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"Automatically get anyone to like you, trust you and follow your advice"

Finally, an automatic way to infuse yourself with the people skills of the most likable, magnetic, persuasive people who ever lived.


There really is no debate...

The skill that means as much to your success and happiness in life as any other is your ability to get along with people and influence them to your way of thinking.

Win Friends & Influence People Now! is not about just helping you get along with people...

It is designed to make you so likable that people will feel drawn to you as if by a magnet. Yes, even you. It's not voodoo. It's simple mental training that will compel you to feel about other people the same way the most dynamic, persuasive people in the world feel. This will give you the ability and desire to do and say the things that will make you as well-liked and influential as you want to be.

The old cliché, "It's not what you know, it's who you know" isn't true all the time, but it's true often enough, isn't it?

You could be the smartest person around... You could have the most experience, the best resume, be more qualified... You could be the best looking, be dressed in the nicest clothes, have the coolest car...

But those things don't matter when it comes to social interactions and close relationships.

We buy products from people we like and trust.

We're friends with people we like.

We'll go "over and above" for people we like.

We give jobs to our friends and even our friend's friends.

It's true. If you are competing for a job, for example, you could be motivated, confident, see yourself succeeding, know your purpose... oh, you could have the best resume'...

...but because of some dirty rotten *+$%#@! who was more persuasive than you or knew someone who could help them, your dream job went to them.

If you had only been able to get the other person on your side. If you could have gotten them to like you more. If you could have just sold yourself better, you would have succeeded.

How many times in your life have you found yourself in a real pickle because of just one thing you said or did (or didn't do)? Just one little thing! Or worse, you had no idea why things didn't work out with someone?

Tell me...

  • Is meeting new people about as much fun as going to the dentist?
  • Have you ever scratched your head, puzzled at how the man or woman of your dreams could have chosen that blithering idiot over you?
  • How many awkward dates have you been on where you just couldn't connect with the other person, no matter how hard you tried?
  • Do you shake inside during job interviews... or even at the checkout line?
  • Do you feel invisible at parties or other social gatherings? Do you wish you were?
  • Do your co-workers/employees conveniently forget to invite you out with the group? And worse, do you not really give a darn that they don't?
  • Do you often get angry with other people?
  • Do people often get angry with you?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you are losing in situations where you could routinely win. And it's costing you big.

These and hundreds of other social situations no longer have to work against you.

Fortunately this isn't the 1400s. It's the 21st century and the science of human relations is exactly that... a science. It's been studied for hundreds of years. Dale Carnegie's book, the 15 million copy best-seller, How To Win Friends & Influence People was first published in 1937, nearly 70 years ago. Since then, hundreds of other books and courses have also been published on the subject of winning friends and being more persuasive.

So when it comes to being more successful in life through better social skills, there are no secrets any more. There are no mysteries.
Little more, if anything, can be discovered about the art of winning friends and influencing people... Because we are all still attracted to the same qualities in other people as people were 300 years ago and 1,000 years ago.

But as loaded with information as a book or seminar may be, just reading or going to a once a week class even for a few months can not and will not ever truly imbed top social and persuasion skills into your mind, your heart or your soul. They cannot change your "knee-jerk" reactions in social situations.

It will never be automatic without conditioning.

Sorry, but only doing it that way will require years of hard work and heartache.

To create the Accelerated Success Conditioning Program, Win Friends & Influence People Now!, we researched the topic of human relations for months from top to bottom so that you could stop making the people mistakes that are costing you in untold ways.

So what kind of attitudes and behaviors creates enemies or just makes it difficult or impossible to create a lot of friendships and/or makes it difficult to persuade other people to your way of thinking?

A few of the major ones are found below...

  • Losing your temper/yelling at others
  • Holding grudges/not forgiving people for their mistakes and actions
  • Betraying confidences/telling secrets/gossiping
  • Sour puss/ frowning
  • Dishonesty, lying, making up stories (about others or to cover your own tracks)
  • Not liking other people - when you don't like someone, they know it
  • Vengeance/revenge - getting even
  • Inability to accept criticism/corrective feedback without getting upset/ angry/ depressed
  • Can't/won't admit mistakes - denials
  • Escalate small disagreements into wars
  • Intentionally hurt/take advantage of people for selfish means
  • Pick on/tease/make fun of the faults/weaknesses of others
  • Look for anything to dislike about others/ judging/ prejudice
  • Ignoring someone when there is a conflict
  • Sarcasm
  • Cheating/stealing
  • Failing to notice/ appreciate/ compliment people for good work/favors/ thoughtfulness/ appearance
  • Not trusting/ micromanaging
  • Continual complaining about people/situations
  • Bragging/boasting
  • Lack of willingness to compromise/ must win and/or demoralize others
  • Reprimand/offer critique in public
  • Envious/jealous of others for accomplishments/possessions

- These characteristics and habits make other people cringe.

