals. When something doesn't go right I find that I immediately begin to look for an alternate way to meet the goal or fulfill what's needed. I don't waste time with "what if" like I would have before. I just keep plugging away. Since I began using your program, I have lost about 20 lbs, completed a 100 mile / 1 day bicycling event, finished a rigorous 6 month professional training program, and made ends meet for six months while in training (no pay at this time), to name just a few of the more notable goals I've achieved. Keep up the great work!

Leila Rinehart,NY

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through a stressful time with your program, "Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now." I recently had to complete and defend my PHD dissertation, and the dissertation defense meeting, which was in front of 15 professors and graduate students. This was causing me much stress and sleeplessness.

After listening to your program for about a week while sleeping, I was able to clearly see what I needed to do and--instead of stressing out about it--get it done. I went into my defense meeting with complete confidence and answered all of the committee's questions easily during a 3-hr grilling session. After the defense, my main advisor told me, "That wasn't good, that was spectacular!" and I received my PHD! My new nickname is "Dr. Spectacular" and I'm still listening to your program and "Setting and Achieving Goals Now", which seems to be helping me in my new job, too.

I find that I no longer get stressed out, specifically while speaking in front of groups or at night while sleeping. Plus, I am able to plow through lists of goals with little problem now, thanks to the "Setting and Achieving Goals" program.

Thank you again!!!!

Matt Schrager, PhD, MD


It's a good day because I've set Goals - on how I want to live my life and how I want it to be. One of the biggest aids that I've had in doing this is the Setting and Achieving goals program. Setting and Achieving Goals has given me the kick start and motivation I needed. Setting and Achieving Goals does exactly that and once you start, wonderful things start to happen. Thanks to everyone at Think Right Now.

Chris Dobson, England

I really benefited so much from the programs. I am a consultant and trainer. I always had problems with sales and setting goals. The first thing I did was read the affirmations. I put the program in the car and I have been playing it for the past two months. I suddenly realized that there were so many changes happening inside and now I am the best coach and trainer. Sales are easier too. I am very grateful for this product and it really liberated something within me. So, thank you Mike for giving me this opportunity to express my thanks and my satisfaction.

All the best to everybody who is using your programs.
Leah, Israel



Dear Mike,

Hi, my name is Joseph Thornton and I am a firm believer in your products. In fact, I believe I have half of your products (smile). I truly believe in what you are doing and freely share my infinite wisdom with others. Your products have changed my life.

I listen to the programs at night while we are sleeping, while I'm driving to work and on my CD player at work. My mind is constantly being bombarded with life-changing thoughts. I truly believe that by constantly listening to these programs my life is being changed forever. I have been using the products faithfully for 3 1/2 years now.

I was raised in an abusive, alcoholic environment. My parents were both alcoholics and abusive. I was constantly told I wouldn't amount to anything at all. My mother quit drinking and my father still does and even as an adult, constantly berates me. I've always taken the high road as far as insults and put-downs were concerned. I believed in myself and my abilities on the outside, but deep inside those mean things affected my persona and how I felt about myself. I guess you could say I was putting on a "good face." This up and down, emotional roller-coaster came to a head during my service in the Marine Corps. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and medically retired from the Marine Corps. During this difficult time, my warrant officer introduced me to Stephen Covey, (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and The Power of Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale) and I have been on a journey to improve my self-image and my belief patterns for 5 years now.

In Sept 2002, I came across your web-site, ThinkRightNow, and ordered "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" my life has never been the same. Today I would like to comment on "I Am Healed Now!"

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, Aug 1994. I purchased "I Am Healed Now!" in 2003. It has made a remarkable difference in my condition. Once a year I go to the doctors to get scoped for polyps, to rule out colon cancer and the doctor's have noticed a drastic improvement in my condition. At the outset of my condition I was taking 4 asacol pills to keep my condition under control. In addition, I was on prednisone (a steroid) to help reduce inflammation and flare-ups. Today, I'm on 2 pills, 2 times daily and no prednisone. That's a remarkable turnaround. I also suffered from asthma, using an inhalant 2 times daily. I no longer require an inhalant. I listened to your programs in the way I described previously and noticed results in 2 months. I owe my improved health and lifestyle choices to your products Mike and I'm eternally grateful.

Mike, all of your programs are wonderful and they have helped me in all areas of my life. My relationships with my co-workers, family, friends and church members have all improved. I'm making more money, have more friends and a better outlook on life because of your products. I don't take things personally and I don't let others dictate my outlook on life. I'm in charge of my destiny and future. Again thank you for all you do and keep up the good work.

Joseph Thornton, MD

Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


What a world of difference the Setting and Achieving Goals tape has made for me. I sell insurance and over the past few months I had not been doing my best. I made up a lot of excuses - the situation, the time of the year, all kinds of things, but after listening to this tape my production is now, in one week, as high as it had been for an entire month. I am so glad that I got the tape. It has made all the difference.

Thank you.
Vickie Dickinson, TX


Hi Mike:

I am a professor and I recently took your program with me on a trip to China. Given that I am not the best flyer in the world and tend to get a little stressed during turbulence, I listened to your program repeatedly and found it very helpful and relaxing. I travel to China about three times per year so I am sure it will get plenty of use!

Prayer, combined with your works, has been a powerful combination in my life and led to change from the inside out. Thank you for your programmes and your personal testimony. I am confident that not just in mine, but in many other lives as well it has led to greater freedom and joy.

Dr. C. Roe Goddard

Think Right Now has become a family affair for us. My 15 year-old son is listening to "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" and it's been amazing. He's gone from an unmotivated youth in just 30 days to creating concrete goals that are realistic. Saving his money for a car, got the job and everything. It's amazing. Some things just turn my head back around.

