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How Much is Fear of Failure Holding You Back?

Erase Fear, Anxiety and Worry About Failure So You Can Live the Rewarding, Successful Life of Your Dreams!

If Fear of Making Mistakes, Fear of Criticism and Embarrassment, Fear of Loss, or Fear of Risk Keep You from Doing The Things You Want To Do, Saying What You Want To Say and Going After What You Want, This Will Be the Most Important Message You Read All Year

Dear Friend,

Mark your calendar.  Because beginning as soon as next week, you will feel in command of your life and your future in ways you’ve never felt before.

Checkmark The voice inside your head will become positive, supportive, and encouraging
Checkmark Your growing confidence will PULL you in the direction of your dreams
Checkmark You will shake off setbacks and mistakes easily and keep moving ahead
Checkmark You’ll discover inner strength and skills you never knew you had
Checkmark You’ll become immune to the effects of criticism and negativity from others
Checkmark You will reject “giving up” and meet all obstacles with renewed determination
Checkmark You’ll turn one success into a second success, into a third, into a fourth, into a fifth
Checkmark You will achieve anything you put your mind to

I know what you’re thinking:

"No way. Turning my life around just like that? Impossible! Eliminating my fear of making mistakes, of embarrassment, of criticism, of risking what I have? Okie Dokie!"

Actually it is 100% doable, thanks to a fast and powerful mental conditioning process that is taking the behavioral sciences by storm... and a new program we've developed to take advantage of this accelerated learning method.

If you’re stuck in a job, relationship, or a life that is unfulfilling in any way, you too can break free of the subconscious obstacles that stop you from taking decisive action and moving ahead. You will be surprised by how easy it can be with:

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Mike Brescia here.  I’m Founder and President of Think Right Now! International.

Through my work with thousands of clients, and my exhaustive research in the field, I know that fear of failure is one of the biggest barriers to personal success and happiness that most people face in their lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong.  Fear can be a valuable emotion.  It can save you from doing foolish things, and protect you from dangerous situations.

But fear of failing?  That’s a whole different story.

All it usually does is stop you from doing things that are really cool, worthwhile, and enormously rewarding.

Fear of failure increases the volume of the voice that pipes up and says, “You can’t!  It won't work!  You are going to look like a fool.  You can't afford to lose anything!  What if they laugh at you?!” when a great opportunity is right in front of you, or when situations and circumstances demand immediate action.

Fear of failure makes you retreat into safe comfort zones which can turn into prisons awfully fast.  It’s the good protective instinct turned very, very bad.

Do these sound familiar?

  • You hate your job but you can always find a reason not to look for a new one.  You convince yourself that you are bad in interviews.  The idea of new responsibilities and making all new friends makes you nervous.
  • You’re unhappy in your relationship but you're afraid to be on your own. You imagine being alone forever.  You don't think you can support yourself.  This is the best you can do... someone better wouldn't want you anyway.
  • You want to be in a new relationship, but you can't stand the thought of being rejected.
  • You’re stuck in a rut but you don't do the things that would help you.  Asking for help for a personal problem, joining a gym, getting career training to make yourself more valuable, writing that book or pursuing a big dream sends fear through your whole body... 

It’s Time to Let It Go

From our earliest days as children we’re taught that failure is “bad,” and we quickly learn that it brings shame, pain, humiliation, and embarrassment.

Boy, does it ever!

We figured out as kids that avoiding failure and criticism is a good thing.  Unfortunately, one sure way to avoid failure is to not even try. Another is to avoid all situations where the sting of failure could be a possible outcome.

That’s why fear of failing is at the root of so much procrastination as well as the inability to make important decisions and take steps that we all must take to fulfill our true goals, our aspirations and our unique purpose in life.

We pile up the excuses and rationalizations to explain why we remain stuck. There’s always a good reason not to act. Our lives become filled with dreams we never pursue, goals we never act on, and wishes that go unfulfilled and destinies that never happen.

If you feel as if a mountain of obstacles stands between you and what you want, take a closer look. Often the only true obstacle is your fear of what might happen if you fail.  And that patterned focus on failure was drummed into your head for years beginning in childhood.

Erase it and your confidence will soar. You’ll discover skills and strengths you never knew you had. You’ll become immune to the effects of fear and worry. You’ll stop watching other people succeed, and start building career and personal successes of your own.

