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Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning Music Success Stories


Awakening Music:

Used during 2 and 3rd hour Learning Disabilities Math Class (6th grade)
I have been using the music in a 6th grade Learning Disabilities Math class for only about 2 months. It always plays quietly in the background. Prior to playing the music, the students were working at third, fourth and fifth grade level math. Currently they are all working on 6th grade level material. Before I started using the music, the students would become frustrated and say that they couldn't do it. They seem to concentrate better and work at a steadier pace than they did without the music. Now, if I forget to turn the music on, the students ask for it. Many of my special Ed students are diagnosed as ADHD and this music seems to quickly calm them down and help them to stay on task.

Thanks again,
Peggy Cross, MO


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