My husband is listening to "Freedom from Depression" and in less than 30 days, he's no longer immobilized for the entire day. He's able to bounce back within hours. He doesn't beat himself up repeatedly over mistakes, and he's able to enjoy his life more and more as we go on.

I'm currently listening to "Eating Healthy" and that has also been pretty amazing. The things that have bound me in the past, it's like a bail coming up and I'm able to detach myself from food and be able to just make conscience decisions, but not have it become the focus of my entire life.

This is an AWESOME way to cure problems without beating yourself up entirely as you go through it. I have recommended it to my daughters, to my mother, to anybody that I can possibly talk to. I think it's the most awesome thing in the world because our brains are constantly recording things. I would consider any other type of information that came through Think Right Now and would also consider using them at a later date.

Shay Freeman, MO


Your Instant Inner power programs are just fantastic. I bought the one named "Instant Invincibility" and later, "Unstoppable Motivation" which are presented in a similar style, with a guided fantasy (visualization) helping you through getting rid of all the negative things in your mind that block us from achieving success, then replacing it with motivating thoughts and correct thinking if one is to accomplish something.

I also bought your program "Setting and Achieving Goals Now", which consists of affirmations. Having the programs presented in two different types of styles and having that variety of presentation, both of which were excellent, I believe was a helpful thing for me because this variety stimulated my brain in different ways and from different angles in terms of learning. I feel that they complemented each other and all three programs combined had an even more powerful effect than one alone, although, the first one alone did have a very powerful effect in itself.

I listened to your programs only in my car during my three hour round-trip commute to and from work, since I don't have much time. I found that listening to them repeatedly was important because I started to memorize some of the principles of success stated, and they started to become part of my thoughts while I was at work or doing anything throughout the day. I shared a sample of it with friends.

I liked the affirmations because it put everything in order. The program on goal setting clearly stated all the principles necessary to successfully create and carry out goals. Everything was very clear and comprehensive (complete). I was able to memorize most of these principles and incorporate them into my activities at work, which helped me feel more confident, eliminated a lot of fear of certain challenges, and helped me to accomplish more.

I was brought up to feel inferior and lacking in ability. Even though I always knew this was not true and that I had some great talents, this upbringing gave me many doubts and made me interpret any failures as proof that I was less intelligent and talented than others, even though I have much proof to the contrary. Those doubts have really held me back in life. Now as a result of "brainwashing" with different (opposite) ideas from your programs (especially the guided fantasy ones), I am accomplishing one goal after another. I present myself better to the public and navigate through difficulties and come out with many little successes that really add up. I have been able to become more organized and disciplined, and it feels easier and more natural to do. I definitely feel changes within myself. Other people have noticed and commented that there is a big change in me. I am accomplishing so much; I am handling conflict with others very well in a win-win style, and I am not letting people take advantage of me as had happened many times in the past. I am suddenly skilled in standing up for myself, and I think it's because I know how valuable and worthy I am after listening to these programs. They also make me feel that so much is possible.

One example of a goal I am achieving is to learn to play the violin late in life. I was studying recently with someone who was a pretty good teacher, then had to stop for almost two years because of a finger injury then right after that a shoulder injury. It is very hard to find a teacher so excellent that could teach an older adult well enough that the student can become an accomplished violinist. It is usually necessary to start studying at a young age. However, I was lucky enough (or mentally prepared enough that opportunities will now present themselves) to find (after going back when my injuries were better) one of the greatest teachers who had studied with the greatest violinists in Russia. Many have studied there in the best schools, but not everyone is as talented as this man was. After a couple of months of lessons he died. But this did not stop me. I now study with his son. The techniques taught to me by these new teachers have been so great that for the first time I really feel comfortable with the instrument. I have now played in an orchestra, and get paid for it! I have played solo performances and get paid for them! Everyone says that my sound and intonation (playing in tune, one of the difficult challenges of a stringed instrument that has no frets) is beautiful.

I never would have dreamed to actually achieve these goals, although I have wanted them all my life. It's a scary thing to do. Many people had told me I am wasting time trying to take on an impossible goal and should be focusing on just working at my office job, making money, and taking care of the kids. But my children have benefited from my pie-in-the-sky impractical dream, encourage me on it, and learn from it that you have to pursue what you love and even the most difficult challenge is worth pursuing.

The programs made by your company gave me "unstoppable" confidence to forge ahead, and I am going to keep going and see how far it takes me. If not for your programs I would not have had the stamina and motivation, certainly not the confidence to accomplish what I did with the violin.

The advantage of your programs is that they are convenient and it is very easy and effortless to just sit back and listen. I felt I had a personal friend guiding and mentoring me, something I needed. You cannot always find this in life, and there it is, available, at an affordable price. I am really grateful for the opportunity to have this information easily available; it has completely changed my life.

I also let my husband listen to the one about "Invincibility" before going on a job that he was very afraid to do. He plays trombone, and performs but has not had much teaching experience. He had to make a one hour presentation to an auditorium of school children, teachers, and principal; he had to play the trombone, improvise, and explain. Because it was not planned and not structured, he was concerned he would not know what to do when he got there. It turned out to be a major success. He would not have been able to go and have the confidence to present himself if he had not listened to that program. He said it helped him a lot. It reduced the panic and enabled him to concentrate on doing a good job.

I am very impressed with the quality of the work Mike produces, where he seems to have a focus of caring to help people, more than making a ton of money, yet he should be selling a lot because the products are great, and that's what makes them great.



Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


Just before I purchased your programs my father passed away from a heart attack and three weeks later my husband said he wanted a divorce. At the time it was less than a week before my mid term exams in my third year at University.