- They cause people to not want to be around you.

- They make others not trust you.

- They make keeping employees difficult and make steady employment or career advancement a far off dream.

- They kill friendships and destroy budding romance.

- They make people hate you.

And these negative effects can happen in an instant...

But truly the saddest of these preventable tragedies is when someone ruins a relationship or misses out on some or many opportunities because of not following the proven human relations principles, and they don't have a clue about what they did to cause it.

They deny the problem.

They blame others.

They justify the behaviors that created the problem.

It does not have to be this way any more.

Everyone who is out there actually living in this modern world has incredible pressures placed on them every day. And regardless of those stresses, the nicest, most pleasant, friendliest, most influential people hardly ever allow those pressures to negatively affect what they say to others, how they treat people or how they think of others.

That is why they are universally loved by all who know them.

That is why they get their way so often.

Those are the people (and the research about them) we studied to develop the Win Friends & Influence People Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning Program.

We completely dissected every attitude and belief as it pertained to other people, personal and business relationships, manners, you name it.

It's nothing that can't be read about in a dozen well-chosen books, but a book or even a long course can't install the attitudes and behaviors into your consciousness and force the right thoughts and behaviors like this program can.

Win Friends & Influence People Now! will positively affect every thought and action you take where other people are involved.

Win Friends & Influence People Now! is not a how-to manual. It's a behavior modification audio program that quickly and easily installs the minute-by-minute thoughts and core beliefs (as they relate to relationships and social interactions) of the most engaging, likable and persuasive people who ever lived.

So if you want your relationships and social interactions to help enhance your experience of life instead of them causing you your greatest angst, then using the proven Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning technology found in Win Friends & Influence People Now! could be a super smart move.

Introducing Win Friends &
Influence People Now!

Win Friends & Influence People Now! was designed to help anyone who wants to get along better with others, sell more of their products and services, eliminate social anxiety, make a lot more friends, develop closer friendships and win more people to their way of thinking.

Your goal in using this program should be to eliminate the beliefs and behaviors that make people dislike you and not trust you, and develop the beliefs and increase the behaviors that make people like, trust and want to follow you even into battle if need be.

A simple, proven effective approach

Just like all of our Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs, Win Friends & Influence People Now! uses the Suggestopedic Accelerated Learning format, bombarding you with audible (you can hear them) mental re-patterning statements designed to help you literally let go of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions that contribute to the behaviors like shyness, drug abuse, indecision and panic. Over a background of specially composed 60 beat per minute music, each re-patterning statement is in triple repetition to take advantage of how the brain learns best... by hearing things over and over.

[To learn about this accelerated learning format in detail, go to our home page. Then to return back to this page, just hit your "Back" button.]

Using two very different types of statements, Releasing and Installing, your mind will be conditioned to literally re-groove your mental habits.

With first-person present-tense self instructions cluster-bombing your old mind-set, you will be forced to believe and truly embrace a new set of extraordinarily positive realities, ones that you could not be close to having now...

Because they are found only in the most likable people who ever lived.

The Patterns You'll Release

About 35% of the statements are "Releasing" statements, phrases that teach your mind to trust and believe that you have let go of, risen above and have been forgiven for a lot of crap... all the crap that is poisoning your mind and feeding the beliefs that you can't be any nicer than you are, that you don't care and that you must be exactly as you are, that other people are to blame for any misunderstandings... and a lot more.

You will hear that you have, indeed, replaced the thoughts and beliefs that create any behaviors that create relationship problems.