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! will help you enjoy life and prosper beyond your wildest dreams. Click here to order risk-free and see for yourself. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

"What if I fail?" is all you think about.

And the answer is always bad.

So you stay in a job that makes you miserable. You convince yourself that you can fix your bad relationship. You put your dreams on tomorrow’s “to do” list.  Life becomes a series of excuses for you not to do what you know you should do and could do if just weren't so afraid of falling on your backside.

Maybe you feel like you’ll never succeed at anything.  If so, it’s probably not because you’re not talented, capable, hardworking, or likeable, but because deep down you’ve learned that the best way to avoid the painful sting of failure is to avoid trying in the first place.

You’re Better Than That…
 and You Know It

Now you'll be able to prove it to yourself and to the world.

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! is an accelerated thought and behavior modification program that works quickly to shrink and erase the negative internalized thought processes that put images of failure in your mind at the worst possible times.  At the same time, it replaces them with the belief systems, thought and attitude patterns, and action habits of the most courageous, daring (but not foolhardy) people who ever lived.

A fresh new mindset will emerge inside of you as the weeks and months go by.  It will be like opening a long-locked door to your true abilities, and flooding your world with warm sunshine and fresh air at last.

And the best part of all?  You don’t work at improving yourself, the program works on you.

The Better Way to Improve
Your Life FAST

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! uses a mental conditioning method that produces significant and rapid change at both the conscious and the subconscious level.  That’s essential, because the subconscious is where virtually all our thoughts and behaviors originate.

This technique, called Suggestopedia by its developer Dr. Georgi Lozanov, has been successful for over 40 years in everything from rapid-immersion language instruction to Olympic athletic training. It engages the conscious and subconscious mind directly through laser-focused first-person affirming statements and self-commands repeated against a specially composed background of soothing 60 beat/minute music.

It is not subliminal learning. There are no messages hidden below the music.  You hear every word.  It is a direct, active process that audibly works to re-pattern your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in an effective, fast-acting manner that other self-development methods simply can’t match. 

  • Therapy? You could spend years rooting through your feelings and behaviors before you actually make a dent in changing them—if you ever do.

  • Self-help books? You can read them by the dozens but never really follow through.

  • Lecture-based 'how-to' tapes? Like self-help books, they only work if you’re already super-committed in the first place.

False Expectations
About Reality

>> You'd love to get in better shape, but you're too embarrassed to join a gym.

>> You have some terrific ideas, but don't share them because you're convinced no one is interested.

>> You want to go back to school but you're afraid you'll look stupid.

>> You'd love to take an acting class but you think your friends will laugh at you.

>> You know the person you're involved with isn't good for you - but you stay because you don't think you can do any better.

That's Fear of Failure in action. And when it has you in its grip you'll always seem to find an excuse not to take positive action.

Life becomes all about giving up, giving in, and settling for far, far less than you deserve.

Failure Expected and Received. That's not for you -- or anyone!

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! breaks you out of the straightjacket holding you back from happiness and success. It gives you the courage, confidence, and strength to move forward no matter what challenges you face and build the successful life you've always wanted.  Click here to get your copy now.

What’s more, those other methods work from the outside in. They appeal to you at an intellectual level in the hopes that the insights will filter down into your subconscious where true learning and habit change can take place.

But it doesn’t work that way. At least not very well. That’s why most people, at best, get a temporary boost from books, tapes, seminars or therapy, but not any significant lasting emotional or action habit changes. It usually fades away within days or weeks.

These methods don’t get results for most people because they just touch the surface of your motivations.

If you want to be able to do the things that would make a major difference in your life (but are afraid to do many of them), you have to change your habitual mental patterns (your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions).  And that’s what Releasing Fear of Failure Now! was designed to do.

A Dynamic New You Is Waiting to Be Set Free

Using Lozanov’s legendary accelerated learning and mental conditioning technique, Releasing Fear of Failure Now! targets your unconscious mind and skips the intellectualizing altogether. There are no lessons to learn, no insights to grasp, no “rules for living” to memorize.

The program instead bombards your mind with powerful Rescripting Statements, so called because over time they literally rescript the automatic mental processes that rule your inner life and dictate which actions you will be able to take and which ones you won't.

First, the Releasing Statements work by erasing the self-doubt, worry, anxiety, lack of confidence—that keeps you boxed in and prevents you from even thinking about going after any "scary" goals.