I was so distraught at the time. I couldn't sleep or eat much. I dropped out of three of my courses and kept one. I saw your programs on your website and decided to give them a chance. I continued to listen even though I was feeling hopeless at the time.

The programs help change my perspective and the way I thought about myself. I was surprised to find out that I had received and A on my exam and a B+ on my paper. I continued to listen and am feeling much more hopeful and confident about the future and that I can achieve my goals.

Thanks for your help, I needed the reassurance that the programs gave and continue to listen to them every day.

Thanks again, they really work,

Jeanette Morrice, Canada

Hi Mike,

I am writing you because I have never felt so compelled by another product. Let me start by saying nothing I have used has ever given me results before like I am getting now with Unstoppable Motivation and Setting and Achieving Goals. I have been an amateur musician for fifteen years. In that time I have never written a single song. I have always secretly wanted to be a prodigious writer, but every attempt left me frustrated and I resigned myself to being a side musician.

Well, for the past three weeks I have been using Unstoppable Motivation and Setting and Achieving Goals as a powerful cocktail while I am at work, listening at least once through per day, often twice. I not-so-secretly hate my corporate job and have always longed to fulfill my dreams of supporting myself and my family as an artist. Well, after fifteen years of not-writing a single song, I have written nine in the past three weeks. NINE! And there damnably clever if I do say so myself. I carry my lyric notebook everywhere and I feel compelled to write on lunch, when I get home, when I wake up in the morning...even doodled some waiting for the elevator this morning. Any moment I can. I am so tapped into the muse right now. I hope it never goes away. I've recorded them on my PC and this weekend my band mates and I will begin tracking them in the studio.

Not only that but I have submitted several poems in the past week to various publications and I am twenty thousand words into writing a novel. I just find myself compelled to create now like I never felt before. I can't thank you enough for providing a product to help me tap my greatest potential. Talk about Unstoppable Motivation!

I just received your new release, I Am Organized Now, and I am listening to it as I write this. I am bursting with energy to create right now. Thank you so much, Mike! Keep it real!

James, NY

Hey Mike,

Wow! Where do I begin, well first of all, going to your site and believing that it fit in perfectly I decided to give it a go. I ordered Financial Abundance Now and Setting and Achieving Goals Now. I was blown away. I have run a successful health clinic for the past 10 years. I just felt something was missing. I wasn't happy. I had a great wife, two great kids, and a baby on the way. In October I started the programs. November 2005, was my BEST month in productions and collection in over a year, then I followed I up again in December and January. No slowing down!! I know make lists and am very detailed oriented. My wife gets made at me because I always have to have a plan, I am no longer spontaneous. (Good and Bad I guess).

Now I have started with Win Friends and Influence People Now in conjunction with Financial Abundance Now. I purchased an IPOD and downloaded all of them. I listen day at work, while not treating patients, and fall asleep with them on every night, including holidays, camping trips, etc. I truly believe they have changed my life. I now need to continue and stay focused!

God Bless You!!!

My wife is from Waterloo NY and I am from long Island.
We now live a fulfilled life in NC.
Thanks again,
Joe Alaimo, NC



What a world of difference you're "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program has made for me. I sell insurance and over the past few months I had not been doing my best. I made up a lot of excuses, the situation; the time of the year, all kinds of things, but after listening to this tape my production is now, in one week, as much as it had been for an entire month. I am so glad that I got your program.

Vickie Dickinson, TX

Dear Mike,

The product that has made the biggest difference in my life is "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program. At first I procrastinated about everything and I didn't have a firm plan in place to accomplish any of my long term goals. Now, I believe in my unlimited and untapped potential and I know that I'll be successful in life because I totally believe in myself. I no longer put off important projects, operating in the here and now, achieve numerous goals. I read the entire bible, put a financial plan in place, just overall doing things in the today and now, not waiting until tomorrow. I have a more positive mindset about doing things in the "now". Things seem so much easier and effortless now. I've had this problem for at least 10 years.

I listen to the program while I'm sleeping and relaxing and sometimes listen once early in the morning. It took approximately two months before I saw any results and now I feel that there is no goal that I can't achieve and I'm on my way to the top.

I just wanted to thank you all for making that positive in my life.

Joseph Thornton Bowie, MD

Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


Listening to this program has been a pleasant and effortless way me to move through a lot of recalcitrant problems that I have had in achieving my goals. I am very impressed with the program and I'm also very impressed with the customer service and responsiveness of the organization.

Karren Carpenterier, CA

Dear Mike,

I received your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program a few weeks ago. My background is in clinical psychology, and I have been exposed to the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). knowing what to do and applying it are two different things. What I found with this tape, only after a few weeks of listening to it, is that the incongruence between my actions, and the things that I know I need to do now bugs the heck out of me. I now find myself very uncomfortable if I'm engaged in a non productive activity, if I'm sitting on a computer reading email, instead of making phone calls.

I have a group of about fifty people that work under me; all of them are independent contractors. I think that this will be an excellent tool for helping them put what they know in action. I am the world's greatest procrastinator.

I've always been the world's greatest procrastinator. I've never sat down and made lists, wrote goals, listing steps on how to achieve my goals, and now I find myself actually doing those things because I'm uncomfortable not doing it.

After only a few weeks exposure to your stuff, I'm deeply impressed and am recommending it to all of my people. I love your programs.

I'm also finding too is that when I'm listening to the tapes, while I'm awake there is such an absolute contrast to some of the behaviors of what I know I should do and
statements on the tape this really ticks me off and makes me a little bit angry which actually spurs me to change.

I love your programs. Thank you.