One statement after another, in triplicate, you will be deeply instilled with these beliefs and attitudes:

  • You let even the harshest criticism just roll off your back
  • All anger has been replaced with calm, rational thinking
  • You are able to look beyond status and possessions to see what really matters in a person
  • You can forgive other people for their mistakes
  • When you are wrong, you are able to admit it
  • You absolutely refuse to ever be upset over unimportant things
  • You are free of envy toward anyone for any reason
  • You avoid conflict whenever possible
  • You've replaced deception with sincere, open communication
  • You praise before giving constructive feedback
  • You learn something valuable from all criticism, no matter how poorly it's delivered
  • You believe you can disagree without arguing
  • Any desire to boast about your accomplishments has dissolved
  • You are more concerned with doing what is right than in being right
  • All anger and bitterness has been released from your heart
  • You keep private the things that you are told in confidence
  • You resolve conflicts calmly and rationally
  • When you give feedback it is constructive and encouraging
  • You choose forgiveness over vengeance every time
  • You believe that there's never an excuse good enough to lose your temper with someone
  • When you make a mistake you can admit it
  • You do everything you can to avoid arguing with others
  • You think of the other person's point of view before you ever offer
  • feedback
  • You believe that complaining about your problems only makes them worse
  • You accept people as they are - without judgment
  • All need or desire to criticize others has disappeared completely
  • Even in the midst of chaos, you can stay calm and rational
  • You believe that putting someone down puts you right down there with them
  • Sarcasm has absolutely no place in your relationships with others
    If you sense an argument brewing, you do what you can to prevent it
  • You'd rather be admired for your strength than have sympathy for your problems
  • When you make a mistake, you are quick to offer a sincere apology
  • If you must compromise to reach an agreement, you will
  • When you try to understand instead of judge, your opinions are valued more
  • Whenever you discipline someone, you always do it privately
  • Getting praise is far less important to you than getting the results you desire

And so much more.

You could spend much of your adolescent and adult life losing opportunities and friends due simply to ignorance and carelessness. And you could spend thousands in therapy complaining about your poor relationships and even more on happy pills (anti-depressants) to help you cope with your ruined friendships. And through all of that, you would probably be told hundreds and even thousands of times, you need to think and behave in the ways listed above.

Because it works.

But it's not so easy, is it?

That is what Win Friends & Influence People Now! was created for.

Note: As you can see, this is not some ridiculous subliminal audio program quickly assembled with words "hidden" underneath some music or ocean waves, making it impossible to determine whether there are any words at all under the music/waves. Every statement is audible (you can hear them). So you know exactly what is going into your mind.

It simply helps make you hyper aware of how your communications with others comes across and gives you intense desire to be as likable as you can be.

Just like any other harmful habit, failure (losing friends/missed opportunities, etc.) simply isn't always a strong enough deterrent to behaviors that cause the losing.

And no amount of therapy, reading, medication or soul searching can help you build such a strong foundation of solid empowering set of beliefs concerning other people than Win Friends & Influence People Now!

Without this kind of mental barrage hammering away, ripping out your old ways of relating to others, you would be missing out on the finer points of human relations. Because even having some friends who would take a bullet for you doesn't mean that you could get along with anyone. There are plenty of people who are blind to their incredible social shortcomings because they do have some people in their lives that like them a lot.

Use this proven system. You have nothing to lose. Use it like your life depended on it...

Because in many ways, it does.

Order Win Friends & Influence People Now!

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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Your new beliefs will make you act and
feel like a champ

The Installing statements you will hear on Win Friends & Influence People Now! are going to knock you over. They are the core beliefs, attitudes and truths of the most persuasive and likable people alive.

So not only will you get a private glimpse inside the minds of the world's most well-liked people, but with every minute you play this program, you will be getting programmed with it.

As you listen to Win Friends & Influence People Now!, just like sands though an hour glass, these positive re-patterning statements will be filling you up and filling you up with the most effective good will-generating attitudes you could possibly imagine.

As the Releasing statements toward the beginning of the program intersperse with and are then overtaken by the Installing statements, you will be infused with new, positive, compelling beliefs like these:

  • You believe the best way to lead is by example
  • People like you because you treat them how they want to be treated
  • You know the value of a sincere compliment
  • You know when to speak and when to be quiet
  • You win the respect and admiration of those around you
  • When someone does something right, you recognize them for it
  • You know that you influence people more easily if they like you
  • You make people feel good about themselves when they are with you
  • When you ask for something you always do it politely
  • You always recognize and appreciate the contributions of others
  • You respect other people's points of view
  • You truly appreciate everything that anyone does for you
  • You enjoy hearing about the hopes and dreams of other people
  • You support your friends in the achievement of their goals
  • You know that when you encourage others to talk about themselves, they'll like you
  • You are aware of the effects your words and actions have on other people
  • You are sensitive to the needs and wants of others
  • You work well as part of a team
  • You quickly find something to appreciate in everyone you meet
  • You always live up to your agreements
  • You truly care about other people
  • You believe that it's critically important to give praise when praise is due
  • You welcome every opportunity to meet new and interesting people
  • You believe that there is something to appreciate in everyone
  • You have a wonderful sense of humor
  • You know when to talk and when to listen
  • You can direct conversations with anyone by simply asking questions
  • You learn something valuable from everyone you meet
  • You enjoy doing nice things for other people
  • You recognize and appreciate the skills and talents of others
  • You can persuasively convey your ideas to others
  • You are a master at saying the right thing at exactly the right time
  • You respect and are inspired by the achievements of other people
  • You are always thoughtful of the needs and wants of others
  • You like being known as a person that can always be counted on
  • You are assertive yet diplomatic in your interaction with others
  • You wait until other people are done speaking before you begin
  • You truly love other people and enjoy being around them
  • When someone is talking to you, you believe they deserve your undivided attention
  • You are friends with many different types of people
  • You are the master of reaching win-win agreements
  • You know the power that words have, so you are always careful with your choice of words
  • You can be both honest and diplomatic at the same time
  • You respect and appreciate the differences in other people
  • It is important to you to be a likeable person
  • You understand the value of praise and how good it makes other people feel
  • You are comfortable speaking to any size group of people
  • No matter what mood you're in, you always treat others with kindness, dignity and respect
  • You are always aware of the effect your words and actions have on other people
  • You feel terrific when you do nice things for other people
  • When you praise someone for a job well done, you really mean it
  • You feel genuinely good about the achievements of other people
  • You are always open to new and valuable ideas from others
  • You always try to see things from the others person's point of view
  • The lives of other people are absolutely fascinating to you
  • When you greet someone, the first thing you do is smile
  • You are always quick to praise the contributions of others
  • You can be direct and clear in your communication and still be polite
  • You always consider how your words and actions affect other people
  • You always pay attention to and remember people's names
  • You speak well of everyone you know
  • You can get along with people and still be yourself
  • You are the kind of person that anyone would want to have as a friend

These and many, many, many more...

Each installing the most vital beliefs and attitudes of the most magnetic, influential people - past, present and future.

All in first-person, present-tense statements. All phrased as positively and as strongly as you could imagine.

As you continue to listen to Win Friends & Influence People Now!, as you hear these new empowering statements of belief hammering away at you, this will become how you see yourself and others.

And the fireworks will begin.

You will change. You won't have any choice. Because when good goes in - good must come out.

When studying the most influential, well-liked people, past and present, we observed that every action they take and every word they speak reflects a reverence for others, a respect.

That builds trust in others. They are trustworthy.

That is why they are so persuasive when they speak.

You will be, too.

  • As your old attitudes about yourself and others fade away and your new ones take hold, it will be more natural for you to find things to like about other people.

  • You'll be more thoughtful toward others.

  • Arguments should reduce in frequency and ultimately, stop all together.

  • Your conversations go in new and interesting directions they never did before.

  • You'll start getting to really know people that you been acquainted with maybe for decades, and they'll get to know you.
  • People will start complimenting you for things they never did before.
  • Less and less will you be self-conscious, because more and more your mind will be off you and on the other person.
  • In addition to liking other people more, as your relationships get better, you will like yourself a whole lot more than you do now.
  • The people in your life, both new and long-time acquaintances, will begin to trust and respect you a lot more.
  • You'll smile a whole lot more often.
  • You'll have to apologize less and less frequently because you will be keeping your feet away from your mouth
  • You'll be getting your way more than you ever have, your opinions and ideas now carrying more weight than ever before.

And a ton benefits as you can imagine.

Well, there's nothing left to do now except to put this program in your cart and get it on the way so you can create a better, more influential you!

Order Win Friends & Influence People Now!

And best of all...

You Can Try It Risk-Free For 6 Months!

Yes, Win Friends & Influence People Now! is backed by a 100% Ironclad 6 Month Money Back Guarantee.

That means, you have 6 months to listen to the program as much as you like... or as much as you need. And if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, simply return the program within 6 months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. There will be no questions asked and no hassles. Your decision to try this program is 100% risk free.

