Why Subliminal Tapes Fail To Create Change

Countless studies show that most people who use subliminal tapes and CDs donít get the desired results.  While auditory and visual subliminal suggestions have proven to affect behaviors tremendously, there are indisputable factors that keep commercial subliminal audio recordings from changing behaviors.  

The 7 most common reasons for this areÖ

1.   Ears don't hear it.  Many independent university and government studies have concluded that it's nearly impossible to reproduce "inaudible yet audible" voice messages, underneath music or other sounds, which aim to vibrate the air and thus, the ear drums. In lab tests, commercial tapes/CDs with the fanciest packages fared no better than others.

2.  Improperly Worded Affirmations.  Many companies don't and won't include their affirmations with the product.  Of the companies that have given their messages to researchers, many have affirmations that couldn't possibly affect change in the listener and some have some instructions that are actually harmful.  It can only be assumed that these people are in it for the money, because they haven't taken the time to research how the mind accepts or rejects information.  

     Plus, the "keep it positive, keep it in the present, keep it first person" is just the basic building block of only one type of affirmation. But most subliminal tape manufacturers don't even get this rudimentary step right.

3.   Inadequate Playback Equipment.  Old, cheap players that havenít been cleaned in years will not have the capabilities needed to clearly reproduce words supposedly underlying the audible sounds.

4.   Worn Out Tape.  Even if words masked with music could be delivered in an understandable form, if the tape is old, dirty or demagnetized, it would be no more valuable to helping change emotions or actions than a tape of ocean sounds alone.

5.  Distance From The Sound Source.  Consumers have been sold the misconception that audio subliminals can reprogram their controlling thoughts with the sound source anywhere in the room, house or automobile.  Bad news.  

     The sounds that make speech understandable, for the most part, are the high-pitched consonant sounds. The high frequency sound characteristics of the consonant letters C, J, K, P, Q, S and T help us to understand conversation.  Others like B, D, F, hard G, H and V are slightly lower pitched but still nearly impossible to pick out with any distance or background noise.

In my years of working in the hearing field, I have personally tested the hearing of over 4,000 people, from school children to people over 100 years old.  

     I can report with absolute conviction that when the distance from the sound source is increased, those high-pitched consonant sounds never reach the listenerís ears because high frequency (vibration) sounds donít travel as far as low pitches. So the messages become unintelligible. Especially if there is any other noise (Like music, waves, etc.) in the area.  

When people are a distance away and yelling something to you, what do you hear?  

The vowel sounds.  A, E, I, O, U, Y.  They're louder.  You hear the people yelling, but often can't understand what they're saying.

6.  Hearing Loss of the Listener.  Again, in my hearing clinic, I saw this every day.  Hearing loss affects the ability to hear higher frequencies 99% of the time.  Unfortunately, these are the exact sounds you need to register so you can understand the spoken word.  So any measurable hearing loss usually renders subliminal audio tapes totally useless.

7.  User Stops Playing the Tape.  If itís not convenient and doesn't give immediate results, it wonít become a habit. Then itís just a matter of time (usually days) before most people forget to hit that play button.  Also, lingering doubts or suspicions about any of the above mentioned reasons for failure can cause people to give up on their tapes.

Think Right Now For Windows
Uses Visual Self-Instructions

Just by virtue of being a visual delivery system of the affirmations that works every time you're at the computer, Think Right Now for Windows eliminates 6 of the 7 inherent problems with audio tapes and CDs.  The last problem is removed by the design of our affirmations based on over 38 years of combined experience with affirmations and how the mind accepts suggestions.  

The affirmations in Think Right Now For Windows are effective in producing change because they attack a problem from all sides, covering multiple causes as well as focusing on different unique benefits of the desired outcomes.  In short, they help you change because they're complete.  

Once you go read our guide on creating your own affirmations, your copy of Think Right Now For Windows has become an even more powerful tool for change.  It's then that you'll be able to add your own personally specific affirmations to the pre-installed messages.