Elmer, AR



I purchased the Accelerate Sales Success Now and Setting and Achieving Goals Now programs. They have made a big impact on my life in the business within a fairly short time, approximately two weeks. I've noticed a big difference and now I've achieved some small goals that I've set and I feel more focused and more confident, mainly now on achieving sales success.

Bob -Ventura, CA

Your programs are my favorite. They make affirmations so easy. No more cards that I need to be responsible for reading. I've actually written my goals, something that I couldn't seem to get around to before. With the calming music playing, I really am more relaxed at my computer and I thing the huge gain is that my business has increased about 20-25%. I am really glad that I made the investment in your materials, and I expect to have more results.

Judy, Anderson, IN



I have been using the "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program for about a month. I listen to it every night. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night and I'll turn it on again and it's certainly very soothing.

My 'belief system' before I started using this program was that I didn't need to write down my goals (even though I've read all the books that tell me I should) and every time I tried to, I just never could figure out just what my goals were. I really think that stems from a lack of belief in myself.

Since using the program I find myself really, really thinking about goals a lot more now. They're becoming clearer and clearer to me now in my mind and I'm guessing that's going to be the first step to the point where I can start writing them down and hitting them. I like the program, and am looking forward to seeing and trying some other programs.

Kathy Panis- IL

I bought your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program and aside from anything else, what I really noticed was during the day I thought "oh yeah, I'm going to pay attention to my thoughts and I'm going to do what's right and I'll have a more positive attitude." Where it really showed up was in my dreams. My dreams have gotten much more positive, and I wake up feeling a lot better than I had ever dreamed I would possibly do from a goal setting tape. Good dreams from a goal setting tape? That's great!! I'm really enjoying the positive dreams. Thank you for the programs.

Star Pitcock- CO


I started with your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program about four months ago. I had hit a strong place in my life where I just ran into every wall I could think of. I couldn't make goals and I couldn't get started and I just felt totally stuck. I really was beating myself up and I just couldn't go on. Through listening (and I started out listening two or three times a day--sometimes in the morning, at noon and at night) for about two months and then I went back to just listening in the morning for another couple of months and then occasionally I would do it at night and now occasionally I'll listen to it in the morning whenever I don't feel very good. It took a while, and the results were kind of slow for me because I was so stuck. I really began to forgive myself and I began to give a lot of faith back into myself. I don't feel like such a hostage to my thoughts and what's going on inside of me today. I'm feeling a lot easier with myself again. It's really changed me at a very deep level and I appreciate it a lot.

Elaine, WA

Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


Dear Mike,

About two months ago, I ordered three of your Think Right Now audio programs. "Setting and Achieving Goals Now", "Accelerate Sales Success Now" and "I am Healed Now". The one I like the most is Setting and Achieving Goals Now.

I have always been motivated to achieve my goals, the biggest difference I've noticed after I've been listening to these tapes--for almost two months--every day is that I am much happier than before. I work hard all day, but now I feel totally motivated and light-hearted while I am enjoying the process. I feel THAT is something that money cannot buy. I love the product, and I use it every day. I recommend it to everyone I know. I think everyone can benefit from these products.

Thanks! Jim Tan



It's a good day because I set Goals based on how I want to live my life and how I want it to be. Setting and Achieving goals has given me the kick start and motivation I needed to set goals. Setting and Achieving goals does exactly that and once you do that, things start to happen. Thanks to everyone at Think Right Now.

Chris Dobson Cambridge England

I really have benefited so much from your Accelerated Sales Success Now and Setting and Achieving Goals Now programs. I am a consultant and trainer. I had problems with sales and setting goals. I first read the affirmations, put the program in the car, I have been playing it for the past two months.

I suddenly realized that there were so many changes happening in me and now I am the best coach and trainer and sales are easier. I am very, grateful for this and it really liberated something within me.

All the best to everybody who is using your programs.

Leah Telaviv, Israel



My name is Steve and I purchased your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program. I have listened to it regularly since I purchased it. I first started using it as I went to bed and amazingly I was going to sleep within minutes. I now listen in the car and when I go walking. I have always been reluctant to set goals and I mean reluctant - I never even thought about them. Since I began listening to the tapes I have an inner desire to start setting goals and I know that with your help, I will achieve them.

Thanks, Steve


"Setting and Achieving Goals Now" is a wonderful breakthrough for me. Goal setting was something I could never get organised in my thinking. Now I just plug in, relax and listen and repeat along with the young lady. Before this tape I just drifted along, hoping things would get better. Of course they didn't. My goal setting was a haphazard thing, very vague and spasmodic. Now I have more direction in my life. I wake up ready to achieve my 'to do' list.

I set a goal to meet new people to introduce my Network Marketing business and within two days I met three people who indicated they would be interested in hearing more about my business. Since then, two people have registered with my company and another two want more information. What a buzz! I am also continuing to build relationships with others that will lead to prospective clients. I have been very tentative for many years and now I seem to have a different outlook. I guess it shows. People are attracted by others who have positive attitudes. "Eliminating the Blocks" side of the tape is a marvelous preparation and the "Positive Goals" on the other side have demonstrated to me how to phrase goals succinctly.

Another bonus is that since I listen to the tape before I go to sleep I am sleeping better and waking up more rested. If I miss a night I notice the difference the next day. Thank you, Mike, I am very grateful for that programme.

Best regards,
Leonie, Australia.



Hello, My name is Joseph M. Thornton, Jr.

Thanks for all you've done in my life. I'm setting and achieving Goals like never before. Everything to me has become a goal and I love it. Again, thanks for changing my life.

Joseph Thornton
Bowie, Md.