Listen: If you order now, today, I'm confident in just a few days you'll be on your way to developing the people skills of the most engaging, likable and persuasive people who ever lived... automatically and without effort. All you have to do is click on the link below that indicates the format you want, and I'll rush Win Friends & Influence People Now! to you immediately!

Mike Vrecia
Mike Brescia
Chief of Research
Think Right Now International


P.S. By the way, in the opening of the letter I mentioned that you can get along better with others, make a lot more friends, develop closer friendships and win more people to your way of thinking...And that's absolutely true. Even as few as five or ten minutes a day will make an impact. However, like anything, the more you do it (listen) the faster you will improve. And with Win Friends & Influence People Now! (like all our programs), it's quite easy to listen for hours a day, if you want. The reason being: You don't have to pay attention to what's being said for it to work. You can listen in the car, while exercising, or while doing just about any other activity... you can even listen while you sleep! So there's absolutely no reason why you can't find the time to improve. And remember, it's effortless. Just pop a CD in, relax, and let it do all the work!

P.P.S. We are committed to serving our customers as quickly as possible. So, if you place your order before 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very same day! If you place your order after 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very next business day.


Dear Mike,

An interesting change is taking place in my life. For years I have been afraid of people for good reason. This state of fear prevented me from feeling comfortable in myself and in the company of others. Being hard on myself I fell into a self critical cycle that exacerbated the problem.

I listen to your "Win Friends" program at least once a night as I fall asleep. Beginning a few weeks ago I noticed a change in my comfort level both in myself and with people in my life. This is quite an improvement. I have been very concerned that my past discomfort limited my networking ability to find work, and also my daughter's social life. This week she received two party invitations, and I have received and accepted invitations to events at which I enjoyed myself instead of just feeling anxious.

Thank you, Eve, MA

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Hi Mike

My name is Maria Spence. I discovered your website and programmes a few days
before Christmas 2006 and immediately ordered Think right now for the computer
and 6 of the Think Right Now CD's.

I am a graduate of the Anthony Robbins Mastery University but had begun to
get frustrated as I had found myself slipping back into my old patterns. When I came across your site it was very exiting as I had no clue that any of this existed, and that there was actually an easy and inexpensive way to do this.

I immediately started to use “Win friends and Influence People Now” I was leaving my workplace in early January and really needed this as even though
I am a kind hearted and confident person, I was very quiet and would prefer to keep to myself. No one really knew me for me. I guess people thought I wasn’t interested in knowing them either, which wasn’t true, I had just experienced a lot of jealousy and deception from people, including family members in the past, so I thought it better to keep myself to myself.

I put the programme on repeat every night and as we were allowed to use headphones at work, I'd listen to it, as well as having copied the suggestions into the Think Right Now Software programme which I also had at work.

After just nine days of using the programme I had my going away party. I'd invited 12 people, most of whom just a week before said they were not sure if they could make it. I actually lost all nervousness in the days coming up to the do and was happy and not worried about people showing up or not, but on the day, I was surprised that after having only invited 12 people, 24 of my coworkers turned up, even some that I’d forgotten to invite. The restaurant had to get 2 extra tables put together to accommodate all of us and we all had a really nice time.

I have been using this programme for 3 months now and I have no doubt that the Win Friends and Influence People cd has changed my perception to people and the world’s perception to me. I now notice that wherever I go people go out of their way to help me and to be really pleasant, helpful and just generally say nice things to me; it is like a whole new world. Even the way strangers treat me over the phone is so pleasant, caring, honest and nice.

I’m very grateful in the work you are doing to not only change but make it easier for people to recondition behavioral patterns.

Thank you so much


Maria, United Kingdom

More Win Friends & Influence People Now! Successes

Orders placed by 11:00 AM EST ship the same day!
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"For years I have been afraid of people..."
"Beginning a few weeks ago I noticed a change in my comfort level both in myself and with people in my life. This is quite an improvement."

The rest of this and other success stories with Win Friends & Influence People Now!

"I discovered that I was very angry; not at anyone in particular, but at people in general."
"I've learned that the act of 'not letting something get to you,' or 'letting something roll off your back' is something that happens naturally. There's no real 'procedure' to it. And you can't do it while carrying unresolved issues. Unresolved issues create emotional 'clutter.' And being that I've had so much emotional clutter within me that has accumulated over the years, the new offenses have had nowhere to 'roll to,' except to roll 'on top' of all of the other baggage that I had been carrying."

The rest of this and other success stories with Win Friends & Influence People Now!


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