You’ll know these negative anchors are being lifted off your shoulders as the weeks and months go by, because you’ll find yourself easily and naturally...

  • Embracing the challenges of everyday life instead of pushing them away
  • Learning from mistakes and then putting them behind you for good
  • Feeling free of any doubts about your genuine talents and abilities
  • Letting go of indecision and replacing it with certainty
  • Willing to take risks in order to achieve your goals
  • Taking setbacks in stride and moving forward no matter what
  • Erasing mental images of failure in order to do what you must do to reach your goals
  • Rejecting excuses for failure and finding strength you never knew you had
  • Replacing fear of failure with courage, determination, and mental toughness
  • Keeping all mistakes, setbacks, and challenges in their proper perspective

...and a whole lot more. In fact, the Releasing Statements zero in on the 11 Core Mental Patterns of All Failure (see more about them here) that contribute to being afraid of failing, making mistakes, being criticized, being embarrassed, and more.  These patterns often become ingrained in people's minds at a very young, impressionable age and then weigh them down for a lifetime.

Where does all this negativity come from?

The Revolutionary Breakthrough For Living

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! uses a powerful thought and behavior modification method called Suggestopedia to bring about fast changes in your life.

True to this proven method, each 30-minute session maximizes your results with:

1) A brief relaxation period at the beginning, to produce the optimal state of mind for absorbing and retaining the new beliefs, attitudes and emotions

2) Soothing background music, specially composed at 60 beats/minute, which reduces stress further while lowering your brain waves into the alpha and theta levels

3) Special pacing, repetition, and varied intonation of the re-scripting statements, a technique shown to enhance and maximize internalization of the new belief systems and attitudes

As you relax and even drift off to sleep while listening, a growing number of your brain cells will begin to vibrate at a slow 8-12 cycles per second. This lowered brainwave rhythm is the Alpha brainwave state, the key to heightened recall and accelerated learning.

If you listen while sleeping, the pacing and repetition of the statements trigger the deeper Theta brainwave state (4-8 cps), where profound emotional changes can occur with great speed.

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! is not a subliminal program. You are meant to hear every word clearly. The more often you listen while relaxed or sleeping, the faster your new confidence, strength, and fearlessness will emerge.

It’s that simple—and your results are guaranteed. You’re invited to see for yourself with no risk at all. Just click here

According to behavioral scientists, we are told “No!” and what not to do nearly 150,000 times before we reach the age of 18. (In contrast, how often do you remember being told as a child what you could do, and what you could accomplish?)

Negativity is literally programmed into us. It’s estimated that up to 77% of all our thoughts are negative, counterproductive, or working against us in some way, and they can play a prominent role in the inner fears that paralyze your life and leave you unhappy and unfulfilled.

When you use Releasing Fear of Failure Now! you will feel their negative power over you begin to fade.  You’ll get the full measure of how profoundly fearing failing has affected your life, and you’ll be glad to put it in your rear view mirror for good.

Your true personality and skills will finally get a chance to shine.

Success, Love, Happiness, Wealth—You CAN Have It All

The next step is transforming the negative patterns into positive self-beliefs, and that’s where Attraction Statements come in. These carefully prepared self-commands provide the most positive, empowering new belief systems you could ever imagine.  And no matter how courageous you think you are or how successful you may already be, you can't even imagine what is possible until you hear Releasing Fear of Failure Now!

Your confidence curve will soar because, instead of feeling stuck and powerless, you’ll find yourself...

Checkmark Having the courage to go after what you want in life
Checkmark Expanding your comfort zones by trying and experiencing many new things
Checkmark Being eager to develop talents that increase your value to others
Checkmark Feeling worthy of all opportunities that come your way
Checkmark Looking forward to the future with clear-eyed optimism
Checkmark Picturing yourself succeeding before you take any action
Checkmark Having the guts to ask for what you want and stand up for yourself when challenged
Checkmark Feeling comfortable and at ease making high-stakes decisions
Checkmark Allowing your life to expand in new and exciting directions
Checkmark Taking responsibility for all of your decisions and actions
Checkmark Pursuing new interests that keep your life exciting and fun
Checkmark And much more

Attraction Statements plant The 11 Core Mental Patterns of Success in your mind (more about them here) to instill in you the courage, confidence, and optimism you need to accomplish great things.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you begin Releasing Fear of Failure Now! you may experience feelings of agitation. Anxiety may even increase during the first week. This is common, and due to your mind rejecting the new ideas about letting go of your “familiar” fears. Maintaining an unvaried routine— and rejecting change—is the mind’s misguided attempt to keep you safe and feeling comfortable.