Dear Mike,

In the beginning, I was not a positive person. Someone once said you have to encourage yourself to overcome your weaknesses. We might have been trying very hard but still could not find a way out.

I decided to get your Think Right Now audio program "Setting & Achieving Goals Now". Think Right Now offers good programs to people who want to change themselves and I encourage them to give them a try!

Best regards & wishes,
George, Taiwan

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I have a few of your programs. The one that I keep going back to is "Setting & Achieving Goals ....."

My job is very busy. I was often overwhelmed by it. Not any more. Often in the middle of some crisis the messages would just come to me and help me through (I transcend deadlines; I do the most important task on my list first ....).

I listen to the audios whenever I can and it is like plugging into a friend. They clear my brain and stop my thoughts flying all over the place. The advice is so common sense and practical. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards, Eileen Mann

I started listening to Think Right Now's Setting and Achieving Goals program when I went to bed. I set a target that month to do $30,000 in sales volume by the end of the month. I woke up energized and eager to go to work on achieving my goal... which I did!

I attribute my success to a combination of purpose, prayer and technology (courtesy of Think Right Now!)."
Robert Vanden Heuvel



I started using your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program and then decided to order your Think Right Now for Windows Software. I've started using both the audio program and the computer software and am feeling really keen about things after only a couple of days. I am planning to get other programs in the near future for myself and my family.
Ellen Jones,
Ontario, Canada.

I have been using the Think Right Now - 'Setting & Achieving Goals' for just under a month now, and those close to me have already started commenting on how positive my outlook has become!

Whilst I used to feel as though I needed motivation and simply was not sure of what I wanted to achieve I have now become far more focused and positive. I also feel that I can see much more clearly the steps that lead to the bigger goals and have the motivation required to follow them through.

Thank you,
Jill Eskdale, Australia



I have been playing your "Setting Goals and Achieving Targets" program for a little over three months now (usually 3-4 times per week).

I am more effective at work and in general. I get out of bed quicker in the morning ready for the day. I feel that there has definitely been a change for the better.

Thank you,
Cathal Sheehy, London


Last week I faced a serious deadline of taking and passing four difficult tests to retain my licenses. I was very uptight and full of anxiety, thus my study was not producing good results. I changed my expectations from getting by to getting over 90% in the tests. I looked in a mirror into my eyes and repeated some of the affirmations I have listened to in your programs and went into the last two tests with a changed attitude. When the Test Monitor pulled up my test results, my marks were both 92's.

What a happy ending to a stress filled few days. The results make me believe that I can and will apply the same strategy to my sales career with equally good results.

Your Friend,
Jim Howarth


Dear Mike,

I returned to school to finish my bachelor's degree last year, and have been doing quite well grade-wise, maintaining a high-B average - while working full-time at the University. During that time I purchased your Think Right Now for Windows software and installed on my home and work computers at the beginning of my spring term of school. My grades soared from B+ to A's in both high level courses (Philosophy & Spanish). I was amazed! I've always considered myself intelligent, but it seemed that I was unable to get beyond the B range. I found that my understanding of the concepts in my classes was deeper and richer.

Your program is running at all times when I'm at my computer screen. I am also using your program "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" audio program during the night.

I just wanted to send a hearty thank you for your sharing with the world. It has truly been a god-send to me. I will be completing my bachelor's degree summer 2005, and will go on to graduate school - all this at the age of 45!

Thanks again, Mike. My thoughts and prayers for success for you and for everyone are constant. Take care and God bless...

Lois Douglass


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Hi Mike,

My name is Stanley Ferguson...I live in Anchorage Alaska. I have your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" and "Financial Abundance Now" programs. Your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" was my first experience with your program. Since then I've made some serious changes. I'm a business man by nature, but I've always been too nervous to really follow through with any of my plans until I found your tapes. Since I've found your program, I took that huge step - with confidence- and bought into a franchise. I'm so excited because I have not experienced the "type" of nervousness that I've experienced in the past.

In the past I would start out with a great idea but shortly after-wards, I would get overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Soon after that I would drop the idea. But with your program I'm still moving forward with a full head of steam. I've been in my franchise for about six months and I am so happy. I have not quit. I feel good and as situations arise I handle them with the most upbeat attitude. Before I would've given up and talked down to myself. But never again. I describe myself as the "Former Lion in the Cage" - I'm free to conquer. I will succeed.

Thank you and God Bless...

Warmly, Stanley Ferguson



I purchased your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program about four months ago. I was in a bad relationship and stuck in a dead end job. I received your program and believe me - it works. The goal I set for moving has come to fruition...I'm living in Florida. Within three weeks I got a job that I enjoy and can compete for growth within the company. I was approved for an apartment ten minutes from my job which is just beautiful.

I just thought you'd like to know all that has transpired as a result of this wonderful program. I knew I could do it thanks to your affirmations. Soon I will be ready to set more goals....I am very excited about that.

Thanks again,

As I am writing this, there are tears in my eyes. These newsletters have made such a radical impact on my daily life.
Your audio program on "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" has guided my mind to positive proactive thinking. Just the positive messages alone have provided so much encouragement to me in more ways than one. Almost everyday I learned something new about myself and how my every move affects so many others.

I offer my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your "rubber meets the road" hard-hitting newsletter series.

Yours Truly,

Natascha C. Bolden, LA




I recently purchased one of your programs on Setting & Achieving Goals and I am finding it very useful, along with your book 'Today is Your Day to Win'.

I have set some goals and I am making progress. One area where I seem to have a HUGE stumbling block is in the area of love commitment. I have had this issue all my life. I am currently in a 5 year relationship and have had numerous episodes of recurring fear during this time. It's only now after listening to your program that I have decided to do
something about it, once and for all. Thank you for helping me come to terms with this issue.

