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End Procrastination Now!
Success Stories

When I first decided to order your tapes, I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try.  I didn't have anything to lose because of the 6 month guarantee.

I chose End Procrastination now - http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/procrastination.htm
because I thought that this was the root cause of many of my problems.  I couldn't wait to get the program.  When I received the program, I did not procrastinate.  I put it on right away and listened to the soothing voice telling me to breathe and relax and to just let go. 

Then the positive affirmations started and I literally felt like leaping up and start doing things around the house.  But I listened to it and the started to do things around the house that I have been neglecting afterwards.

I really feel motivated to get up and start doing things right away.

Thank you for these wonderful CD's. I can't wait to order more titles!

Esther Hecker, TX

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Dear Mike,

I have been using your "End Procrastination Now" program
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/procrastination.htm
for about a month.  I have to say as soon as I started
listening to it; it had an immediate effect on how I dealt with
things.  The things that happened were quite small at the
beginning.  I would wash up straight away after our evening meal
rather than leaving it until bedtime, when I felt really
resentful and tired about doing it.  I would tidy up all the
clutter before going to bed.  I only watched the TV or went on
the computer after I had done what I had to do. 

The more I listened the more I achieved.  I think I knew that
things had changed when I noticed that I was no longer worrying
as much as I used to.  For as long as I can remember in my adult
life I have always worried about things and nine times out of
ten this has been because I have procrastinated about doing the
important things.

I now exercise 6 days a week, I no longer say, I'll do it
tomorrow because I know that it is helping with my w-8 and
more importantly making me a happier, healthier and fitter
person.  I have sorted out my finances and as a family we now
have proper savings plan.   I make phone calls and write letters
that I need to do straightaway, rather than putting it off and
then having to stay up before going on holiday, or going out or
before I have had a reminder to do it. My to do list is now
manageable and I tackle my big tasks first.

The biggest bonus is by getting things done straightaway, I
have more time to do the things that I enjoy.  I have more time
to spend time with my children because everything is completed
in good time.

Finally, one of the things that is interesting is that I put
off buying this cd and bought a book on procrastination.  I read
it from cover to cover and thought it had some really
interesting points.  I decided to reread it and apply some of
the methods.  Guess what, I put that off.  With this tape it has
completely changed the way I think. I wake up each morning
feeling focused with a plan for the day, instead of waking up
worried about getting things done.

Thank you ever so much Mike your hard work is helping lots of
people and it is brilliant to have a product that does what it
says on the label.  It works!!!

Julie Fordham, UK

I've been listening to your new program "End Procrastination
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/procrastination.htm
for only about a month, I would not have believed the changes I
have dreamed of for so long have already started to happen! I am
almost 60 years old and work as a parole officer in Australia -
I am also trained as a Psychiatric Nurse and have always been
passionate about personal development over the past 30 years. I
have read probably 50 books, but while they made me feel I was
growing, the actual changes I was able to make were
disappointing to say the least. I'd say to my wife, "This is
great! Now I'll be able to do what I promised us both" but the
changes simply did not happen, or if something did happen, it
was weak and short lived. I've been listening to both "End
Procrastination" CDs every day, and I love it! I saved them onto
my mp3 player and listen to them as I drive or work around the
office or home - but the big thing is the changes that have
happened in me!

I was not a failure in my life as far as my work and family
relationships, not from the way others seemed to see me, but I
knew I was falling far short of my potential, and so did my
wife. Not now! I find myself hearing the empowering phrases in
my head - I thought of putting off a business action, then in
came the thought " I do what I say I will do" - I had to do what
I said I would do! The other surprise for me has been the energy
I have released by being true to myself, and the joy of doing
what I say I will do. A person reading this might think that
such changes can't happen in a month - perhaps its the 30 years
of preparation and reading I'd already done - I don't know, but
I do know the changes are real, and I'm very grateful!  My life
has taken on an easy, exciting aspect that I always dreamed
about, but had almost given up on ever achieving.

Thanks again Mike.