Rapid thought and behavior modification is not always comfortable at first. It does mean, however, that it is working.

If you experience an initial increase in anxiety from clearing out the old and installing the new, it should be over within a week or even just a few days. After that—get ready to rumble!

Here is Your Green Light to Follow Your Dreams

The Revolutionary Breakthrough For Living

The power of affirmations in thought and behavior modification is well-known and well-documented in the behavioral sciences. Until Releasing Fear of Failure Now! however, there has not been a mental conditioning program that:

1) Utilizes Dr. Lozanov’s proven conditioning technique to replace the fear of failure with courage, confidence, and optimism.

2) Provides specially prepared affirming self-commands that target hundreds of beliefs, attitudes and emotions associated with fear of failure and promote attitudes that lead to achievement and genuine happiness.

3) Makes thought and behavior modification simple. It’s a program you can stick with because it works effortlessly and automatically.

4) Provides audio sessions that easily fit into any schedule. You can even listen to it as you sleep and experience positive changes in your feelings and behaviors that seem to come out of nowhere.

Live your life fearlessly and pursue your dreams with confidence. Order Releasing Fear of Failure Now! by clicking here.

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! puts you in the driver’s seat.

It will pave your way to success and happiness no matter what challenges you face right now, and it couldn’t be any easier to use.

You won’t be sorry.

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! works best in a quiet and relaxed setting. But it will also get great results for you wherever you can squeeze it into your daily routine—during your commute, in the car, on your lunch break or between classes, you name it. You’ll experience powerful results that grow as the days, weeks, and months go by.

The more you immerse yourself, the more confident, focused, and fearless you’ll become. It’s as simple as that.

If You’ve Wanted to Take Action in Your Life But Just Couldn’t...

Releasing Fear of Failure Now! gives you the courage to finally grab life by the horns and leave all your unhealthy fears of failing behind.

  • You will feel your self-confidence growing stronger, naturally and automatically
  • Your “comfort zones” will expand on their own, and you’ll try new things, go new places, meet new people, and dream bigger dreams
  • Fear of criticism will fade away and you’ll stay calm and collected no matter how harshly you may be judged
  • You’ll be able to mentally shrink the size of your errors and mistakes and keep them in their proper perspective, so you can rebound quickly instead of letting them eat away at you
  • Fear of change will fade away, and you’ll feel more powerful knowing that you truly do control your own destiny.
  • Instead of that voice that says, “Think of what will happen if I fail,” a new inner voice will emerge that says, “This is going to be fun!  How great is it going to be when I succeed!”
You’re Protected by Our Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee

Use Releasing Fear of Failure Now! on a regular basis, and I guarantee that your outlook on life will improve dramatically—and fast.  You’ll be taking positive, decisive action in your life and moving forward with confidence long before six months go by.

All I ask is that you give Releasing Fear of Failure Now! an honest chance, and this six-month guarantee gives you every opportunity to do so.

Here’s what we promise:

Guarantee #1: Your decision to try this program is 100% risk-free. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return Releasing Fear of Failure Now! within six months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. No hassles, no questions asked.

Guarantee #2: You’re under no obligation to buy anything else, and nothing else will be sent to you.

Guarantee #3. Your purchase is 100% private and your privacy is 100% protected. We never sell or give your name and address to any other company or organization. Period.

Our Guarantee sets the bar high for Releasing Fear of Failure Now! but I’m absolutely confident that the results will speak for themselves.

When you feel how comfortable you become in any situation ... when you reach for opportunities instead of shying away from them ... when you make big decisions without the second-guessing ... and when you tackle even the most difficult tasks without a hint of procrastination—you won’t want to give it up for anything.

So click here to order your no-risk copy of Releasing Fear of Failure Now! 

Here’s to the best chapters of your life, coming up now!


Mike Brescia
Think Right Now! International

P.S. Fore more proof, click to our Success Stories page where you can read over 500 testimonials written by clients who are thrilled with the success they’ve enjoyed with Think Right Now! programs.  For more information, here is the link to our How it Works page, where you’ll find a more detailed explanation of the Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning process.

P.P.S. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed completely and you’re protected by our famous 6-Month No-Risk Guarantee.

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