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January 15, 2009

56 yr old experiences a miracle

Hello my friend:

In our everyday lives, in our home and in our schools we are
just not taught that we can grow out of our habits quickly.

We rarely if ever see others or experience ourselves suddenly
thinking, talking or acting completely differently than we have
for years... not unless there is some incredible outside force
(drugs, alcohol, new object of affections, new acquaintance,

So it is understandable to doubt anyone touting anything that
promised rapid, sudden, profound changes in how you think and
act.  Life teaches us that it can't happen, that "people don't

But tools like THIS never existed before.

Now it can and does happen with regularity...

Even if you've been one way entirely for 56 years.

Hi Mike,
I was born into an upper working class family from the north of
England.  My childhood, schooling and working life have been
quite normal. When my female hormones kicked in at about twelve
to thirteen I started to become quite rebellious.  At the age of
sixteen I had my first breakdown, which terrified me. At the age
of about eighteen, I began using hallucinogenic drugs, and
became pregnant at twenty.  To be perfectly honest, I really
don't know how I got through my life.  It is a miracle that I am
alive at all. I have been hospitalized a few times; and even
tried a suicide attempt. 

Looking back I can see that I needed direction, but I didn't
know how to get it, and, more to the point, neither did anybody
else! My doctor just put me on one anti-depressant after
another, causing all manner of nasty side effects. I carried on
taking drugs for fun, and had another child.  I had a very brief
marriage.  I have always worked, but the stress sometimes would
be too much to bear.  I cannot remember a day when I wasn't in
some sort of emotional pain. 
I am now fifty-six years old, and the internal scars are deep.
I have been single now for fifteen years, give or take the odd
disastrous relationship. I am sure that my parents were at their
wits' end at times, and certainly my daughters have been
affected by my behavior.  I did have a couple of good partners
while I was bringing up the girls, but eventually they moved on. 
I always thought that there must be something I could do to
help myself to live a better life, but I didn't know what.  I
have been surrounded by very caring people but even that didn't
bring any form of cure. It was just a welcome respite from the
constant low self-esteem. 
I have tried religion, exercise, yoga, meditation, counseling,
etc. This was all very time consuming and socially demanding,
which brings on the stress again.  For about two years now, I
have been under the charge of a psychiatrist, and have had to
take some medication - until recently!
I no longer dabble in drugs, and my daughters are wonderful
people.  Things are great, especially considering the mental
pain and anguish I have lived through. If only I could have come
across your work much earlier in my life!  Having listened
faithfully every evening for about four weeks to "Supreme
Confidence Now"
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/confidence.asp 

I can honestly say that I feel like a completely new person.
The fear, the self-pity, the confusion, the bitterness, and the
despair - it is all gone!  I feel so different now that the
person I was describing to you seems like someone else entirely.
I am convinced that your system works! 

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

My last visit to the psychiatrist was just two weeks ago, and
he has signed me off. 

After a lifetime of pressure, I am walking out into personal
freedom, and it is GREAT!!! Stepping out of the shadow of
negativity, and being aware that I can change my destructive
patterns gives me a completely new lease of life.  It is like
being reborn.  I am very grateful for this NEW ME!
Compared to how I would have felt in the past - embarrassed,
shamed, angry, desperate, fearful, confused and filled with self-
loathing, I actually feel proud, pleased with myself, and
absolutely Supremely Confident now!  This is what a miracle
feels like!
Thank you, and the very best wishes to you and the team.
Suzanne Ackland


M.B.:  It's amazing how a little thing like certainty in our
abilities can have such a profound effect on our emotions and
our choices. 

Surround your mind with confident thoughts, and you will feel
confident and act confident... and your results will speak for



Mike Brescia

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tallest walls of self-doubt.  Get it here NOW and feel like a
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