Kind regards,
Lachlan Mitchell, Australia

Dear Mike,

I purchased “Win Friends and Influence People Now”
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/audiowinfriends.htm
 I've never been one to go out of my way to meet new people, in fact, I was perfectly happy with the few friends I have. I've realized that I have no network of friends and sometimes felt out of place around a lot of people. I made it a point to avoid large gatherings unless I new most all that attended. Since I've been listening to the CD, I find myself walking up to people I've never met and striking up conversations which in turn leads to new topics of discussion and then an interest to learn more about what we just talked about. This only adds to my knowledge base. People are now beginning to call and invite me to other gatherings. I've also been complimented on my good attitude and uplifting spirit. I've only scratched the surface so far and am looking forward to what the future will bring.

I also purchased
End Procrastination Now
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/procrastination.htm 
For as long as I can remember, I've always been one to put off doing what needs to be done and only doing what I want to do or what's fun. Things like not paying bills on time or not taking the time to change the oil in the car when needed, the list goes on. I have to admit, since I've been listening to the CD, (for about two weeks now) I've been taking care of the small stuff/tasks before they turn into big problems. I just can't say enough about how the programs have helped me. THANKS.

Tom Fazendin OK

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Dear Mike, 

I am a great organizer.  I have a talent.  I can take anything
and make it work...everywhere but in my home. 

I have also thrived on the philosophy that I can do it
tomorrow.  I have always excused my mess with sound reasons, "I
have 4 kids, we only have 1100 sq. feet, it'll only get messy
again, etc" When I would clean my house, and get close to
getting it organized, I would panic.  I turned into the super
beast.  I got so uptight from having a clean house, that I would
literally shut myself down and sabotage the place, it wound up
looking worse that it did before I started.  I have tried
everything from FLYlady (which I love) to Sidetracked home
executives, etc, but I was fighting it from the inside.

I had been doing research for a while, looking for something,
anything that could help me.  My husband, although not good at
helping keep it that way, is a neat freak.  He hates life when
everything is not in its place, and makes it very loudly known.

So about 4 months ago, I bought Think Right Now for Windows
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/trnwindows.htm
- End Procrastination Now!
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/procrastination.htm and
I am Organized
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/audioorganized.htm

I cannot tell you what a difference they have made. 

I began by putting the CDs on my MP3 player so that I could
play them continually at night.  I listened to one or the other
disk in the car every chance I got.  I entered the sayings from
the two audios into the windows software, since I do medical
transcription, I am at my computer a lot. 

Within 1 1/2 weeks of beginning the program, I had found that
everyday I was finishing something else.  I got through filing
that had been piling up for 5 or 6 years.  All of the bags of
clothes were gone through, the left-overs given to charity. I
textured my wall in my family room, painted it, and finished
that room. It had been a work in progress for literally 2 years.
I laid the tile in my kitchen which had been a gaping hole of
concrete for almost a year.  I found every closet, cupboard and
drawer in my house clean and organized, My desk is clean almost
every night, usually before I even get up to go do something
else.  My dishes are done, and my family room has not been a
mess since the day I finished it.  I have found that I have a
peace that I can't explain.

I can no longer walk past something without picking it up.  I
feel a peace from having a clean house that I NEVER imagined
would be possible.  There are still a few projects that remain
to be done, but the major ones are done.  My husband is happier,
I am happier, my children are happier, and the stress has left
my home. 

My best friend and I have been friends for over 20 years, she
told me one day, April, never quit using that program.  I have
always loved you, but I love talking to you now.  You are so
positive and upbeat now.  Anything that makes that change in a
person has got to be good!  My mother is constantly telling me
now how proud she is of me (this is huge as I didn't receive
that praise when I was growing up).  But, more important than
that, I am proud of ME.  It really doesn't matter what they
think.  I have found a sense of who I am. 