Many thanks for your help,
Ken Tormey

Mike, I purchased Real Self Esteem Now and Setting and Achieving Goals Now back in July 2004. I had high anticipation that this program would work but had no expectation as to how long it would be before I would see results or how results would manifest themselves. I've been searching for over 17 years for my passion, a reason to be excited about getting up in the morning and a dream to pursue. I've read every book ever written (just barely an exaggeration) on finding your passion and making your dreams come true. For years I've felt hopeless in my search, more times than I care to remember.

While I was listening to the Think Right Now program day after day, I had a simple thought, my first inspiration about my passion. Before I knew it, a complete vision of my future played out in my mind's eye. I believe that due to the Think Right Now program, and 17 years of searching, I got the idea to start my business and, most importantly, believed for the first time that I not only could succeed but would succeed. A catalyst was needed; and I got that from TRN. I strongly believe that in using Think Right Now my mind was opened to receive not simply an inspiration, but a complete picture of- and the mental tools necessary to lead an impassioned life. I immediately knew I had found the future I was looking for. I cannot describe the relief that set in. A lifetime of anguish has simply ceased. I've noticed that I don't concentrate on HOW questions anymore. I just define the WHAT and get busy doing something, anything towards that WHAT. I'm constantly reminded of something I once read, that "He who has his Why can overcome any How".

Well Mike, I want to thank you more than I could ever express in words. I believe TRN gave me exactly what I needed and I'm more than curious what else it might prompt in me as I continue playing the CDs.
Best Regards,

Chris Iannone, CA

Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!

Hi Mike,

My grateful thanks to you for your programs and the wonderful work you have done putting them together, truly excellent.

What I like especially is that you have worded the statements in such a way that the dissolving part of the process covers numerous problems, some of which one is conscious of and others that are buried and forgotten. Every time I listen to your programs "Accelerated Sales" or" Setting and Achieving Goals" I am consciously agreeing with them. This goes a long way to transcending and eliminating any buried and forgotten negatives that were previously programmed.

Great stuff! I applaud you!

I love you too!

Elane Towers,

Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for your excellent book. This is what I have noticed since beginning to read your book and to listen to your programs (Goal Setting, Real Self-Esteem, and Conquering Fear & Anxiety).

Similar to many people, I lead a busy life and know that if I want to achieve my goals I need to keep my thoughts, behaviors, and actions focused on what I want...and that has always been my problem.
An example from my life is as follows:

I come home from a long, hectic day in the office and have the choice either to flop in front of the television for 3 hours and 'relax' or achieve my goals and go for a quick run, catch up on a little reading...then relax.

I was constantly frustrated that I wasn't achieving what I wanted to achieve - so (before reading your book or listening to your CDs) I set up a daily self-scoring system for to keep tabs on myself. For example, on Monday, if I went running, I'd give myself a tick in the box. If I read for an hour of a book I'd been meaning to read, I'd give myself a tick in the box. If I stayed away from junk food that day...again, I'd give myself a tick in the box. My target was 100 ticks in box per month. Here are my results before, and then after, reading your book.

2005 Jan: 42, Feb: 64, Mar: 73, Apr: 36, May: 50, Jun: 34, Jul: 35, Aug: 59, Sep: 59, Oct: 48, Nov: 37
After beginning to read your book and listen to your CDs:
2005 Dec: 94, 2006 Jan: 102, Feb 92, Mar (so far) 85

In short, before I was averaging 48 (i.e. achieving 48% of my goals), after it is over 94%.

Whatever your products do, they do it well. I cannot thank you enough.

Regards, Alistair - Bahrain



When I first heard about your Think Right Now program I already knew I needed some help changing my thinking patterns, but I didn't know how. I had a bad habit of talking myself out of things and telling myself all the ways I couldn't do something. I was really good at it and consequently never got anything done because I always talked myself out of it.

Your program was recommended by a close friend and I bought "Setting and Achieving Goals". I received it in April 2005 and immediately began listening once in the day and once at night. Within a week I felt different. I noticed that I was catching myself when I began using negative self talk. Then I began to correct myself mentally and quickly thereafter I replaced the self defeating conversation with motivating uplifting thoughts that yes I could do it!

My immediate goal was to find not just a teaching job but the right teaching job at the right school with the right principal and the right team; and to settle for nothing less. By May 2005 I was interviewed by a school. Right away I knew that it was the right place and was thrilled they offered me a teaching position.

I have been there almost a year and when times have gotten tough and stressful, I play my CD to calm myself down and reassure myself that I can get it all done! It works every time. I truly feel that this program is a blessing. Now I automatically know I can do something or get something done because (almost) all my negative self talk has been replaced. On those rare occasions when I slip back into an old thought pattern, I quickly catch myself and am able to get back to the positive self talk. I know it has helped me during my first year of teaching which can be very stressful but was manageable due to my own positive encouragement I know provide myself!

I have purchased a few more programs but don't know which one to listen to next! But, I can't wait to see what other great things I can accomplish when my mind is in the right place!

Thanks for this awesome program! If only everyone were willing to give it a try they would be amazed at the results. How better their life could be!

Maureen Guzman, TX

Hi Mike,

I have been going back and forth between listening to Win Friends and Influence People and Setting and Achieving Goals at night for the past two weeks. At first I found that I was VERY tired and I wrote in and was told by support that this can be normal due to the changes that you're trying to make and your subconscious not totally accepting them at first. That helped me deal with it a little better. Actually, I just found out that I had an ear infection, so it could've been my body just getting tired and run down because of that.