We are now expecting baby #5, and for the first time ever, I am
not stressing over all the projects I can't do due to my high-
risk pregnancies.  There is a calm assurance that all is well.
Your programs are the answer to my prayers. I tell everyone I
know about your programs, I have bought several others and lent
them to friends.  Thank you for waking up one day and deciding
to follow your dreams.  I am working on becoming that person.  I
still have a ways to go, but I know I can do it!!

April Davis

Dear Mike,

 I started using your programs "Financial Abundance Now", "I Am Organized Now" and "End Procrastination Now"
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp 1 month a go. I use them mostly at night and alternate programs through the week

The results I have been seeing are truly wonderful. I wake up with a clear intention for my day and I have a new found confidence in myself and getting things accomplished.

Here is a great example, I am 31, working mother, 2 kids (preschooler and kindergartener), I care for my father who has Alzheimer's disease (he lives with us), I own my own business and so does my husband etc etc. So I am a busy woman (who isn't).

Every year I almost dread the holidays because I never know what to get people, wait until the last minute and feel stressed out the entire season. Well not this year, after listening to both Financial Abundance Now, End Procrastination and the I Am Organized Now CDs I was compelled to write my list, minimize my expenses and get it completed.

I am done with everything except my cards and that is because my children's pictures won't be ready until this week. My house is decorated and I get to enjoy the season. It is a wonderful feeling to not procrastinate my life away and create more stress for myself. It was simple and enjoyable!

I see these things popping up in my life all over the place. At work I am getting things done in record time and instead of letting things pile up on my desk, I do it, file it or delegate it immediately. I feel like a new person and I like it.

Thank you for a wonderful product and one that is easy to incorporate into a busy life.

Sherrie Sanchez, UT

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I fell into a hole and hit rock bottom like never before.

Toward the end of 2005 I decided to start my own home
remodeling and repair business.  I did all my homework, read
books on the business end of the trade, read way too many boring
IRS articles, studied sales and marketing approaches,  and then
proceeded to prospect for work so I could start with a backlog.
All was going great and work was being lined up and scheduled.
The last big step, I informed my employer, at that time, that I
would be leaving his company in the early spring of 2006.  It
was working out to be a smooth transition as I hoped.

In mid May 2006, one week before my scheduled departure date, I
suffered a brutal injury from a fall that kept me from doing any
work for two full months.  I lost some of the work that I had
previously scheduled, but still had enough to go for it. It
wasn't fun though Mike.  There were too many things that I
couldn't do without suffering, either during or after,
physically.  I was refusing work that I wanted to do and could
do before.

My spirit and emotions were now being crushed.

The end of the summer and or into early fall I got Lyme disease
and had it long enough before diagnosis that I suffered some
side affects, arthritis in both knees and muscles that just
don't have the stamina that they used to. I can't do what I love
anymore and have invested so much time and money into doing.

I sat at home for months, mad at the world, mad at the
circumstances, and with no desire to do anything.  This made all
things worse.  I was falling apart, my family was falling apart
and my wife being the only one working was not paying the bills.
I NEEDED HELP!  I hit the internet for self-help and motivation.
It was not long before I found your website.  It was fascinating
and intriguing, but I'm a skeptic and had little funds to
warrant spending anything.  I called your office to talk to
someone about these programs and ask some questions.  My heart
is broken because I can't remember the name of the person that I
talked to, but I can tell you that she was PERFECT!  Open,
honest, and knowledgeable.

Later that day I was on the internet to max out another credit
card.  I purchased Unstoppable Motivation, End Procrastination,
I Am Organized, I Am Healed, & a music title.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp

I impatiently waited for the delivery which was only a few
days.  I was in bad shape and didn't know where to start when
they arrived so I mixed them up all day and all night.  In less
than a week I had an urge to read, and did so with no desire to
watch the pathetic TV.  Not even hockey games that I enjoy.

I kept listening and reading.  My truck was in shambles, my
home office was a wreck, my basement was pathetic with tools and
stuff thrown everywhere, and my work trailer was jammed full
like a shed with wheels.  In another week and a half or so I
woke up energized and ready, early at that.  I splashed my face,
got dressed, and made some coffee, passed by the books that had
almost become addictive, and ventured downstairs to the office.
I must have stood in the door for 10 minutes or so, just
staring.  With no thought, I did it.  By late afternoon it was
entirely clean and organized.  Stuff put away, thrown away,
filed, and looking great.  Now I could read and listen some more.

I woke up the same way the next day.  The basement took me a
few days but it was done the same way I did the office and I was
a bit sore.  I recouped a couple of days, still reading and
listening to these programs that have obviously put me on fire
because these things are getting done with little or no fore

I still didn't want to go anywhere or see anybody, but guess
what?  5-6 days later my trailer was clean.  Mike, you're
assisting in a miracle now.

As of just a week ago, a big decision was made, the business is
done.  I am selling tools and equipment and have done so rapidly
and strategically so as to skip over the emotions.  During this
process I have put together a great resume, been to four
interviews, and won them all.  With the help of you and your
programs, that I will continue to use, I will move on and
succeed with one of the options that have been created.  I still
have a ways to go to be the old me, but it is happening.

I really don't understand it, I crash coursed these programs,
but I've only had them for less than 2 months.  I feel
comforted, relaxed and positive with what's happening.  You have
obviously been blessed and are blessing others.  Thank you so
much and please keep up the good work and sending those success
stories out.  I read them all.

Mike, 2 of my interviews were sales related. WOW! One of them
was even to sell remodeling and construction projects, the trade
that I know.  As of right now I am favoring that one depending
on how the company resolves some things that I have inquired

Thanks so much again.

Kevin Prada


I have always been active during the spring and summer, but winter usually leaves me out of shape and over weight. I purchased I Love Exercising Now! and Eating for Excellent Health Now! last fall with the goal of not spending the winter in my chair. I always start the gym with enthusiasm when the weather turns nasty, but by February I have every excuse I can use to not go and work out, then spend the spring and summer working my way back up to moderately active.

I loved I Love Exercising Now. Not only did I keep up my exercising schedule throughout the winter months, but, I no longer had the daily struggle with myself to get to the gym. I just grabbed my bag and went! It is spring now and I’ve started running three times a week (something I have not done for over 25 years!). My energy is up, my waist and more is trimming down, and it is fun!

I purchased Get Organized Now! and End Procrastination Now! for my partner who started a new job in January which required a much higher level of organization and responsibility than the previous job. The transition has been smooth and she has weathered several crisis situations with calm and control.

Since we both listen to the CD's there have been unexpected bonuses. We just purchased a house and the level of stress and business is rising every day but our ability to handle all the issues, deadlines, complexity and craziness seems to keep rising with the situation…with humor and joy. That is the best result of all, our ability to keep our sense of excitement and accomplishment at the top of the list!

Thank you.

 Carol, CT

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Dear Mike,

I love reading your e-mails, especially those that come from folks that have been inspired.
They keep me going.

I’ve been listening to End Procrastination Now and your Self Esteem CD’s for just about 6 months. I used to listen to it them my car.  Lately I listen to them as I worm my way under the covers and snuggle into my feather pillow. It’s peaceful and calming, but has changed my way of thinking. Sometimes I even listen first thing in the morning, before I stumble out of bed. It’s motivated me to move.

I have a short story to share with you.

A few years back, I worked with my friend, Roger. We were doing excavating, moving dirt, building driveways, digging septic systems and such. He used to say, “Yeah, let’s get started bright and early, around noon. Let’s do something, even if it’s wrong.”

I used to just laugh, slightly irritated by his nonchalant, carefree attitude. (Sometimes it actually ticked me off.). It was as if nothing worried him. He always trusted things would be okay. And so he went about his day, relaxed, but focused, humorous, but diligent. He has fun, enjoys his work, is never in a hurry, and is successful in his business. He does what he loves, and is good at it.

Okay, now for my end of this…
I have always been one to worry about what has happened, what is about to happen, and what might happen. It paralyzes me. Most often, I do nothing. Then I wonder why nothing good ever comes to pass.