Aside from the tired feeling, whichever the cause, I have been feeling more motivated to do things and write things down to do them and I've found myself doing things that I've been putting off (I'm a big procrastinator) a lot easier, too. I've also found a new energy and being able to wake up easier in the mornings, when I am NOT a morning person. It's been slowly getting easier, and I'm sure that will continue to improve even more. I've been very stressed lately as my plate is very full, balancing a full-time job, going to school full-time and caring for my 4-yr. old son at night, being a single mom, and trying to enjoy a social life and dating. After being so burnt out, these programs have me starting to feel more renewed and refreshed and it's happening naturally. I'm taking a break from school and taking the summer off because I need it, but I think that by the time classes start back up in the fall, I'll be fully ready and energized. I'm also going to take better care of myself and plan on getting a lot of things and projects done during the summer that I've put off.

The best thing is, I just pop the program in the CD player at night, it goes through the relaxation part, and soon after I fall asleep. I know that it doesn't matter that I fall asleep, as the subconscious mind still hears everything that is said, so I don't have to worry about that, either. I just relax and let the words so their magic naturally! Thanks so much!

Smithton, IL


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Dear Mike!

I wanted to let others know that by using your program I got rid of depression totally, of medication completely!

The software is a pearl. After some time I picked the words and statements that mostly when thinking of them made me get my head up (like a rose, when put in water) from all programs. "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" helped me to hold the focus and pushed me to stay on using the program, the statements are just great! Then I made a list of words that mostly upset me and brought me down or left me without energy. So I connected them, in a nut shell (a problem - solution).
After some time thinking of one negative word automatically made me think of the empowered word or statement. Soon enough there were just strong ones! And it got me out of mud. Now I even walk with my shoulders straight, head up and a smile! If there is no smile my face is loose without contraction. A lot of people told me that I look so different; like I reprogrammed my thoughts! And with it life is different, I used this for a full year and the results are so liberating!


Dear Mr. Brescia,

Just a very quick note to thank you soooo very much for your programs!!! I have been looking for these half my life!!! They are awesome. I have to tell you since using "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!", "Accelerated Sales Success Now!", "Freedom From Depression Now!" & the Think Right Now! for Windows, something has definitely kicked in and I'm zooming! My energy level is back, my business has picked up to the point my computer has to be replaced; it can't keep up! I've paid off large debt, my house is straighter than it's been in years and I'm well on my way to getting my life back in order! I can't thank you enough!!

Another fabulous point I'd like to make is my normal schedule of 14-17 hour days will soon be history as the "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" program is pulling all my thoughts together so well it seems I'm instinctively becoming far more proficient in every area of my life! Thank you!!!

I wish you Godspeed and blessings over your entire life!


Cecilia "Ciel" Barbee-Poole



I have a few of your programs (Setting and Achieving Goals Now, Accelerated Sales Success Now) that have helped me tremendously. I have been talking negatively about myself most of my life and I have been working really hard to change my stinking thinking! Your programs have helped me do that. Even on the first night of listening to your program, the next day I felt like I could take on the world. I thought wow, this is weird! Thanks Soooo Much! I love your products so much that I wanted to pass on the information to other people. I'm building a web site for spiritual and personal growth and I would just love to include your products on my web site and share them with the people I know who may benefit from your program. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in email!

A Whole New Me!
Heidi Richardson

Dear Mike,

I have ordered five of your programs "Freedom From Depression Now", "Setting and Achieving Goals", "I love Exercising Now", "Eating For Excellent Health Now" and "Real Self Esteem Now" and I am thrilled to tell you how amazed I am at what a difference they have made. I noticed a change in the first few days. Over the years I felt that if only my thinking would change I would be able to accomplish some of the things I have always wanted to. I was always labeled as LAZY and I bought into that and believed it for many years. I am just now realizing that I'm not really lazy but was just living out of a mind set which I couldn't seem to change. Thank you, Thank you! I am now setting goals and I'm on the road to achieving them.

This e-mail is proof of the change because before I would have procrastinated and never got around to writing it. I actually cleaned my closet out yesterday and have signed up at a gym to start an exercise program. As I close I must tell you no one has ever in my lifetime told me not to overdo anything... in fact it's kind of a joke around my house that Mom will never overdo anything... but yesterday my husband actually said and he was dead serious, "Honey, don't try and do too much". When it dawned on us what he had just said we both had a good laugh.

Thanks again! I now understand the scripture in the Bible that says, "As a Man Thinks, So Is He".
Thanks again,



Your stuff is awesome. I have "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!"; "Accelerated Sales Success Now!" and "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!" I am rotating around the programs and listen to them as I am going to sleep (very powerful to do that); in my car; when I am working out/walking the dog. For example: the "Accelerated Sales Success Now!" program says, "I am committed to learning all I can from the masters of the selling profession" and other supportive affirmations that help to open up the attitude for learning. God knows I wish I could literally plug everyone I have EVER signed up into being an 'open learner/student'!!!!!

I am feeling TONS better because my THOUGHTS are improving and my improved action is building in the wake of the shift. I have nine new customers and one new distributor -this month - I feel bullet proof, strong and confident - I AM BACK!!!! :)


Order Setting & Achieving Goals Now!


Hello Think Right Now,

I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your Think Right Now for Windows; "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now"; "I Love Exercising Now!" and "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" programs. When I first bought your product I had had decades (20+ years) of pain and ill-health due to anxiety. Your programs cured me (along with a very peculiar diet I am doing-the Primal Diet). I had tried subliminal self-hypnosis tapes before and they were useless. Once I realized your tapes were inspired by Lozanov I was a lot more convinced of the science behind it, especially when I read that they were not subliminal.