I went for a bike ride yesterday. I was heading for a stop about 10 miles from my home. I didn’t want to take the major highway that would have been shortest, so I decided to take back roads. (Some of them washboard gravel….) The 10 miles turned to 24 miles and I pedaled for over 2 hours. (My legs felt still feel like rubber and my buns ache.)

When I figured out that I had taken a road that wouldn’t lead me to my destination, I turned around. (Go figure….)

I was suddenly struck by the obvious realization that had I just stood still, in my driveway, wondering which way to take, I would still be standing there. If I was at least moving, I could turn around.

Sitting still (dormant) wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere.

It struck me right then and there that I needed to do something, to keep moving.
Had I gone nowhere, I still wouldn’t be anywhere. Because I went somewhere, I was somewhere! And I had someplace to go from there.

Simple, isn’t it. As long as my bike was moving, I could turn it around. If it just stood still, even turning the handlebars wouldn’t change my location.

And I learned from it. I’ll never take that road again to that destination. But I did learn where it leads. I also learned a better path to where I wanted to be.

Roger’s words had a whole new meaning for me.

I was doing something, even if it was wrong…..

It takes courage and guts just to get off my backside and do something. But, Mike, I’m doing something!

Thank you, Mike.

Kelly Bjork

Lindstrom, MN

Hi Mike,

Through using Ending Procrastination Now and Real Self Esteem Now programs, I was able to go from the college probation list to the Dean's list. My name is Amira and I guess from being in the work force for so long I had started to take for granted that I could learn new things quickly.  Well in 2005 when the company I worked for was sold and the work force laid off, I got the unique and fortunate opportunity to enter the Washington State Worker Retraining Program. This meant a total change of field for me, from logistics to medical. Unfortunately all of the un-dealt with challenges of learning that I had in High School and in my TWO previous attempts at college came right back like a ton of bricks. Coupled with the years I had been away from school, I found myself quickly buried, overwhelmed, stressed out, and not knowing what to do or where to turn.  The first stroke of luck I had is that I had to look to a different campus to find a class that I needed to repeat but was now overfull on my campus.  I found that my new campus had an outstanding tutoring system compared to where I was. So I quickly "moved in" to the tutoring lab and spent every morning to evening there.  Still, I was barely getting by and even still failing classes.  All the while I had been looking for solutions to what I knew where symptoms of ADD.  I couldn't get myself into any behavior modification counseling sessions due to limited funds, I found a clinic that paid for a chemical treatment but it gave me wild side effects that were very seriously frightening.  Somewhere along the way I had found the Think Right Now sight and used what little money I had to order as many programs as I could.

 I decided that I needed to use Real Self Esteem Now along with End Procrastination Now because I had lost confidence that I could even comprehend what was in the books and lectures so I would wait until the very last minute to review.  Some of the contents of the programs I drank right in because it was nice to finally have confirmation that what I was experiencing was real, common, and recognized. Other parts of the programs I resisted and wanted to just turn off when I heard them and I certainly didn't want to hear them three times in a row!  But I kept on and I wish I could tell you that I was consistent because that just was not the case, but I would like to encourage everyone to keep with it! Then finally a break through ... for the winter and spring quarters of 2007 I made the Dean's list. For our Washington State colleges that means that your GPA for 12 credits or more was over 3.5, I even had some 4.0 grades in there !!!!!

Learning is still a challenge but what's changed is my renewed confidence to just keep asking questions, just keep reading and re-reading, AND this is HUGE my continuing adult education cohorts... don't be afraid to put boundaries on who is in your environment and how much time they get especially if they're non-supportive or envious of your educational goals. I feel so much more comfortable in my educational skin that I have changed my goal from RN to cosmetic surgeon, that means that I will complete medical school around age 50.  I have a great deal more growth to accomplish and I am looking forward to reporting to you that I have changed the direction of my financial life and I'm determined to make HUGE progress in the area of finances.

My advice to anyone out there is…. Please keep listening to the Think Right Now programs and you will have a breakthrough!

Seattle Washington

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