Anyway I have always been a skeptic for most of my life regarding non-mainstream stuff and I only turned to you out of desperation, really. I was VERY surprised indeed to find that they actually worked. One thing though, you did not specify clearly how long one should use the tapes. I realize that each person has different needs etc., but still. Anyway, I used your tapes for 11 months every single day before going to sleep and felt a lot better but still seemed to be not quite "on the ball". Once I started using the programs only a few times a week, my concentration levels soared and I am now cured. I guess I just needed to give my brain a bit of a rest. I realize you are not exactly a charity, but you certainly seem to be doing a lot of good for us fellow humans.

Geoff Purcell

I own "I Love Exercising Now!"; "Eating for Excellent Health Now!"; "Real Self-Esteem Now!"; "Supreme Confidence Now!"; "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!"; "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!"; "Unstoppable Motivation Now!"; "Instant Diet Power"; "Instant Workout Power"; "Win Friends & Influence People Now!" and Think Right Now! for Windows. I listen to one of the programs every night. I have "Supreme Confidence Now!" and "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" in my car and Think Right Now! for Windows at work on the computer with the info from all of the above on it.

Where do I begin??? Looking at the list above you'd think I was a mess to start with, but I think it was curiosity that sold me on the first program. I knew from education and my own studies the power of affirmations and repetition. I would wake up in the morning feeling different. My life got better and better. I kept buying more programs. But how was it better? Well, I found myself answering people with lines from different programs or, more importantly, talking to myself with lines I had heard.

I can do anything I put my mind to.
I'm worthy of praise and rewards.
If I can dream it, I can do it.

And I started to believe it. So I tried new things and little by little I found myself getting excited about getting up the next day. I was happy all the time. People would comment about how "together" I was. When my son's girlfriend was having some problems she said she wanted to be more like me so I had you send her "Real Self Esteem Now!" and "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!" Anyways it is hard to be specific because it seems to come so easy. I smile more. I look at situations and know I can make a positive impact. I've lost weight. I joined a gym and a wonderful yoga class.
I am happy with my life and I don't know what more any program could do. When I tell people how I listen every night, they seem skeptical. But people were skeptical of the telephone and television too at one time!

Linda Czerkies, NY

Hi Mike,
I love your newsletter. You always seem to hit the nail on the head as far as my own life issues have gone, it was actually uncanny. I have bought several of your Think Right Now programs ("I Love Exercising Now"; "Eating for Excellent Health Now"; "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" and "Real Self Esteem Now") and the new 60 beat music CD's which I listen to while I am studying. I admire your life principles, and I try to incorporate the idea of asking myself ..."what can I do for this person?" into every day.

Love your newsletter and your other products! Keep doing it!!
Thank you with much love and light,
Claire Tait



Hello Mike,

I wanted to provide you with an "unusual" and wonderful experience I have had as a result of using your programs.

As a result of experiencing a severe mental/emotional disturbance about 10 years ago I have been seriously undertaking self help processes in an attempt to bring myself back to "life." Help for mental illness is virtually non existent in Australia unless you are filthy rich and can afford the $100 to $200 per hour charged by psychologists and higher for psychiatrists. My experience is that mental illness usually coincides with a bout of financial drought at the same time. Funny about that! I had been very successful in business until this episode occurred. The money disappeared very quickly after that.

I eventually came to understand that my thoughts were creating my life and therefore were creating my problem. Unfortunately, mental illness creates (or is caused by) a constant barrage of very negative, self critical, non conscious thoughts 24/7. No matter what I tried to do - meditation, chanting, visualizing, writing goals, subliminal training, hypnosis, etc, etc, etc - nothing could stop these thoughts constantly pounding my brain with their negative message.

Happily, I recently found your web site and everything has now changed for the better. I started with "Setting & Achieving Goals Now." Then I went to "Supreme Confidence" & "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety, Now." I used these programs for 1 or 2 months each and now I use them all together in "mix and match" mode throughout the day (I have a lot of free time) and cycle them one at a time each night. I am definitely feeling much better and I have been able to get myself back into "active" mode by teaching computer skills courses for seniors as a volunteer. I have also successfully commenced an investment program that I can run over the internet. The "Inner Critic" has been reduced to a dull roar and I can now consciously intervene when it gets too tough or won't shut up. I have found that in stressful situations, which I had to walk away from before, I now have a calmer voice to call on and I feel a lot more balanced and less inclined to have a brain storm of going over and over the conversations and all the possible variants in my head. In the past, these episodes could last for 3 days without a letup. This is good, but read on for the big leap forward!

About 4 week's ago I ordered and received "Win Friends & Influence People, Now." Within 2 weeks, my "old" girlfriend (in both senses of the word "old" as I am 65 and she is 55.) has come rocking back into my life. This happened after a break of more than 12 months and I thought our relationship was well and truly over for good. We are now deep in the process of enjoying the most loving and perfect relationship you could ever imagine. It is pure bliss.

The point I would want to make: Major changes can occur in unexpected ways and sometimes in an area of life that we may not immediately be looking at improving. I started my journey to improve the quality of my life in material as well as emotional terms. Although the material side is improving more slowly - a work in progress - the emotional side of my life has taken this great and wonderful leap forward. I accept this aspect as an indication of major success as a result of using your material. There is not a doubt in mind (and there was until this wonderful outcome) that the other things that I am working on to further improve my life are definitely "happening" albeit more slowly than my "critic" would want.

To those who are also dealing with the demons of an incessant Inner Critic I would say, "Keep pushing the 'play' button just like Mike says. It may take time, sometimes years, but it really works."

I have a carousal cd player and I play all my cds mentioned above for all of the day that I am home as well as playing one only during the night.

Thank you Mike and best wishes.
Stuart, Australia

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